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What have the British government and the Eurocrats been up to recently?

June 2006
Having hounded Elizabeth Filkin out of her job as Parliamentary Commissioner for exposing its sleaze, New Labour is trying to do the same, via a smear campaign, to Sir Alistair Graham, the chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, who doesn't think New Labour's standards measure up to what is required.

Attorney General Lord Goldsmith, an apparatchik of the political party which claims to be tough on crime, is planning to let criminals buy their way out of a gaol sentence and a criminal record. All they have to do is stump up £500 and that's the record wiped clean.

Two years ago, the Home Office was allocated £30 million to buy land and start planning procedures for two new prisons. No land has been bought and nothing has been done about the prisons, despite all the promises to be tough on crime. The Home Office has also failed to spend cash allocated for extending existing prisons, which are due to become full to the brim by the Autumn. Tony Blair's promises to build more prisons have been exposed as just worthless political hot air.

New Labour has decided to do nothing about its human rights mess. The government will keep the Human Rights Act, rather than abolishing it as Tony Blair said in search of headlines, and put the blame for the current shambles on the police, the Parole Board and pre-1997 legislation in order to avoid further embarrassment to Mr. Blair and his missus (who makes a bomb out of his human rights laws).

Britain's top crime experts have warned that more New Labour headline-grabbing 'initiatives' and posturing on crime (with no action to follow) will be like putting a bandage on a broken leg.

The rest of the Labour Party is asking, "Who died and made Gordon Brown the man in charge of policy for Britain's nuclear deterrent?"

More reckless building in the South-East New Labour has sneaked out a plan from one of its army of consultants. The idea is to build 46,000 new homes per year in the South-East for the next 20 years. This brilliant scheme with blight the countryside, there won't be enough water to go around, especially in Kent, and roads & railways will become congested to a standstill. Not to mention the lack of schools. So another New Labour Big Idea created with all brains switched off.

New Labour goes even softer on crime – Baroness Scotland has approved a change to the prison regulations allowing convicts released on licence to take foreign holidays. The change was announced neither to Parliament nor to the public.

The officials administering Gordon Brown's 'flagship' tax credit scheme were told to ignore fraudulent applications to boost the apparent take-up rate for the scheme to let the Chancellor show off false figures on its 'success'.

Deliberate underfunding by the Culture Ministry will result in the closure of 107 public libraries. New Labour is failing to provide enough money to let the councils concerned keep their libraries open.

The Ministry of Defence has taken an illegal decision to ignore a Pensions Appeal Tribunal ruling that Gulf War Syndrome exists and disabled ex-servicemen are entitled to a pension supplement. New Labour's first reaction was to deny that it was trying to work this swindle but the truth sneaked out. The sticky-fingered Chancellor, Gordon Brown, is a prime suspect for this attempt to save money on the defence budget so that it can be wasted elsewhere.

The Assessment & Qualifications Alliance is ordering GCSE examiners to ignore mistakes, and therefore not deduct marks for them, with the object of creating bogus better exam results to foster New Labour's illusion that marks are rising year on year through better education rather than New Labour's fiddling with the figures.

Connexions Card gets the bullet. New Labour is scrapping this scheme to bribe teenagers into going to school. A study after 3 years of operation has found that the scheme is having 'little or no effect'. New Labour has wasted £72 million of taxpayers' cash on it – not including the cost of winding up the scheme.

Health Sec. Praticia Hewitt is quoting an NHS deficit for 2005 of £512 million. But what she failed to do is include another £600 million, which has accumulated as deficits from previous years. Even worse, the number she's offering is unaudited, which means that the real deficit for last year is probably around a billion pounds. So it's no wonder that no one believes numbers trotted out by New Labour's swindlers.

Trade Sec. & Minister for Eyebrows Alistair Darling says he will honour Tony Blair's pledge that the British opt-out from the EU's maximum 48-hour working week is 'not negotiable'. But Darling is 'prepared to give ground on the way it operates'.
   What part of 'not negotiable' does this lummox not understand?

The government has admitted that Gordon Brown's flagship tax credit system is so over-complicated and deliberately impenetrable that over £1 billion will be wasted every year through payment blunders.

The Home Office is giving National Insurance numbers to illegal immigrants even if they provide forged documents with the application. The Home Office also has a policy of not prosecuting anyone who has obtained an NI number using forged documents.

May 2006
The government has bought over 500,000 aerial and satellite photographs of Britain over the last 5 years. The object of the exercise is to create a databank, which the Valuation Agency could use to identify houses with large gardens. Why? So that the householders can be charged extra Council Tax and/or a big chunk of the garden can be confiscated for building new homes.

Balfour Beatty & Network Rail were fined £13.5 million for their negligence over track repair, which led to the Hatfield rail crash in October 2000. But New Labour has handed them £21 million of taxpayers' cash to cover their legal bills.

