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"Gordon Brown is promising to build a new Jerusalem upon the Rock on which the Ship of State foundered while he was at the Helm. Now there's a confidence-builder for 2009!"

June 2009

Further proof, if it's needed, that Brown has lost it
In 1945, Adolf Hitler sat in his bunker, cut off from the world and directing phantom armies into imaginary battles. In 2009, Gordon Brown has published a manifesto promising buckets of spending even though he has driven the British economy so deep into debt that it will take a generation of taxes to repair the damage.
   Is there any point in taking further notice of the ramblings of Brown and the rest of his sorry crew? Not really. They have spent 12 years proving that they are useless, greedy jobsworths. Another year's proof is superfluous.
   So, Gordon, why don't you take your whole rotten gang and crawl into a deep hole and just die?

A rushed, botched Bill – Labour's standard answer to a crisis in confidence
G. Brown has been forced to abandon his legally binding code of conduct for MPs. So that's another flagship sunk.

The state of the market in the Brown Slump has forced Lord Sleaze to abandon his attempt to sell off the Royal Mail.

So much for transparency in government
G. Brown has abandoned the autumn government spending review to avoid exposing the scale of the cuts in public spending needed in the Brown Slump, and to let him lie about how he's going to keep on spending more and more of the taxpayer's cash and only the Tories will have to make cuts. Even more pathetic, Brown nominated Lord Sleaze to lie about why the review has been abandoned.

Taxpayer shot in the wallet
By operating a Brown Swindle, HM Revenue & Customs has collected £7.25 billion more VAT than it should. Now, the courts have ruled that these overpayments must be returned to the ripped-off companies concerned, which will make the Brown Hole in the economy even huger.

It's only Taxpayers' Cash
Things must be really bad on the financial front if even the Governor of the Bank of England has spotted that New Labour is spending £4 for every £3 collected as taxes.

It's only Taxpayers' Cash
The Home Office has blown £1 million on a scheme to persuade bogus asylum seekers to go home. Only one family took the deal.

Not me, Gov!
Lord Sleaze is getting the blame for the Brown plan to hold the Iraq war inquiry in secret and keep the outcome confidential on bogus national security grounds. Apparently, he did it to protect his pal Tony Blair, who launched the war on a lie.

Brown fantasy
The prime monster is hoping to portray the Tories as a party of millionaires by making them declare income from their second (and third) jobs. Most of the MPs with outside jobs are Tories, but this leads to the obvious conclusion that Tories have talents relevant to the real world but the Labour lot, most of whom have never had a proper job, don't. Not so much a Government Of All the Talents as a Government Totalling Lacking in Talent.

Sore Losership In Action
The fact that Bercow, J., was supported by just 3 Tories in his campaign to become Commons Speaker confirms that his election was sour grapes from Labour after the sacking of one of their own from the job for incompetence.

Private pensions are history
12 years of Gordon Brown have destroyed pensions in the public sector while saddling the British taxpayer with a mountain of debt to pay for gold-plated public sector pensions. Final salary schemes are going extinct in the private sector while 90% of public sector employees have one, and the British state pension is among the lowest in the world.

Labour's 'reforms' to NHS dentistry have flopped and the new contracts will have to be rewritten.

Closed Sessions
Another reason why Gordon Brown wants the Iraq war inquiry held in secret is that he refused to provide the taxpayers' cash neede to provide sufficient body armour and armoured vehicles for the Iraq campaign, and he has the blood of British troops on his hands. Which he doesn't want to admit.

A typical New Labour bargain
Tony Blair launched the Serious & Organized Crime Agency with a promise that it would rake in MILLIONS by seizing the assets of criminals. In fact, SOCA has spent £15 million of taxpayers' cash for every £1 million raked in.

Business as usual for grabbing bankers
Gordon Brown sees nothing wrong with the £15 million pay package for Mr. Hester, the new head of the nationalized Royal Bank of Scotland (which was driven into the dust by New Labour pal Fred the Shred and lost £36 BILLION last year). So all that talk about effective regulation and cleaning up banking was just hot air, Gordon?

Brown animationMore Brown Lies
Gordon Brown says he could walk away from the job of prime minister 'tomorrow' without any regrets. He also claims he's not skilled in political manoeuvring, back-stabbing and smearing political opponents and inconvenient members of the public. And then he wonders why people assume he's lying if he has his mouth open.

Even the surprise is fraudulent
All MPs were advised of the amount of censorship which would be applied to their expenses claims by the Commons authorities. All MPs were also given the opportunity to make additional blackings out. So any party leader who claims to be surprised by the amount of data blacked out is being dishonest.

Another Brown Swindle
MPs' expenses claims have been published, sort of. Details have been blacked out on bogus security grounds to prevent anyone who hasn't been reading the Daily Telegraph's revelations from knowing things like which MPs have been stealing from the taxpayer by flipping their main and second homes, and which prime minister put his Sky TV subscription on expenses.

An end to spin & lies?
Under New Labour's target culture, the police are stopping white men and searching them for no reason other than to reduce the ratio of non-white to white searches for political reasons.

