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Soft on crime, soft on the causes of crime

The Labour party brags endlessly about its 'successes' in reducing crime, and it produces yards of bogus statistics to prove that the country is crime-free, but Labour seems to think that the natural place for the criminal is out on the streets.

Why else would successive Home Secretaries have failed over the last 10 years to ensure that there are enough prison places to give society a rest from its unwanted members?
   Why else would "Justice Minister" Jack Straw be starting 2008 by cutting the gaol terms for those convicted of:

Abandoning children
Aggravated burglary
Assault causing actual bodily harm
Assault with intent to rob
Burglary with intent to cause grievous bodily harm
Causing death by dangerous driving
Causing death by driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol
Crimes against humanity
Cruelty to children
Female circumcision
Killing an unborn child
Malicious wounding
Planting explosives with intent to destroy propery
Planting explosives with intent to injure
Racially or religiously aggravated assault
Threatening to kill someone
War crimes

Why else would the government be watering down its Indeterminate Sentences for Public Protection, which were introduced with the usual spin and hyperbole in 2005?
   Why else would be government be telling judges to deduct from the sentence, time which a convicted criminal has spend out of custody on bail and wearing an electronic tag?

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