The taxpayer is losing over £1 billion per year in over-payments to benefit claimants. One-third is due to fraud, the rest is due to incompetence & blunders by the Department of Work & Pensions. The blame for the fiasco falls firmly on the dour frame of the Chancellor, whose passion for tinkering and meddling is exceeded only by his over-complication of claim forms for means-tested benefits to put people off making a claim.
   "The systems which he has put in place seem designed to discourage honest taxpayers from claiming their entitlements and encourage clever fraudsters."

The Home Office is in meltdown, so what does new Home Sec. Bruiser John Reid do? He nips off on holiday to France, leaving his minions to sort things out. This is the same Bruiser John who swore: "I'll f-ing well work 18 hours a day to sort this out." after declaring the Home Office to be in total disarray, thanks to New Labour's policies of politicizing the civil service and its wilful maladministration. David Voice, a Downing Street spokesman, offered the following clarification: "Mr. Reid is working redefined New Labour hours containing zero minutes, which explains why he can fulfill his pledge while on holiday."

Culture Sec. Tessa Jowell to the Commons in 2004 : "There will be no new casinos if local people don't want new casinos."

The chairman of the panel which will decide where (not whether) new casinos are built:
"National policy on casinos has already been decided. The panel is requesting people's view on the broad locations."
The revelation was offered as New Labour was launching a bogus consultation exercise.

Govt. Claim : 72% of new homes are built on brownfield sites (implying reuse of disused industrial land).
Govt. Target : 60% of new homes to be built on brownfield sites.
Govt. Fiddle : 15% of new homes are built on existing residential plots – in gardens and on sites created by demolishing domestic homes.
Actual Brownfield Build : 57%, i.e. 3% below the target, hence the lies.

Health Secretary Praticia Hewitt told midwives that the NHS is failing to give women the child birth care they want. How does she know that's true? Because the government, of which she is a member, is closing 25% of the nation's 'birth centres' run by midwives to pay for the Iraq war and its other blunders.

No civil servants in the Prison Service and the Immigration & Nationality Directorate will be sacked, or even reprimanded, for letting foreign criminals escape 'into the community' instead of being deported.

The Financial Assistance Scheme was set up by the New Labour government in 2004 to help people whose company pension scheme had gone bust thanks to Gordon Brown's tax grabs, etc. It has paid out £24,000 to 39 people. Doing so cost the taxpayer £1.9 million in administration costs.

Gordon Brown won't restore the link between pensions and earnings. He says the country can't afford the £8.5 billion cost. Yet he felt able to give about the same amount to Africa for his own personal political promotion, and to buy a photo-opportunity with Nelson Mandela.

The review of Whitehall staffing levels, conducted by Sir Peter Gershon in 2004, recommended a cut of 104,000 jobs. The Dept. of Work & Pensions will fail to reach its target by a long way, and the Transport Dept., the Home Office and the Law Officers' Dept. all plan to add to their already bloated staff lists.

The official line on the July 2005 bombings is that no one was to blame. Not MI5 for failing to realize that home-grown Islamic fanatics could be a threat, not the government for failing to provide MI5 with the staff and resources necessary for keeping track of potential Islamic trouble-makers. And if it happens again, well, that's just kismet and no one will be to blame then, either.

Ruth Kelly, who has been blocking developments in her own back yard for years and years, has been appointed minister for 'rooting out' objectors and forcing other people to accept New Labour-approved housing developments in areas which can't support more houses due to lack of water supply, etc.

Government rips off pensioners! The number of pensioners liable for income tax was 3.9 million in 1997. The number of pensioners increased by 400,000 between 1997 and 2005. But 5.1 million pensioners were paying income tax in 2005, an increase of 1.2 million on the 1997 figure. Conclusion: New Labour damages the wealth of pensioners.

Criminals in the Community – The number of dangerous criminal foreigners, who were released from prison 'into the community' instead of being deported, goes up with each successive Home Sec. It is now clear that the numbers offered by Charles Clarke were either deliberate lies or guesses trotted out to cover his considerable backside. As for Reid, he's playing the Gordon Brown Definition Game. He's admitting 150 dangerous criminals because he has excluded armed robbers from his figures. Including them would push the total dangerous foreign criminals at large up to around an eye-watering 500 or so.

Europe's highest paid prime minister is so desperate to keep his job that he has been down on his bended knees to his back benchers, pleading for another year in his job. Is it just vanity? Or is Tony Blair trying to spare the country a year of nit-picking and micro-management by that arch bunger G. Brown? Alternatively, it could be that Blair just needs the money to pay off his mortgages.

In? Out? Going?
Blair dishonest – lied to start a war in Iraq; corrupt – honours for cash/loans; lame duck – his New Labour Project has always been all flash and no substance and he's been found out at last.
Brown incompetent – meddler, micro-manager, ruined the private pension system, removed all incentives to save money, his tax-credits system is a shambles; mean-spirited – obsessed with means-testing and over-complicating benefits to prevent people from claiming them; dishonest – Stealth Taxes, claims to observe his Golden Rule but keeps rewriting the rulebook.
Prescott incompetent, incoherent, laughing stock, violent, sexual predator, completely unqualified for his job.
Clarke incompetent, dishonest, negligent, "Not me, Gov!"
Straw lightweight
Kelly incompetent, lame duck
Hewitt patronizing, incompetent

April 2006
UPDATE Home Sec. Charles Clarke has allowed 2,500 foreign criminals, who qualify for deportation, to remain in Britain.

