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What's this poster all about?

Someone thought it would be a good idea to send us a copy of this poster. But we got no explanation with it. It has the look and feel of something cobbled together by PC Plod of Interpol [Or should that be Europol these days? Ed.] But there is no source and contact information, which suggests our copy of the poster has a bit missing.
   Something else missing is the name of the party which this political terrorist seems to be demolishing. Although the tone of the poster suggests that he brings to his work a ruthlessness reminiscent of the worst excesses of New Labour's Stalinist Tendency.

Garbagegate would be grateful for further information on the poster.
   – The Editor
[What we got has been added below the poster]

mysterious poster

p.s. Our expert on World War II and Nazi Germany has pointed out that if Martin Bormann were still alive, he would be 105 years old! Which leaves us wondering if publication of Photo 3 of the poster might lead to the persecution of an innocent grandchild of Mr. Bormann who happens to be living in the UK.

Letter 1


I was disgusted by your schoolboy prank using forged photo graphs to show Martin Bormann was alive and well. I knew Martin Bormann - Martin Gregor Beerman, to give him is full original name - and he was a fine gentleman. True, many chaps like me did find some of his ideas a bit over the top but that does not gainsay Martin's deep patriotic conviction. Aside from his juvenile fondness for swastikas and dressing up in khaki uniforms, he was a thoroughly decent chap who shared many of the values found today in our own corridors of power.

When I was in Ecuador back in the 60's, I came across him by chance with a group of jolly germen. We went carousing around the bier kellars in Quito but I could see Martin was nearing the end, a sad but inevitable end. I know Martin did have a fine son, born just after the war, who was sent to live in England but it would be criminal to witch hunt that poor child just because he has inherited his father fine feature. Remember your Bible, "Verily, ne'et visit the sins of the father onto the child - even a bastard child". And as the Bible would say if it was re-written to meet modern custom and practice "Forgive Ye the man who mad a mistake!". Every man is entitled to foregiveness - even Martin Beerman - and it's time hoaxers like you were banned from writimg such rubbish. Hopefully, our Government's latest wise move to ban people from saying what they think will lead to your incarceration for a jolly long time.

Josef Postlethewaite

Letter 2

Dear Collegue,
What rubbish from that jerk "Josef Postlethwaite" - and what sort of name is that supposed to be (as if we are going to be fooled by a deed poll!!!).

You were right to bring this subject to our attention. However, Postlethwaite (as if!) is likely to be right when he says Bormann is dead. But his descendants live on - and no doubt, they have been to the deed poll people for you know what.

A bloke down my road calls himself Martin Beaumont. If you say it fast enough and don't pronounce the 't' (and the BBC does encourge us to drop the le'er 't' from the English alfabe'), it sound like the name you are looking for. This bloke does not loook like Beerman (just wha' is his name - Beerman or Borman?) but as you say, plastic surgery can do a lot!

I hope some one spots him even if he is only a descendent. A decent Bible would say: "And if you catch not the sinner, make his child pay the penalty in fairness top tghe rest of us.".

By the way, this all goes to show how right Mr Blair is to make us all have ID cards. As soon as we get them, we will have no trouble finding Martin Borman and all the other terrorists and illegals who pass through our immigratioin controls. Thank God the Tories and Lib Dems lost the election.

Gregg Beemahn


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