To Archive List Page"The Scroungers' Charter" –
That's what they should call the rules, devised by MPs themselves, for claiming their multifarious 'business' expenses.

Don't you just wish the grabbing bastards would put a hand in their own pocket once in a while?

fifty quid noteDespite the best efforts of Speaker M. Martin, the following details of claims against the second-home allowance were released to the BBC after the authorities at the House of Commons decided not to lodge an appeal against the Information Commissioner's ruling that they were wrong to withhold them:

Prime Minister Tony Blair (Labour)
claimed £47,000 for running his constituency house in Sedgefield between April 2001 and March 2004, even though he was living rent-free in Downing Street. He is too mean to pay for a TV licence, preferring to let the taxpayer pick up the bill. He also let the taxpayer pay for his council tax, his cleaner and a washing machine.
   Blair remortgaged his house before 2001 and £15,000 from the taxpayer over the 3 years gave him a nice interest-free loan.

Twice-sacked Peter Mandelson (Labour)
had £812 worth of newspapers courtesy of the taxpayer.

Chancellor Gordon Brown (Labour)
claimed 4,000 for cleaning and £137.50 for ground rent in 2005/06. He also claimed £5,000 each for cleaning and repairs/insurance/security, plus money for utility bills, extensive renovations at his Westminster flat (including the building of a nursery), his council tax and his subscription to Sky TV.

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott (Labour)
claimed 4,000 for food in 2003/04 but a modest £3,000 in 2005/06. He also got the taxpayer to stump up his council tax and £7,000 for repairs/insurance/security.

David Cameron (Conservative)
regularly claims toward the second home expenses limit of £23,000/year to pay the mortgage on his constituency home.

Michael Howard (Conservative)
claimed £20,347 in 2003/04 for his mortgage and utility bills, council tax, phone bills, cleaning, food and provisions and household repairs.

Charles Kennedy (Lib Dem)
collected a £12,869 contribution to his mortgate repayments in 2003/04.

Geraint Davies (Labour)
formerly the grabbingest MP until he lost his seat, claimed £20,024 for a second home even though he lived on Westminster's doorstep.

Sir Menzies Campbell (Lib Dem)
claimed £3,700 for food in 2005/06 and a further £4,800 for his mortgage. He also collected two grand for taxis, parking, laundry and his TV licence.


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