Overspending on NSH pay has added £7 billion to the public sector pensions Black Hole. As a consequence, 'front line' NHS spending will have to be cut back drastically in future years.

Black Wednesday, New Labour style –
1. Health Sec. Praticia Hewitt is barracked to a standstill by NHS nurses at a TV recording when she tells them all sorts of outrageous lies about the state of the Health Service.
2. Home Sec. Charles Clark isn't going to resign for letting foreign murderers, rapists, paedophiles, thieves, etc. drop out of sight after serving one or more prison sentences instead of deporting them. He certainly isn't going to resign for not realizing that this was going on for 7 years. And he definitely ain't going to resign even though he waited 7 months after finding out what was going on before he told the police to round up the undesirables for deportation. Clark feels no one is to blame for the cock-up, least of all himself. Prime Minister Tony Blair called this serial criminal negligence "deeply regrettable".
3. A sex scandal involving the deputy prime minister, the thuggish John Prescott, who has been at it with one of his secretaries, and also ripping off the taxpayer by entertaining her at public expense. Not to mention getting a supposedly neutral civil servant involved with New Labour's 2005 general election campaign, which breaks a whole bunch of civil service regulations.

The government is now admitting an NHS deficit of £610 million due to overspending on salaries. To blame are the Department of Health jobsworths for miscalculating the cost of new contracts by £300 million for GPs, £220 million for nurses and £90 million for consultants. This will lead to 13,000 sackings of NHS staff.
 • NHS hospital managers face a combined deficit of £1 billion.
 • The Department of Health is trying to persuade hospitals to delay announcements of sackings until after the May local council elections.
 • The government has postponed until after the elections, an interrim report by Sir Michael Lyons on new methods of increasing Council Tax, e.g. a Bed Tax for hotels; a Local Sales Tax for pubs, clubs, restaurants and entertainment venues; a Home Extension Tax; a Nice View Tax and a Nice Garden Tax.

More Europeanization by the back door – New Labour is doing a deal to start handing over the sentencing powers of British criminal courts to the European Commission from 2009. The EC is eager to start harmonizing sentences for organized gangs of criminals involved in counterfeiting, copyright piracy and patent fraud. In the past, New Labour has assured the nation that the British courts will remain free from foreign interference. But all that has changed, apparently.
   The EC will apply its rule change by directive, which rules out a referendum on whether the British people want it.

10,000 student nurses, trained at a cost to the taxpayer of £1 billion, can't find jobs because of a freeze on recruitment in the contracting NHS. They were promised jobs for life when they began their training courses 3 years ago. Unfortunately, the promise came from New Labour.

The Home Office fiddled its figures on the effect of migration on the economy to 'prove' that migrants contribute £2.5 billion per year. Migrationwatch has examined the figures and redone the sums on an honest basis – and found that migrants cost the British taxpayer £200 million per year.

The government is claiming £71.25 million from computer systems firm ECDS, which provided the system for G. Brown's 'flagship' working tax credit schems. But the company will have to pay £26.5 million of that sum only if it wins further government contracts!. How very New Labour to arrange things so that a penalty for bad performance can be extracted only if the offender is allowed to perform badly on another contract at public expense.

Deputy Prime Minister Johnny Prescott would like to steal large gardens via compulsory purchase orders and build flats on the stolen land.

Indecision on the part of Defence Sec. John Reid has left the British troops in Afghanistan not knowing what they're supposed to be doing there, and the present government's failure to provide sufficient armoured vehicles is killing British troops in Iraq.

Dave Blunkett has claimed £20,000 as expenses since 2002 on a rented holiday home in Beeley, Yorkshire.

Big Johnny Prescott is eager to spend £26 million on new equipment to allow Council Tax bills to be sent out in euros. His next big idea is to include business rates, rents and housing benefit in his euro-scam.

If you ever wondered just how rotten the New Labour quangos that hand out lottery cash are – Manchester United, the 2nd richest football club in the world (annual income £166,400,000), has been handed £30,000 to help keep its staff fit.

Compensation Swindle in the offing – Caring, sharing New Labour has come up with a new way to swindle its customers. Anyone who ends up in gaol as a result of a miscarriage of justice won't be compensated fairly for a life ruined by incompetent public servants. After all, incompetence is the new bog standard of New Labour.

