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The Labour party wants more cash from YOU!

It's not just the pockets of national political parties that Labour wants to stuff with taxpayer's cash to spare them the embarrassment of getting donations from illegal sources.
   Local councillors are also in line for a big chunk of change if Labour gets its way, and that means even higher Council Tax.

The Communities & Local Government Sec., Hell's Angel wannabe Hazel Blears, commissioned a report from the Labour-controlled Councillors' Commission on ways to make a career as a local councillor 'more attractive and more appealing and accessible to a diverse range of people' (i.e. non-whites and not born in the UK).
   They came up with these bright ideas:

black blobState funding for local politicial parties linked to achieving government targets for diversity & equality
black blobPublic funding for projects to improve the recruitment, training and selection of candidates
black blobA communications allowance along the same lines as the £10,000 per year which MPs get
black blobPensions for all councillors
black blob'Parachute payments' of up to £10,000 for councillors with jobs (council leader, cabinet member, etc.) who lose their seat in an election – redundancy pay linked to time in office
black blobHigher salaries for councillors with jobs
black blobMore freedom for councils to spend money on publicity and use public money to blow their own trumpet to make the ruling party seem more electable
black blobCouncillors shouldn't have to endure the hassle of going to meetings to vote – their party should be able to cast their vote for them
black blobBy-elections should be abolished – if a member loses his/her seat, a replacement should be put in place from a published list of reserves
black blobCouncils should have the option of introducing proportional representation
black blobCouncils should be allowed to lower the voting age in their area to 16.
black blobPeople should be bribed to cast their votes, particularly young people, with the offer of Council Tax discounts, fast-food vouchers, free lottery tickets and free appointments with chiropractors

 Brown's new Labour – a grasping hand in your pocket! 

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