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The ways this government is wasting your tax money include:-

Putting Balkan war criminals in our jails - £5 million per year.
Cost for each Asylum seeker - £18,000 each per year.
Anti terrorism measures - £19 million per year.
Legal Aid to asylum seekers - £138 million per year.
Taking Sangate asylum seekers - £21 million. [£100,000 per day]
Cost of hereditary peers suing the Government - £70 Million.
Extra Adjudicators needed - £38 million a year.
Extra Court staff needed -£5 million per year.
Foreign Aid - this is in billions of pounds to India, Pakistan etc.
Welfare to Work scheme - £2.5 billion so far.
Giving 14 Taliban's Asylum - £88,200 pounds per year
Taliban Super grass - £17 million and asylum costs
540,000 immigrants - £2.5 billion per year.
Building new homes - £10 billion .
Treating immigrants on the NHS - £1 billion per year.
Educating immigrants - £368 million per year.
Law and disorder costs - £unknown?
What tax payers will have to find due to immigrants pouring in -£122 billion
Low paid workers face - 12.5 percent increase in National Insurance payments.
Administration costs for asylum over last two years = £3.5 billion.
Cost of building Trident, £40 billion.
Cost of keeping Trident, £1.5 billion per year.
Cost of no-fly-zone over Iraq, £1 billion per year.
Cost of Iraqi war £75 million per day
Projected cost of new aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy, £10 billion.
Monies set aside for British contribution to the latest war effort, £1.75 billion.
Annual subsidy to British arms exports, £420 million.
Amount spent by British government so far on war, £420 billion.
Fraud on individual learning accounts - adult skill retraining - £100 million.
Millennium Dome - £15 million per year.
Who wants to be a Millionaire Court case - £2 million.
Extraditing the Hook handed Hamza - £2 million plus.
Clarence House Refurbishment - £4.5 million.
Deporting 30 Afghan economic migrants - £2.5 million.
Deporting all illegal Afghan immigrants - £100 million plus.
Cost of Translation services for migrants - £100 million plus each year


£267,997 - Somali Healthy Mind Project, Liverpool
£214,679 - Refugee Action, Liverpool
£196,164 - Detainee Support and Help Unit, London
£181,211 - Muslim Youth Association, Liverpool
£170,053 - City Life Church, Southampton
£137,525 - Southwark Refugee Project, London
£102,449 - Pearl of Africa Foundation, London
£59,066 - Refugee Resettlement Support Project, London
£54,520 - Iraqi Community Association, London .  

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