Crisis? What crisis? The NHS is shedding staff, hospitals are closing wards and departments, and even entire hospitals face closure as they plunge deeper into debt. But there's no cash crisis in the NHS, Tony Blair insists. "The NHS is simply in transition," he reckons. And the hospital deficits are nothing to do with either him or New Labour's control-freak target culture.
Praticia Hewitt, Health Sec.   But if the NHS deficit is an insigificant fraction of its annual turnover, as Health Sec. Praticia Hewitt insists, then why can't the government just give that insignificant amount of cash to the hospitals that need it to solve the crisis? It would certainly let NHS staff concentrate on their patients instead of whether they'll be in a job next week.
   Or does the fact that the government isn't following this entirely obvious course of action a sign that the amount of cash is rather more significant than Mr. Blair is letting on?

Blair & Brown have conspired together to conceal the true cost of Britain's future contributions to the EU budget. Blair refused to sign a deal for an annual budget of £584 billion in June 2005, he surrendered £7 billion of Britain's rebate and he signed another deal in December 2005, allegedly for a budget of £578 billion. But the Budgets Commissioner revealed this month that the true figure will be £604 billion.
   Meanwhile, we won't be able to compare how much we pay in the future with how much we paid in the past because Brown has changed the method of recording EU budget contributions to make it impossible.
   UPDATE : New Labour's latest response to the Commissioner's revelation is bluster and a refusal to answer parliamentary questions about the real size of the EU budget.

Tony Blair is failing to pay business rates on a room at his Sedgefield constituency base, which is used as an office by his political agent.

Cash & loans for honours – New Labour's spin doctors hoped to turn their scandal into an argument for public funding of political parties. But the wheels came off when the police investigating New Labour's minions actually started arresting people on corruption charges.

Booze is bad for you? The regime which forced 24-hour drinking on an unwilling nation is now planning to put warning notices on alcoholic drinks like the ones on cigarette packets.

Freebie holiday flights at the taxpayers' expense – Since 1997, the Blairs have used the Queen's Flight for 38 holiday trips. Handing the bill to the taxpayer, instead of paying commercial rates, has saved this pair of scroungers over half a million pounds!!!
   Blair is also using the Queen's Flight for trips on behalf of the Labour party, which is a breach of the ministerial code of conduct. Interestingly, a director of a firm of tax consultants reckons that Blair is liable to to pay tax on all irregular flights for holidays & Labour party business.

In his March 2006 Budget speech, Gordon Brown bragged that he had trimmed the public sector by 31,000, in line with his pre-2005 general election promise to cut down on the number of people employed by the state. But figures released by the Office for National Statistics this month showed that the public sector had increased by 62,000 employees. Guess which one was lying.

The Department of Food & Rural Affairs took 5 days to get round to testing a decaying swan (found in Fife on Scotland's east coast) for H5N1 avian flu. So it looks like the same jobsworths who bogged up tackling the 2001 foot & mouth outbreak epidemic are still in their jobs and planning to give us an action replay with bird flu.

Nine government departments are using premium rate phone lines as their sole means of direct contact (at the last count). Callers to 0870 numbers are charged 10p/minute on landlines and up to 35p/minute on mobiles, and the department concerned collects a slice of the action – which explains why they are so keen to mess callers about with 'press 9 for whatever' options and to keep people hanging about on hold. The take for a department operating this scam is currently over £2 million per year.

March 2006
Shoot the bastard!
Bill thinks: "I reckon we're going to have to shoot the son of a bitch to shut him up!"
Environment Sec. Margaret Bucket is intent on giving local councils the power to fine anyone in their area for any imaginary offence that they can dream up. Chancellor G. Brown has made such a bog of the economy that he is having to cut back severely on government support grants to local councils. But to maintain services, expenses for councillors and freebies for the usual suspects, Brown is eager to let councils move to a fine-based economy. Hence the Bucket Plan to flood our streets with jobsworth wardens, each armed with a quota of fines to be raised and a big book of fixed-penalty tickets.

Tony Blair generated 250 tons of carbon dioxide by jetting to and from Australia to do a speech on climate change and rant about the importance of cutting down atmospheric carbon dioxide to prevent global warming and save the planet.

New Labour will give £10 million per year of taxpayers' cash to the trade unions. This is happening via the The Union Modernisation Fund, which is supposed to pay for computer and similar projects. The fund was created by the Employment Relations Act (2004) and the Department of Trade and Industry sneaked out the news that 32 unions will collect a subsidy on its website. Trade unions contributed £11 million to the Labour Party's total funding of £21 million last year, and the deal is widely seen as payback.

How much of your cash is New Labour wasting? 65.6% of New Labour's 'increased government spending' goes on higher wages and running costs costs, leaving only one-third left for increasing services. Worse, inefficiency and waste in the public sector has reduced productivity such that the same services could be provided for 21.5% less money [£56.2 billion per year!!!] if the public sector were subject to the same working practice and financial disciplines as the private sector.

It's the full 93 quid whether you get an ID card or not! People who apply for a passport in 2008, but opt not to have an identity card with it, will still be charged the full whack. Up to 6 million people face being ripped off for an ID card which they choose not to accept.

