To Archive List PageThe present government has a notoriously cavalier attituted to the truth. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, it persists with its lies. But the truth does creep out occasionally . . .

Unable, through sheer incompetence, to police the nation's borders and keep illegal migrants out of Britain, the government has tried to make out that uncontrolled migration is a good thing and anyone who challenges this view is racialist.

When asked about migration, government ministers were in the habit of trotting out the story that migrants added £6 billion to the British economy in 2006 and this is excellent for the country. What the ministers never managed to mention, however, was that the migrants themselves gobble up most of the cash through the extra demand created by them on schools, hospitals, social services, etc.

Gordon Brown was still lying about the value of migrants right up to, and after, the release at the beginning of April 2008 of a report by the House of Lords' Economic Affairs select committee, which demolished the migration myth. But, unfortunately, that's the sort of person he is.

The lies came to an end only after it was revealed that the Home Office had calculated a 2006 GDP per capita for migrants of just £30 per year – i.e. 58p/person/week. And a more accurate, independent estimate reduced that figure to a mere 38p/person/year.

The cross-party committee also found that:

 • Migrants have little or no positive impact on the lives of the existing population

 • The government's claim that migrants will help to make the 'pensions time-bomb' go away is false as migrants will need pensions, too

 • Migrants don't fill vacancies in the economy – that figure has remained static at about 600,000; what they do achieve is to reduce the incomes of some British workers and keep 100,000 young people unemployed

 • Demand by migrants will raise house prices by around 10% over the next 20 years, which keeps young families off the housing ladder

 • The social costs of migration amount to £8.8 billion, which amounts to £146 per person living in the UK.

 • The government's claim that migrants are harder working and have a better work ethic than the existing population is just politician-speak meaning that they are more willing to take rotten jobs at low wages

  The bad news is that Gordon Brown has already spent the bogus £6 billion and he plans to spend even more borrowed money in the hope of buying himself a victory at the next general election  

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