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Blair reported to Parliamentary Patronage Committee
over Cash For Peerages complaints

Tony Blair in a sweatThe complaints arise from the gross disparities in the amounts paid by political party donors, who are subsequently awarded a peerage.
   "There is no clear definition of a going rate," our source explained. "Some people are making a single, up-front payment, and others appear to be splitting their payments so that New Labour receives an additional 'sweetener' only after the peerage has been granted. And one lucky bloke even managed to get his peerage without any up-front payment at all!
   "The system has gone to Hell under New Labour and it needs a new regulatory framework for the 21st Century. Tony Blair has demonstrated that he cannot be trusted to administer the Peerage Purchase System responsibly. And if he cannot be bothered to delegate the job to someone competent (if such a person exists within the ranks of New Labour), then the PPC will have no choice other than to step in and take the matter out of his hands.
   "Normally, the PPC would be reluctant to create rigid definitions in a context such as the PPS, but when the Prime Minister wilfully neglects his duty to be open, transparent and fair, then the PPC is obliged by its own rules to step in."

The table below illustrates how far the problem has got out of hand.

Initial priceBeneficiarySweetener / Bonus Factor
£0Lord Mitchell of Hampstead£25,000
£5,000Lord Hart of Chiltoncrony of Blair, & Lords Irvine & Falconer
£6,000(Candidate) Barry TownsleyGiven Black Spot by scrutineers
£10,000(Candidate) Sir Chai Patelhelped Frank Dobson's Mayoral campaign
Given Black Spot by scrutineers
£10,000Baroness Rendell of Babergh£5,000
£12,500Lord Alli of Norbury 
£18,550(Candidate) David James 
£25,000Lord Joffe of Lidington£10,000
£25,000Lord Puttnam of Queensgate 
£32,500Lord Bragg of Wigton 
£35,000Lord Bhattacharyya of Moseley 
£38,000(Candidate) Mohamed Sheikh 
£39,000Lord Haskins of Skidby£40,000
£100,000Lord Drayson£1,000,000
£109,000Lord Paul£200,000
£109,943(Candidate) Jonathan Marlandparty treasurer I/C election fund-raising
£200,000Lord Berstein of Craigweil 
£200,000(Candidate) Sir David GarrardGiven Black Spot by scrutineers
£220,250(Candidate) Sir Gulam NoonGiven Black Spot by scrutineers
£250,000(Candidate) Robert EdmistonGiven Black Spot by scrutineers
£500,000Lord Gavron of Highgate£500,000
£2,000,000Lord Sainsbury of Turville,
also New Labour Science Minister


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