Why didn't pensioners get £200 to help with their Council Tax bill this year? They got it last year as a general election bribe but Chancellor Brown thought being mean this year would cost the Labour party votes in the May local elections and speed up the departure of the present temporary prime minister; whose job Brown expects to inherit with no regard to democracy.

The Labour government which stole private pensions is putting an extra £1.2 million per year into the MPs' disgracefully generous pension fund to plug a black hole. The announcement was sneaked out just before Parliament broke up for its Easter hols. Further, MPs are getting a 2% salary rise but senior doctors are getting only 1% – a Brown decision which has been labelled "mean-spirited and vindictive".

Tony Blair in a sweat Another Expenses Scam – Labour Cabinet ministers are putting more than double the running costs of their constituency homes on their expenses. And they've been doing it for years. Guilty parties include J. Prescott, M. Beckett, G. (Buff) Hoon, H. Armstrong and R. Kelly.

The Average rise in Council Tax for 2006/07 will be 4.5% because Chancellor Gordon Brown has reduced direct government support to councils. Pensioners, who enjoyed a bribe of £200 in 2005, which was an election year, will not be getting similar help with their C-Tax bills in 2006/07.

An NHS efficiency drive? That's the spin, anyway. – The government would like us to believe that NHS hospitals recruited too many doctors and nurses, and sacking 25,000 staff to reduce the total £1 billion budget Black Hole won't affect patient care. The blame for the cuts is landing on G. Brown, the temporary Chancellor, who has given up on the NHS to concentrate on throwing money at the state school system in an attempt to create another Black Hole.

The March 2006 Budget – that's it for state schools! New Labour's policy of tax & waste has been extended to schools. The NHS received vast amounts of cash, which went on bureaucracy and higher bills for staff & drugs rather than patient care. As a result, NHS hospitals are now sacking staff to reduce huge budget deficits caused by the government's arbitrary targets. State-run schools are about to get the same 'cash & burn' treatment, and New Labour is ominously quiet on what's going to happen about the £1 billion NHS deficit.
   In addition, Gordon Brown is selling off more national assets to pay for his spending spree. His bargains include the Tote – market value £400 million – for which he is asking a mere £150 million.

Lies & empty promises – In his budget statement, Brown claimed that 31,000 civil service jobs were axed in 2004/05. But Whitehall hired 55,000 more staff in 2005, the Office of National Statistics says. Guess who's lying.
   Brown's promise to raise spending per pupil in state schools from £5K/year to £8K/year to match the private sector will take 12-16 years to achieve – by which time the private sector will be spending more and there will still be a gap.

Not just cash for peerages – New Labour can be exceedingly generous with its allies. The deal for the people who lent the cash that paid for the last general election campaign is particularly sweet. Not only did they get a deal which included their money back plus interest, they also got a free nomination for a peerage thrown in. As a result, the police are now investigating the Labour party for breaches of the 1920 laws brought in when Lloyd George was up to the same tricks as Tony Blair & chums.

Bogus cuts exposed – Gordon Brown announced in 2005 that he was going to cut Whitehall's running costs by £2 billion by cutting waste. He even produced one of New Labour's famous lists to 'prove' he'd done it.
   Then the National Audit Office got its hands on the list. Sir John Bourne, its head, found that most of Brown's 'savings' were already in the pipeline before he started his 'cutting', and that "figures he (Brown) announced in his budget turned out to be bogus." The NAO has endorsed less than half of Brown's £2 billion.

Income tax doubled under New Labour Fiscal drag – Chancellor Brown's policy of not raising tax thresholds year by year – has led to the amount of income tax for 2006/07 reaching 109% of the amount raised in 1996/97. [£145 billion compared to £69 billion]

More broken promises – Baroness Scotland, the unscottish Home Office Minister, has decided that the government can't be bothered going through with a plan to outlaw forced marriages and imprison those doing the forcing.

Broken promises – A Commons investigation committee has found that Culture Sec. Tessa Mills-Jowell's 2005-vintage promises about the new licencing laws for pubs 'n' clubs were worthless.

  • licences were granted without scrutiny;
  • pub chains were able to blackmail objectors into silence with threats of huge legal bills;
  • successful objections to an extended licence can be thwarted via a secret appeal as magistrates don't have to tell the objectors that an appeal has been lodged;
  • landlords and councils were given insufficient time to fill in and process the excessively complex forms for obtaining an extended licence;
  • councils were allowed to charge excessive fees for processing forms; and
  • the government failed to provide a means to block a Temporary Event Notice, which allows unrestricted drinking by up to 499 people for 96 hours.

Mrs. Mills-Jowell is now eager to draw a line in the sand under the whole sorry affair so that she can get on with inflicting super-casinos on an unwilling nation. Along with another batch of botched legislation, of course.

High maintenance – The offices of Culture Sec. Tessa Mills-Jowell, she of the multiple mortgages and embarrasing but currently cosmetically separated husband, cost twice as much to run as other government offices. The annual running cost at her HQ is £21,000 per inmate compared to £10K for offices in a similar building.

