To Archive List PageCredibility shot to pieces, and with people calling him Tony B. Liar, the Prime Monster has been obliged to issue a 6th list of things for which he offers a grovelling apology.

Sorry and Haggard
Take pity, you sods.
Can't you see how haggard I'm looking?
As stated on a previous occasion, there have been one or two more minor problems, but normal service will be resumed eventually. Meanwhile, the PM offers further grovelling apologies for:-

Sending troops to Iraq with shoddy and/or inadequate equipment *, or even without vital equipment, without proper pre-planning of the campaign and with no thought-out post-war political strategy.
* Boots, flak jackets, vehicles, ammunition, radios and similar non-essentials in the opinion of the MoD.

Denying doing any of the above.

Holding secret meetings with Labour donors and providing benefits for cash received after promising in 1997 to be 'purer than pure'.

Gorbals Mick, who has failed in spectacular fashion to grasp the concept of impartiality as applied to the job of Speaker of the House of Commons.

Recycling all his "Charles Kennedy is just a political opportunist" put-downs with Michael Howard's name substituted for Mr. Kennedy's.

Lords Hutton & Butler, who see and hear no evil associated with the government, its staff and Labour party employees, and who wouldn't know evil if it bit their leg off.

Expecting the electorate to believe that character assassination by himself and his minions rebuts the evidence of deliberate deception and government dodginess provided by the likes of Dr. David Kelly, Andrew Gilligan, Aussie con-man Peter Foster, Immigration Department whistle-blower Steve Moxton, Clare Short, et al.

p.s. The Prime Monster would like to apologize for Margaret Hodge, the minister for covering up child abuse; Bev Hughes, the minister for not knowing what's going on in her department (much like Jeff 'Buff' Hoon, the minister for going on holiday and not knowing what's going on in his department); and Peter Mandelson, the shadow minister for financial and other dodginess – but he daren't.

This apology runs up to the end of 2004/03

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