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Filing his copy
Filing his copy . . .
The well-informed defender of the People . . .
. . . he follows Fox . . . sometimes the Sun . . .
. . . never the Guardian!

What's all this, then? Cheeky Chappie Red Ken, Mayor of London and the nation's patron saint of PC, accused of being racist and depriving the not-exactly-eager nation of the 2012 Olympic Games? Just because he accused a pushy scribbler of acting like a concentration camp guard?

At first, he was accused of creating hostility towards Germans – and many an old soldier might say, "What's wrong with that?" But it turns out the scribbler was Jewish! So everybody – except Boris Johnson MP (who was sacked from the Shadow Cabinet for dodgy conduct) – screamed at Ken: "You anti-semitic monster."

And the Holy Joe of British politics, our one and only Reverend Tony B. Liar, ordered nasty Red Ken to apologise (but not a word from him about an apology for lying to the nation to get an illegal war started).

But what is racist about calling someone a Nazi, or a "war criminal" or a camp commandant? It might be inaccurate, slanderous, puerile, personally offensive BUT racist? No. After all, a Jewish person can be just as evil as any German (or any other class of human being). Look at Ariel Sharon, war criminal, prime minister of Israel and a man who was cleared of corruptly accepting £300,000 because Israel's attorney general reached the Huttonesque conclusion that Sharon is too dim to know when he is being bribed!

You can cruelly call someone a fat bastard, a bald bastard, an ugly bastard! But call someone a black bastard, an Irish bastard or a queer bastard and you will be prosecuted for uttering a racially motivated or homophobic insult. And to hell with free speech (or even strict accuracy).

Kangaroo PowerAnd when it comes to quashing free speech, who flies in like a bloated bluebottle to excreta? The 9Million a year Standards Board for England!!! But a pound to a penny, the Standard Board's government-selected collection of nonentities will not have the bottle to take on the Mayor of London.

Oh, no! They will stick to hounding parish councillors and others who work for the community for nothing. After all, if Red Ken is to get the same treatment as the little people, he will have to be banned from public office for 5 years.

But let Ken be warned. If I've got that wrong and he is hauled before the Standards Board's Kangaroo Court, then he will find himself confronted by "has-beens" with the mentality of the communist functionaries whom Ken used to admire so much!

Is it not time judges, magistrates, prison psychiatrists and other state-subsidised do-gooders were made legally liable for the consequences of their fatally negligent judgements? After all, if the bosses of rail companies can be called account, so should they.

Consider this case: A few weeks ago, a terrible murder took place in broad daylight in Macclesfield. A vicious thug literally bashed out the brains of a mother-of-two because she had been a witness in a trial which had sent the thug to prison.

A few days before the killing, the alleged killer had been given "early release" from prison to help it reach Tony Blair's "crime reduction" targets.

It is an appalling fact that two-thirds of "early release" criminals go straight back to crime. As a result, a young mother in Macclesfield had to lose her life just to meet a politically correct target. Tory Leader Michael Howard is dead right when he says: "prison works when it keeps killers off the streets."

Is it not further evidence of moral decline when Channel 4 can broadcast the public dissection of a dead human being. Of course it was all done in the cause of medical education. But it was not so long ago in the early years of medical science that prisoners and convicts were used for live vivisection so medical student could see the internal working of a human body while it was still alive. Time to make reality TV illegal?

I live near a beautiful country park. It is on the edge of the Peak District. In winter, it gets wild and savage, rushing winds and lashing rain. Exhilarating. Bracing. Healthy.

I have been going there for 40 years and I have never heard of anyone being injured by the rain, wind or mists. But hold on. Last week a notice appeared. "For Health and Safety reasons, this Park will be closed during adverse weather conditions."

That was not the edict of some daft local council. It was from the National Trust, another body that has lost its way and exists now to satisfy the twisted, control-freakish impulses of its managers and unelected administrators, who seem to be the sort of people who wouldn't know a 'real-world' risk assessment from a hole in the ground..

Maybe it's about time Tony No Jacket Blair put his coat on and took a close look at what he's done to this country via 8 years of New Labour blundering about!

Note: This report was compiled according to official New Labour standards of accuracy and verification. © 2005/02

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