Pension betrayal – The Parliamentary Ombudsman has found the government guilty of negligently issuing misleading information to 85,000 workers, who lost their pensions when their companies went bust. New Labour kept telling them their pensions would be safe. They weren't. But Tony Blair & Co. are content to shrug their shoulders and say they intend to ignore the ombudsman's ruling and do absolutely nothing to redress their maladministration.

Peerages for loans! A new route to a peerage from Tony Blair has been uncovered. Cash is involved, but in the form of a loan rather than an outright donation. Lord Levy, Blair's tennis partner, has been brokering secret loans involving millions of pounds with a nomination for a peerage as an add-on to the interest.

NHS deal – the blame for a peerage! Sir Nigel Crisp, the chief executive of the National Health Service, has been persuaded to carry the can for the immense black hole in the NHS accounts created by New Labour's bungling and its counterproductive target culture. In return, he is getting a peerage.

Tony Blair is being questioned about paying £175 (instead of the full market value) for 2 watches worth thousands of pounds, which he selected from the 18 given to him by Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

More New Labour lies exposed – CIA 'extraordinary rendition' flights transporting suspected terrorists have been using Britain as a staging post despite repeated denials by Prime Minister Tony Blair and Foreign Sec. Jack Straw. The Armed Forces Minister, Adam Ingram, has been forced to confirm to the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, under threat of being reported to the Parliamentary Watchdog, that these flights land here and Blair and Straw have been lying about them.

February 2006
22 Ministers have each copped for a brand new, £50,000 Jag. The taxpayer has had to shell out over a million pounds so that "vain, greedy ministers can be driven around in a flash car". The rather limp excuse for this further abuse of the taxpayer's hospitality is that deadleg ministers need a fast car in case a suicide bomber, or an outraged voter, has a go at them. The only good news is that Blair's ministerial cronies didn't insist on getting two Jags apiece to achieve parity with John Prescott.

Crime decriminalized to make it go away! Under Tony Blair's 'respect' agenda, crimes including assault causing actual bodily harm, affray, possession of Class A drugs, causing criminal damage, carrying a knife or another offensive weapon in public and theft are all to be down-graded. The New Labour answer to its failure to prevent these crimes is to make them drop out of the statistics.
 • When the new bill goes through, these offenses will no longer merit a gaol sentence, they will not be logged on the Police National computer and and perpetrator will not be deemed to have a criminal conviction. The New Labour alternative penalty for the above crimes will be a fine or 'soft' community service.

New Labour's solution to highly embarrassing queues at NHS dentists of people waiting to register is to ban the queues! Rosie Winterton, Health Minister (Dentistry), has ruled that people must register by phone, email or post, and they can't go to a dentist's surgery to register if they have not made an appointment.

More cash for IRA MPs – The government has restored parliamentary expenses to the five absent IRA MPs. Their expenses were suspended after the £26 million bank robbery in Ulster in December 2004. The cash has not yet been recovered so the return of the expenses has to be the result of some sort of deal between new labour and the IRA. The prime minister has also awarded an extra allowance of £84,000 per year to all 'MPs who choose not to take their seats'. Only the five IRA MPs fall into this category.

January 2006
The clownish administrators of the Welsh Assembly building have refused to provide a washing-up bowl for use in the sink in the kitchen. The staff are expected to buy their own bowl. And they can't have a plug for the sink so that it can be filled up with water 'in case it is left in and the sink overflows'.

The government has lifted a ban on inmates of HM prisons purchasing Premium Bonds imposed under the regulation which bans gambling in prisons. The latest ruling is that Premiun Bonds are no longer a gamble – they are now officially an investment.

Academics are considering a boycott of research on behalf of the Home Office. They are upset because their results are being deliberately distorted by Labour spin doctors to give the appearance that the party's anti-crime measures work. Having reached the same conclusion, the Statistics Comission has declared that spin is making all statistics issued by the Home Office totally unreliable.

Joke deputy prime minister John Prescott, who won't pay his council tax, has decided that from June 2007, it will be illegal for anyone to offer a house or flat for sale without supplying a 100-page "Home Information Pack", prepared by a certified inspector. This 'service', which will add up to two grand to the cost of purchase, is required by Brussels under the terms of EC directive 2002/91, which requires every home put on the market to have an "Energy Performance Certificate", based on a formula which measures the size of a property against recent fuel bills.
 • According to Prescott's own officials, the scheme will need 7,500 inspectors, each requiring 18 months' training. New Labour has only 1,800 inspectors in training right now. Anyone daring to sell a home without an HIP will be required to hand over a fine of £500.
 • The scheme is expected to contribute some £90 million into government coffers via VAT and the details of each property sold will have to be registered on a Government website to make life easier for officials when the place is revalued for council tax purposes.

Merit abandoned to meet quotas for judges – Lord Falconer, the Blair crony lord chancellor, has been appointing judges on the basis of their sex and ethnic classification for the last 6 months. More able male and white candidates have been ignored.

