To Archive List PageSome Labour donors get something for their money,
if not a peerage, others have had exactly bugger.
Find out who won and who missed out in the
Tony Blair Sleaze Lottery.

Patrick "Captain Pickard" Stewart£120,000 since 2001
(donor since 1999)
OBE 2001
Peter Coates£150,000 since 2001
(donor since 1999)
CBE 2002
Bill Kenwright£255,000 since 2001CBE 2003
Frank Lowe£300,000 since 2001
(donor since 1997)
Knighthood 2001
William Haughey£1,005,000 since 2001
(donor since 1999)
OBE 2003
Ronald Cohen£1,050,000 since 2001
(donor since 1997)
Knighthood 2001
Christopher Ondaatje£1.6M since 2001CEB 2000, Knighthood 2003

Peter Thompson£140,000 since 2001
(donor since 1998)
bugger all
Alan Sugar£200,000 since 2001Knighthood 2000, nothing after that
John Aisbitt£250,000 since 2001
(donor since 1999)
bugger all
Nigel Doughty£250,000 since 2001bugger all
William Bollinger£260,725 since 2001bugger all
Kumar Bhattacharyya£304,664 since 2001CBE 1997, Knighthood 2001, nothing after that
Charles Peel£305,000 since 2001bugger all
Sgimund Sternberg£4,4,073 since 2001
(donor since 1977)
Knighthood 1976, nothing after that
Derek Tullett£650,000 since 2002CBE 1996, nothing after that

  source: The Guardian  

By the way . . .
Sir David Garrard bunged New Labour £200,000 in June 2003 and had planning permission for his company's Minerva Tower, which will be London's tallest building at 712 feet tall, waved through the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister without scrutiny in January 2004. Similar projects have been subjected to a public inquiry and rejected.
Garrard received a knighthood in 2002 after he got his charitable trust to donate £2.4 million to the Bexley Business Academy, Kent.
He loaned £2.3 million to New Labour in 2005 and was nominated for a peerage. [But he withdrew his name from the list when the loans for peerages scandal broke in March 2006.]
   The Minerva company's Park Palace retail centre in Croydon got similar preferential treatment.

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