To Archive List PageAs part of his continuing campaign to stay in touch with New Labour's customers, the Prime Monster has issued a new list of things for which he and his chums owe the voters an apology.

PM Blair is really sorry.
It may take a set of 'political virgins' two terms in office to find their feet and then a further three to five terms to solve all of the nation's problems.
   In the meantime, the prime minister wishes to offer grovelling apologies for:-

Deliberate scaremongering and 'sexing up' his dossier on Saddam Hussein's alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction -- the ones which could be deployed in 4 to 5 minutes -- in order to get himself on the winning side of a war (so he can be like Mrs. Thatcher).

Lying to the customers about what a good thing the euro is as part of his campaign to become President of Europe.

Letting his ankle-grabber Peter Hain lie to the customers about the 'tidying up' aspects of the Giscard constitution for Europe.

The Millennium Dome, which is still costing the customers £3million a year while it stands empty.

Awarding his crony Derry Irvine a pension pot of £2.4million after only 6 years in the job -- the same Mr. Irvine who was railing about fat cats while redecorating his work space at vast expense to the taxpayer.

Making John Reid the health secretary, not sacking John Prescott and not making George 'The Mugger' Brown the Minister for Outer Mongolia with his office over there.

Wasting vast amounts of taxpayers' money on a 'The Euro Is Good For You' campaign as part of his own campaign to buy himself the European presidency.

This apology runs up to 2003/06/13

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