Under Bungler Brown's stewardship, 11% of people on Pay As You Earn income tax are being charged the wrong rate and the Treasury overpaid more than £2.2 billion in tax credits. The Revenue department had a deficit of £9.6 billion of uncollected taxes in 2005, 40% of which had been outstanding for well over a year. As for National Insurance contributions, the deficit was £24 billion at April 2005.

New Labour has handed a massive profit to US investment firm Carlyle. The company bought 31% of the shares in QinetiQ,a government military reseach lab, for £42 million in a part-privatization operation in 2002. Those shares are now worth £338 million at the 2006 price for the rest of the business.

Robberies are up 11%, drugs offences up 19% and violence is up 4% – but the official New Labour government statistics say crime is falling!!! Which underlines yet again how much government spin has to do with the truth.

The government has wasted £50 million on 'Blunkett's Bobbies', an army of community support officers who have done nothing at all to cut crime and anti-social behaviour, according to the Home Office's own research.

The causes of the £1 billion deficit in NHS hospitals include:
 • Pay rises above budgetted levels awarded by the Department of Health
 • The imposition of a fixed price for each treatment regardless of how much it actually costs the hospital concerned
 • The DoH's insistence that meeting its arbitrary targets comes before sensible financial management.

Thanks to New Labour's mania for red tape, the Metropolitan police spent £101.9 million on 'non incident-linked paperwork' in 2004/05 and a further £21.7 million on 'checking paperwork (supervisory)'. In the same period, the Met spent just £62.2 million on robbery investigations and £42.2 million on house burglaries.

The government's failure to level the playing field on pensions means that 26% of Council Taxes have to be spent on 'gold-plating' public sector pensions.

Downing Street and The Sun made a big deal out of a pub conversation about kidnapping Leo Blair weeks after the event to deflect attention from the Blair government's cover up of its part in the CIA's prisoner transport flights, the Education Dept. giving an okay to paedophiles working in schools, the Home Office's decision not to reclassify cannabis as a Class B drug, the government's plans for mini-brothels and maxi-casinos, etc., etc.

The government's school league tables are now even more meaningless as all exam passes are equal. Which means that cake decorating and flower arranging passes have the same status as passes in mathematics, science subjects and languages.

75% of hospitals are having to cancel operations, close wards and sack staff as a result of the NHS debt of £1.2 billion. A large part of the blame belongs to the Department of Health, which imposed service-destroying targets and exposed hospitals to competition with the private sector under terms which put the NHS at a disadvantage.

Billions of pounds of National Lottery funds have been diverted by the Blair government to pay for its pet projects, which should have been funded out of taxation. Good causes have been robbed of around £8.5 billion since the Lottery started in 1994, most of it disappearing after May, 1997.

Tackling truancy has had £1 billion thrown at it over the last 7 years. A truancy rate which had remained constant for about a decade went up by 10% in 2005.

Having made a strong bid for the homosexual vote by setting the police on anyone who even mentions the subject, New Labour is going after the paedophile vote by encouraging them to work in schools.

CIA 'torture flights?' The government is trying to crack on that it knows nothing about the CIA flying prisoners around in secret despite a leaked memo from the Foreign Office to Downing Street, which shows T. Blair & Co. know exactly what's going on but they have a policy of denying everything and covering up.

Councils in England need an extra 2.8 billion to cover the cost of new legislation from Whitehall and the needs of an ageing population. The government is offering £600 million more; over half of this sum is needed for pensions and one-quarter is aimed at asylum seekers; which leaves a deficit of 2.2 billion. This is the equivalent of a 10% rise (£100) in the average annual council tax bill.

Meanwhile, in Europe . . .

June 2006
The European Commission, attempting to sneak an EU diplomatic service in through the back door, is setting up "Common Visa Application Centres". The idea is that all member states should move their visa offices in foreign countries into a single office. This will create what amounts to an EU consulate in every country. Of course, the EC is not admitting this, and the announcement was drenched in the usual tommyrot about "helping member states and giving them the opportunity to use common facilities".

The European Commission is keen to extract cash from the member states to enlarge the EU's budget, but it has been found to be operating illegal secret bank accounts, which currently contain £6.5 billion, and have contained as much as £21 billion in the past. If they have all this cash stashed away, they have no case for demanding more – except as a means of building up the secret bank account.

Constitutional 'cherry picking' – Europe's leaders revived the defunct constitution's pan-European counter-terrorism force at their Brussels summit. Ignoring the resounding 'NO' votes in the referendums, the nucleus of this new policing body will be in operation at the end of this month.

May 2006
The EU Tax Commissioner would like the power to set VAT rates across Europe. He would also like a first lot of VAT to be collected in the country which exports goods instead of collection at the final customer. He says his aim is to combat international fraud but the real reason is to give the EU the power to 'harmonize' VAT rates across Europe and remove the power of individual goverments to set their own local rates.

