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What IS all the fuss about?

Blow upFunny how some cartoons published in the Danish daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten at the end of September 2005 are being blamed for all the trouble 4 months later. Especially when the cartoons are terrible mild and only one of them is funny.
   Anyone who has seen them is forced to agree that the people who claim to be upset by them are either lying or the sort of person who counts a day wasted if he/she hasn't been outraged at least half a dozen times.

Note: The above isn't one of the original 12

mock suicide bomber
"You know what, God?"
"What's that, Allah?"
"You can't get the staff any more."
Where to go to see them

Finding the cartoons on the internet isn't all that easy unless you know exactly where to look. So if you want to check out the original 12 cartoons, plus some further material, CLICK HERE. Be prepare to be disappointed if you're expecting anything outrageous.

'Cartoons from the Arab World' with explanatory comments are available on the website of self-proclaimed Mideast media analyst Tom Gross.

The 12 Danish cartoons were also available on the Action In England website (which seems to have disappeared) along with links to a lot more cartoons, some of the same strength as the ones on Tom Gross's website. The cartoon above is one of them.


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