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What Brown thinks of the votersGordon Brown has spent the last 10 years screwing things up and trying not to be there when the blame for a disaster is handed out.
But that's not an option in his present job. Spot how many disasters during the Brown premiership have their roots in the Brown Chancellorship.

Left : Mr. Broon's message to the electorate.


Almost as soon as the Clunking Fist took office, Jihadistas tried, and failed spectacularly, to demolish Paisley airport.

The Floods
were worse than they should have been because of the government's failure to maintain existing flood defences and build new ones because G. Brown, then the Chancellor, cut the budget. Another contributory cause was the government's insistence on building on flood plains and concreting over natural soakaways.

The Foot & Mouth Disease Outbreak
was caused by faulty drains which the government failed to maintain and have repaired because G. Brown wouldn't cough up the cash.

The Collapse of the Northern Rock Bank
was allowed to happen because of the failure of the 'regulation' system put in place by, surprise! G. Brown. The Financial Services Authority failed to do anything about the cowboy business tactics of the Northern Rock's board, which included 2 Brown cronies on the 'risk assessement' committee. The crisis was helped on by the 'not me, gov' attitude of the Governor of the Bank of England, who tried to blame European rules for his dithering.
   And surprise! Brown, the architect of the collapse, did one of his vanishing acts while it was happening.
   Even Worse The ineffective Chanellor was caught in the act of trying to write off vast amounts of interest on the taxpayers' money lent to the Northern Rock in the interests of preserving Labour votes in the North-East.

The Early Election Fiasco, or "Bottler Brown"
Gordon Brown promised us "A new kind of politics". When it came to the crunch, there was no reason to call an election as the government had a comfortable majority. Brown's only reason for calling one was to win big and make himself look good.
   And so he shut down the process of government for a couple of months, he let his underlings run off at the mouth while he scanned the opinion polls, dithered, spun and bit his nails.
   And when the polls went bad, he lost his bottle and he ended up hoist with his own petard. He had tried to present himself as someone who could handle any crisis that came along but all he did was prove he couldn't handle one of his own making.
   Worse, he took his usual refuge in lies. After endless spinning from the Labour party, Brown tried to claim that it had been the Tories pushing for an election.
   The Clunking Fist became a damp squib. Brown's Big Tent politics looks like further collateral damage.

Bird Flu
November's outbreak in Suffolk turkey ranches could almost be interpreted as divine intervention with the intention of giving everyone an unhappy Xmas with no turkey, goose or duck to grace the dinner table.

HM Revenue & Customs
The loss of the personal and banking details of 25,000,000 people on 2 CDs, which were prepared in breach of data protection regulations In Newcastle and despatched unregistered and unencrypted to the NAO in London, has highlighted the mess which Gordon Brown created by merging the Inland Revenue and HM Customs, then insisted on cutting jobs and leaving unqualified staff to blunder about unsupervised.

The results of Gordon Brown's insistence on selling off the Ministry of Defence's reseach wing in the late 1990s have emerged only now in a National Audit Office report on the sale, which shows that the US firm Carlyle was allowed to stiff the British taxpayer, the assets went for about one-eighth of their true value. The nation lost some £260,000,000 through Brown's incompetence and 10 of the civil servants in charge of the sale were allowed to profit to a total tune of £107 million. Two of them split £40 million.
   This shambles revived memories of Gordon Brown's decision to sell off half of Britain's gold reserves. He announced the sale a month before it was conducted, the price of gold plunged to a 20-year low and Brown cost the nation hundreds of millions of pounds through his bungling.

Sleaze: Illegal donations to Labour
Day 156 of the Brown regime and the police are investigating the Labour party again over illegal donations made by David Abrahams, a party favourite based in the North-East, through intermediaries. Gordon Brown is in line for being questioned.
"If he knew what was going on, he should resign. If he didn't, he's obviously useless at keeping his party under control."

Moral Cowardice in Office
Brown was too ashamed to be seen signing the Lisbon treaty with the other European leaders, having claimed all sorts of worthless opt-outs, lied about the impact of the treaty and reneged on a promise to hold a referendum on it. This was more or less what could be expected of the man who denied being responsible for the regulation failures which led to the Northern Rock collapse, who denied bungling the fusion of HM Customs with the Inland Revenue, which put in place the laxity which let HMRC lose the personal and banking details of 25 million British citizens, and who keeps pretending that he wasn't there for the Iraq war and every other catastrophe of 10 years of New Labour.


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