An end to spin & lies?
How does Gordon Brown manage to present the Tories as the party of public sector tax cuts? Simple. He lies about the tax cuts already announced for future years by the Treasury.

Bungs to the clients
£26 million went to senior civil servants (people on 57-273K/year) in 1008/09 as bonuses for hitting performance targets – in other words, just for doing their jobs.

Stealth Tax in the offing
Broadband Tax – 50p/month from every business and domestic landline telephone user, nominally to pay for extending the broadband network (it's now a 'uman right to have broadband, apparently) but actually it's just another tax to chuck into the Brown Hole in the economy.

Stealth Tax in the offing
The government would like to impose a Stealth Inheritance Levy of 2.5% on all estates greater than £25,000, or take a payment of £12,000, to pay for nursing home care for the minority who need it.

No Entry, Whitewashing in Progress
G. Brown, champion of Transparency, wants to hold an official inquiry into the lies which launched the 2003 Iraq war IN PRIVATE. (Probably because he told his share of lies to get the war started and endorsed all the others.)

No wonder the Brown Hole is so HUGE
The public sector wastes £50 million per year on translating documents which almost no one wants to read into obscure languages which NO ONE ever wants to read.

It's all about the money (as usual) II
Failed Labour leader Neil Kinnock, a man opposed to the House of Lords and the European Union, is a member of the House of Lords, his wife has just been made a member, too, they have both had EU jobs and the family has scrounged £12 million from the taxpayer over the last 15 years. A fine example of Labour's 'Fair to Win' philosophy.

It's all about the money (as usual)
Industrial production in the eurozone is falling but Lord Sleaze of Mandelason thinks Britain should rush to sign up. Is he thinking about the needs of his country or the pension which he gets from the EU as long as he continues to spout pro-Europeanization propaganda? No brainer, isn't it!

The Big Labour Debate
The state of the economy, and whether to tell the public how bad it is, is dividing Labour's financial wizards. Chancellor A. Darling wants to tell the truth and cut public spending to try to repair some of the damage caused by a decade of Brown Chancellorship.
   Brown ally E. Balls, who was equally responsible for the Brown-Balls reckless spending spree which caused all of the problems, wants to lie and tell the people that everything in the garden is rosy.

Vote Labour to get a British passport
The Home Office has decided that migrants who join a trade union, take part in strikes and go out canvassing for Labour will be fast-tracked to a British passport.

More Labour Lies
The UK Statistics Authority has had to deliver a public warning to deputy prime minister H. Harperson for lying about the gap between male & female pay. H.H. invented and spouted a figure twice the actual pay gap.

More work needed
Gordon Brown is going to have to apply another coat of whitewash to sacked and restored Communities Minister A. Shahid, who has broken the rules by claiming rent on an office at his home. So expect all the fine Brown talk about cleaning up Parliament to be sidelined while this latest spot of trouble is swept under the carpet.

Failure to get a grip
Public sector pensions now cost £45.2 billion per year. Public sector staff have just 6% of their salary deducted and receive a pension corresponding to a deduction of 48%.

Instant history rewrites?
A couple of days after the 'grass roots' of the Labour party lost their bottle and failed to oust G. Brown, we're being invited to believe that there was never any muttering against him, never anyone plotting a coup and no ministers resigned of their own accord – they were all reshuffled according to G. Brown's master plan for the nation.

Government by Mandelson
First, we had G. Brown becoming prime minister without the endorsement of the British public. Now, we have twice-disgraced Lord Sleaze running everything, with 10 ministers reporting to him, without the endorsement of the British public and acting as deputy prime minister without the endorsement of the Labour party. Conspiracy theorists will begin to see a pattern emerging in the way New Labour operates.

Brown Opacity
Sacked minister Shahid Malik has been whitewashed by the Brown Laundry and returned to the government. But the whitewashing report clearing him won't be published. Despite Gordon's assurances of greater transparency. So we'll never know for sure why Malik's landlord was doing him the favour of renting him a house in his constituency at way below the going rate. Or why Malik was allowed to claim it as his main home when he was there only at weekends. But we can make some pretty educated guesses.

Back-Scratching In Action
£400,000 Labour donor Sir A. Sugar has copped for a peerage and a job as Brown's enterprise tsar.

It DEFINITELY is all about the money for Labour
Glenys Kinnock can't become the Europe Minister until next month because she has to extract the maximum amount of salary & pension from her MEP's job, and collect the golden goodbye pay-off.

Messing about to no object
The government has closed 2,500 Post Offices. This was supposed to yield a saving of £300 million per year. The actual annual saving is £45 million/year and this doesn't begin to cover the massive damage caused to communities which have lost their Post Office.

Gordon still doesn't get it
The Cabinet reshuffle, of those people who were willing to go, has just installed different deadlegs in the jobs still in Brown's control. So it's hardly the triumph he would have us believe it is. Forget GOAT (government of all talents), we now have GOAD (government of all deadlegs).

