To Archive List PageAs part of his continuing campaign to stay in touch with New Labour's customers, the Prime Monster has issued yet another list of things for which he and his chums owe the voters an apology.

PM Blair the war hero.
It may take a set of 'political virgins' two terms in office to find their feet and then a further three to five terms to solve all of the nation's problems.
   In the meantime, the prime minister wishes to offer further grovelling apologies for:-

Using Scottish MPs, who don't have them in their country, to win a vote on English foundation hospitals in the teeth of a revolt by his English MPs.

Telling parliament that he gave Mr. Smith, the leader of the Conservative Party, a preview of his dodgy Iraq dossier information.

Letting Dr. David Kelly to be thrown to the wolves as part of his quest to demonstrate the purity of his motives for dragging the UK into a war in Iraq by proving that the BBC got something wrong.

The culture of setting arbitrary performance targets for the public services and diverting resources to fulfill them, even if hospital patients with deteriorating sight go blind while waiting for a follow-up appointment which never comes because the resources have been diverted to fulfilling arbitrary performance targets.

Letting his mate Gordie Brown make the Inland Revenue, a tax-collecting department, responsible for paying out benefits, e.g. Child Tax Credit, which used to be paid by the Department of Work & Pensions.

The failure for 5 years of the outfit headed by Paymaster-General Dawn Primarolo to ensure that people paid the proper number of National Insurance contributions to qualify for the basic pension.

Letting deputy PM John Prescott waste billions of pounds of taxpayers' money on transferring council housing to housing associations at ridiculously low valuations, and wasting at least £1,300 per property [Prescott's over-optimistic costing] on the paperwork and bureaucracy involved.

Increasing to 463,000 (107.5% of the 1998 figure) the number of government employees by recruiting pen-pushers who are there only to tangle pointless red tape, fiddle statistics, set meaningless 'targets' and cook the books or shift the goalposts to ensure that the 'targets' are 'met'.

This is an old one but it was left out earlier : Expecting the customers to believe that his wife bought 2 flats in Bristol for half a million quid and didn't discuss the deal with him.

Adding £35 to fines, mainly those for speeding and parking, and £3 to the cost of a home insurance policy as Stealth Tax #61.

Reducing his customers' income and costing the average family £6,000 per year by letting the Chancellor mismanage the economy and impose 61 Stealth Taxes.

This apology runs up to the end of 2003/07

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