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Stomped dollar   NEW

ACTIVE MANAGEMENT – Your broker is heading for the hills with your cash

AESP – "All Evidence Shredded, Please!" (or how your broker gets away with daylight robbery)

AMERICAN STYLE OPTION – See if President Bush will lend us a few bucks

APPRECIATION – What brokers fail to show after talking all your money off you in exchange for shares which nose-dive

ARBITRAGE – Legalized way of betting both ends against the middle

ASSET ALLOCATION – Diversification of investments for risk management purposes, such that the lion's share ends up in the broker's hip pocket

AUTOMATIC EXECUTION – The fate of the boards of most British banks if there was any justice in the world

AUTOMATIC EXECUTION SUSPENSION PERIOD – Gordon Brown is handing out taxpayers' cash again

AUTOTRADER – Computer program which lets an amateur investor blow his savings without having to press the buttons himself

BACK OFFICE – Where the broker keeps his escape kit in case the clients become difficult

BARGAIN CONDITIONS APPLY – You thought you were getting a bargain but you didn't read the small print

BASE CURRENCY – A currency other than the one which the customers uses into which all deals have to be converted so that the broker can take a currency conversion percentage

BASKET OF CURRENCIES – Something you no longer need to carry your money about in

BEAR MARKET – A 6 to 18 month period when the kids get no allowance, the wife gets no jewelry, and the husband gets no sex

BIG BANG – Precursor to Big Crunch

BIG FIGURE – Brokers' fees

BONDS – Instruments used to strap the client down while the broker empties his pockets

BONSAI BANK – Japanese bank which is trimming its branches

BOTTOM – The market zone in which most amateur share-holders panic sell

BROKER – What my broker has made me

BROKER TO BROKER – First, my shares became worthless then the government raised income tax to bail out the banks

BULL – Government statement about how successfully it is handling the Global Credit Crunch

BULL MARKET – A random market movement causing an investor to mistake himself for a financial genius

CANDLESTICK CHART – Diagram showing where to buy the cheapest candles for when you can no longer afford to pay your electricity bill

CAPITAL APPRECIATION – I'd be grateful for the loan of a fiver

CAPITULATION – A market surrender, which happens when investors give up all hope of making money from shares and get out of the market at any price

CASH FLOW – The movement your money makes as it disappears down the toilet

C.E.O. – Chief Embezzlement Officer.

C.F.O. – Corporate Fraud Officer

CHANCELLOR of the EXCHEQUER – In the case of Gordon Brown, a psychotic bean-counter, who didn't get the Robin Hood concept, and who robbed EVERYONE so that Tony Blair could give the money to his mates

CHURNING – State of investor's digestive system while viewing latest stock prices

CLEARING HOUSE – A necessary process after you're declared bankrupt and you have to sell your home

COMMITTED PRINCIPAL – The C.E.O. of this company belongs in a looney bin

CORRECTION – A rebound in the market after a sharp movement or the reason why you didn't get as much for your shares as your broker promised

CROSS RATE – Frowns grow in an inverse ratio to the stocks index

DAILY CHANGE – What's left in your pocket at about 5:30 p.m.

DAY TRADING – See "Daylight Robbery"

DEALER – Someone who stacks the deck so that he always wins

DEVALUATION – What happens to your portfolio the day after you sink your life savings into it

DIVIDEND – Cash paid to a company's shareholders (term now obsolete)

DUE DILIGENCE – Diligence may be due, but it is rarely offered

EARNINGS SURPRISE – Thje customer finds that the market has actually gone up and keels over with a heart attack

ECB – European Cash Bunker

ECONOMIC INDICATORS – Misleading government statements which panic you into selling just before the market rises or persuade you to buy just before it crashes

ENHANCED BEST PRICE – What you thought you were going to pay plus the hidden commission, which turned it into a worst price

EXECUTE AND ELIMINATE ORDER – Pipe dream about your broker and a firing squad

FINANCIAL PLANNER – A guy whose phone has been disconnected

FOMC – Full of My Cash (context: your broker’s bank account)

FRAUD SQUAD – Police unit which seems to be on permanent holiday

FREE FLOAT – State of broker who hurled self off Golden Gate bridge

FREE LUNCH – What brokers hope to get at their friendly, neighbourhood soup kitchen

