To Archive List PageWe are bombarded with global warming propaganda by 'greens' and politicians, but do they have anything honest to say about putting refuse in landfill sites?

Garbage50 quid50 quid

wheely binWhy does the European Union have such a down on using landfill sites for refuse?

Because Holland and Denmark are running out of holes in the ground, and EU rules on harmony say that if those 2 countries can't put refuse in landfill sites, no one else should be allowed to, no matter how little sense this makes.

wheely binAre we running out of landfill sites in Britain?

No, quarrying for construction, road-building, etc. creates new holes in the ground at the rate of 110,000,000 cubic metres every year; and that's somewhere to put a hell of a lot of garbage.

wheely bin"Incineration is cheaper than using landfill sites, isn't it?"

The government keeps telling us that, but surprise! It's true only if you can believe that stumping up £190/ton for incinerating refuse is less than paying £62/ton to put it in a landfill site.

  Just think how much carbon from fossil fuels is captured
in all those plastic bags that go into landfill sites!  

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