Europe's leaders have decided to borrow a New Labour scam to sneak their constitution past their unwilling customers. They're going to change the name to 'basic law'. It is New Labour dogma that crap renamed becomes something brilliant. It remains to be seen whether the people of Europe will fall for the scam.

The European Commission is planning to upgrade the European Maritime Safety Agency into a European coastguard agency. This is an early step in an empire-building plan intended to reach completion with the creation of a European navy.

The European Commission wants to take complete control of football in Europe under the guise of applying a 'good governance' structure. The organization which is hopelessly corrupt, riddled with fraud and legendary for its bad management thinks that it is fit to decide who should own football clubs and how much the players should be paid. All in the name of trimming the sails of the biggest clubs.
   The original scheme to interfere with football, but to a lesser extent, was launched by New Labour during its presidency of the EU. Tony Blair is now in a state of meltdown at the way his scheme has been hijacked and Bussels-ized.

The European Commission president is trying to sneak in bits of the much rejected constitution by the back door. He would like to transfer large numbers of decisions in areas like policing, judicial co-operation and security from national governments to the EU.

The European Union is supposed to be all about free movement of labour between member countries but the Commission is taking no action against France, Germany and Italy, all of which have decided to close their borders to migrant workers from the new EU nations until at least 2009.

April 2006
The Germans had decided that the EU needs its own system of honours similar to the British one. So more scope for receiving bungs for the leadership, then?

The EU Parliament has voted to increase the annual budget by £2.7 billion to fund larger pensions for Eurocrats.

More phone chaos & expense – The Eurocrats of Brussels want to change Britain's landline phone numbers so that all area codes will begin with 02 or 03 instead of 01. Worse, new area codes won't be based on our towns & cities, as at present. They will be allocated according to the EU's notional 15 British regions – 10 for England, 3 for Scotland and 1 each for Wales & Northern Ireland. Such a change is expected to waste at least £10 billion on reprinting stationery, lost business and general confusion.

The anti-democratic plotters running the Europe Union are trying to sneak their constitution in through the back door again, taking no notice of its rejection by both French and Dutch voters. Worse, they are getting encouragement from multiply disgraced British trade commissioner Peter Mandelson, who seems to have more than enough time on his grubby hands for further mischief-making.

March 2006
No more mercury barometers & thermometers The European Commission would like to ban the use of mercury in devices used for measuring temperature and air pressure to reduce the amount of mercury entering the enviroment. And surprise! Britain is the main centre for the manufacture of new instruments and the repair and maintenence of historic ones. A British industry employing highly skilled craftsmen faces extinction of the Eurocrats get their way.

Lights on all the time! The Eurocrats want motorists to drive with their headlights on all the time – whether it's dark or not. They are not bothered about increasing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by 3%, and they would like a fine of up to £60 to be imposed on prudent drivers who ignore this further piece of reckless micro-management.

February 2006
The European Court of Justice doesn't deliver it. A survey by Lord Woolf (the burglar's friend) has shown that many judges at the European CoHR have little or no command of English and they are unable to understand simple cases, never mind complex ones. Which means that the court's eccentric rulings, which are forced on Britain thanks to New Labour's eagerness to sign up to the Euroconvention on human rights, are the product of a minority of English-speaking legal vandals with suspect personal agendas.

January 2006
The real reason why the European Union wants its own satellite position-finding system has nothing to do with independence from the free-to-use GPS system of the United States. The EU's Galileo system will be used to impose charges on every aircraft using European air space, and tolls and congestion charges on every motorist using the EU's roads.

The European Commission wants its own TV station. It also wants its own news agency to distribute its own brand of favourable propaganda, and also a 'code of conduct' to ensure that governments and other news agencies are allowed to report its activities only in favourable terms.
   Oh, yes. And the EC also wants a budget of millions of euros to pay for its personal 'Dr. Goebbels Department'.

Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel wants Europe-wide taxes to be paid directly into the coffers of the European Commission to free it from financial control imposed by its reliance on donations from the member nations. His primary targets for new Eurotaxes are financial speculation and aircraft fuel.

The EU's latest "horizontal harmonization" sneak attack is directed at Small and Medium Enterprises [companies with under 250 employees and €50M ($60.5M, 34.2M) annual turnover] but really aimed at large multinational companies.
   The stated intention is to simplify the tax system for SMEs which operate across national borders so that they pay tax only under the rules of the country in which the company has its headquarters. A share of the tax collected would then be handed to the governments of countries in which the firm has subsidiaries according to treaties agreed by the states concerned.
   Once this scheme is in place, the EU will then insist on applying it to big companies 'in the interests of creating a level playing field'. The aim is to reduce the cost of tax collection and pour more cash into the EU budget, and to increase the EU's direct control of the wealth-generating sector at the expense of troublesome national governments.

A pan-European tax to give the Eurocracy some pocket money which is not controlled by the member states is the Big Idea offered by new EU president Austria. The tax will consist of a levy on international air fares and currency transactions.


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