FTSE – F**k The Sucker Endlessly

GEIR HAARDE – The Icelandic prime minister who gave rise to the expression: "Haarde Luck", which is what the people who invested in collapsed Icelandic banks were told

GOING LONG – Current interval between posh lunches on the firm

GROSS – Comment on the size of failed bankers' bonuses & pension funds

GTC Order – Gimme The Cash Order – instruction from impatient broker

HEDGE – System for separating the client from his money so he can't see what's happening to it

ICELANDIC STREAKER – Someone who, like an Icelandic bank, has frozen assets

INFLATION – The reason why the more you earn, the less you have

INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR – Past-year investor who's now locked up in a nuthouse

KARAOKE BANK – Japanese bank which is about to be sold for a song

KAMIKAZE BANK – Japanese bank which is no longer trading after the shares nose-dived

KARATE BANK – Japanese bank which has restructured by chopping 50% of the staff

LEVERAGE – System for removing cash caught in the fingers of suspicious customers

LIBOR (Ladle In Buckets of Resources) – Gordon Brown's policy for giving taxpayers' cash to banks which won't lend to other banks or issue mortgages

LIQUIDITY – Drinks at the brokerage after the annual bonuses are announced

LONG POSITION – State of the customer’s face after Black Monday, Tuesday, etc.

MARKET CORRECTION – A fall in prices the day after the broker buys your stocks

MARKET MAKER SPREAD – Obesity in the brokerage industry

MEAN RECOMMENDATION – Your bank manager is calling in your overdraft

MORTGAGE – A device for extracting five or more times the value of a building from someone who thinks they're getting an asset for their old age.

NO LOAD FUND – Please do not ask for credit as it may cause offence

OPEN POSITION – Your job after your stock market losses drive you to embezzlement

OPTIMIST – Broker who irons five shirts on Sunday

ORIGAMI BANK – Japanese bank which has folded

PASSIVE MANAGEMENT – Sitting back and hoping for the best

P/E RATIO – The percentage of investors wetting their pants as the market keeps crashing

PIGEON – Creature which can still put a deposit on a new Ferrari (unlike most brokers and their clients) .

PREFERENCE SHARE – What everyone else gets

PRIME RATE – The amount of money you have to pay ‘up front’

PROFIT – An archaic word no longer in use!

PUBLIC RELATIONS – A government minister has given a highly paid job to his/her brother-in-law

RECAPITALIZATION – The Chancellor picks the taxpayer's pocket to pay executive bonuses after the banks run out of ready cash

RESISTANCE – To quote the Borg, "Resistance is Futile".

RETAINED EARNINGS – Cash the client failed to grab while the grabbing was good

RISK – What the broker takes on behalf of the customer

RISK MANAGEMENT – A broker's strategy for coming out ahead even if the client loses everything

SAMURAI BANK – The only Japanese bank which is soldiering on regardless

SCALPING – The client's inevitable fate

SECURITIZATION – The bank/broker takes your money and buys something with it; like a building, which immediately drops in value

SHORTING – The well-known practice of taking your money and returning about half of it (if you're lucky)

SHORT POSITION – Natural state of the client’s wallet

SLIPPAGE – The difference between promises and what you get

SPANISH ACQUISITION – Santander Bank's buy-up of broke British banks

STANDARD & POOR – Your life in a nutshell

STOCK ANALYST – Idiot who just downgraded your stock portfolio

STOCK SPLIT – When your ex-wife and her lawyer split your assets equally between themselves

STOP LOSS ORDER – Futile instruction to broker when the market hits rock bottom

SUMO BANK – Japanese bank which has gone belly-up

SUSHI BANK – Japanese bank which is still trading despite having something fishy about its accounts, which suggests that customers can expect a raw deal

TICK – Uncontrollable facial twitch caused by heavy losses on the stock market

TRANSPARENT MARKET – It was obviously a swindle, so why didn't you spot it?

UNSUCCESSFUL TRADES – The ones the broker blames on the client

VALUE INVESTING – The art of buying low and selling lower

WALKING – What the client does when he is too poor to be able to afford a car

WINDOWS – What you jump out of when you're the sucker who bought Yahoo! @ $240 per share

WHIPSAW – Device for extracting cash from really reluctant clients [see also LEVERAGE]

YAHOO! – What you yell after selling it́s stock to some poor sucker for $240 per share

ZERO LOSSES – The client's pipe dream

ZIMBABWEAN DOLLAR – Currently, the world's strongest currency

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