Bypassing the Brown Sleazers
Ship-jumping expenses dodger J. Purnell has come up with an interesting twist on the "How to jack it in" front – send your resignation to the newspapers directly so that the Labour party's dirty tricks department can't churn out a load of lies and half-truths about you before the news breaks.

Authority? What Authority?
Gordon Brown, the 'Fred the Shred' of British politics, wants to move his pal Ed Balls, the man who helped him to wreck the British Economy, to the Treasury but Alastair Darling, the home-flipping swindler, won't go. Gordon also wants to move his buddy Lord Sleaze of Mandelson to the Foreign Office to cut short questions about his doing favours for anyone who entertained him on their yacht, but the boy miliband won't go.

You're not a victim, Blears
Hazel Blears complained that she was being 'hung out to dry' over her expenses claims before flouncing out of the Cabinet on the eve of the Euro elections. But she knew full well that she was taking advantage of a rotten system to swindle the taxpayer, so being 'hung out to dry' is a whole lot less than she deserves.

May 2009

Empty Words
This government has issued many claims that it is now being tough on knife crime. But only 20% of those arrested for possessing a bladed weapon go to gaol, half of the ones sent to gaol get a sentence of 3 months or less, only one-third of those sent down get six months or more and only one person got the maximum 4-year sentence in 2008.

New Labour Honesty – an oxymoron
This government has spent the last 4 years deliberately covering up overcharging on the Council Tax. Over 1 million dewllings are in the wrong Council Tax band and over 700,000 of those households are paying too much. Instead of rectifying this situation, the government has tried to keep the abuse secret in order to carry on stealing from the people concerned.

Irony Lives!!
Gordon Brown is dropping hints about bringing back to the Cabinet the twice-sacked David Blunkett, who has convictions for abuse of both his expenses and his office when Home Sec.

Brown's Law
If you're a minister, you can lie your head off about your expenses and anything else.

Flipping Okay for Cabinet members
Brown, Hoon, Purnell, Smith, McNulty & Darling all made a profit out of it and claim they did no wrong but Blears had to pay back the tax on her profits – which the Revenue isn't accepting!

£754 BILLION in the RED
Britain's national debt is now the highest since the last time there was a Labour government in the 1970s, and the country is about to lose its AAA credit rating due to the size of the Brown Hole in its finances. Which will put Brown's Britain on a par with Ireland, Greece, Portugal & Spain.

The latest government U-Turn
Gurkhas who have served in the British army can live in Britain if they survive their period of service.

It's only our bloody money
Installing 'smart' meters to tell the customer how much gas & electricity is being used minute by minute will ADD £50/year for the next 10 years to energy bills to cover the cost of the new meters.

It's only our bloody money
MPs who stole from the taxpayer with fraudulent expenses claims are to be offered sessions with a psychiatrist, at the taxpayer's expense, to help them to feel better about themselves.

After more than a decade of New Labour . . .
Most of the charges made against teachers are malicious and unfounded, and made by pupils who know their rights but not their responsibilities.

Another bog-up
The 'cash for scrap' scheme was supposed to encourage motorists to buy a new car. Predictably, it's a shambles because the government has made a bog of the paperwork.

Rotten to the core?
Only under New Labour could the Justice Minister be suspended from office while he's investigated for not reporting the benefit of a subsidized rent on his main home.

Another one for the record books
The current recession is worse than the one in the early 1980s caused by the failed policies of the Wilson & Callaghan governments, and Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, expects it to be worse than the one in the 1930s.

Abuse of office
Late payment by government departments is hitting British business to the tune of £6 billion per year.

It's only taxpayers' money
The answer devised by the House of Commons Commission to abuse of MPs' expenses is to create an external Audit Unit, which will cost the taxpayer £600,000 (or more) per year to stop MPs stealing from the public purse. Sacking the criminals and appointing honest MPs clearly didn't make it onto the Commission's agenda.

It's a crime but no one is to blame
Labour donor David Abrahams gave money to the party illegally via proxies, Labour hasn't repaid the £180,000 and the Can't Prosecute Service won't be taking any action against the people who accepted the cash. Not so much "the fix went in" as "guilty & Labour doesn't compute".

"Wrong, Gordon, it's not the System, it's the People."
MPs' expenses didn't become a problem until New Labour filled Parliament with grabbers and Tony Blair presided over the corruption and politicization of the civil service and the Commons staff.

Just plain useless and pathetic
Gordon Brown's answer to the scandal of MPs and cabinet ministers abusing their expenses is to blame the system. It's all the fault of the rules, not the people who abuse them to steal from the taxpayer, and that makes everything all right.

Just plain useless and uncaring
Ann Abraham, the Parliamentary Ombudsman, has concluded that Labour's treatment of Equitable Life's victims is "shameful". Hundreds of thousands of people lost pensions through maladministration and the government's regulation failures. 30,000 people have died without receiving justice. It looks like Gordon Brown is content to let the same happen to the rest.

Brown Grabbers
The Treasury rakes in £10,000 per hour from speed camera fines – £88 million in 2007 and £840 million since the scam began.

Shame Factor Reduced
The Commons fees office has announced that it will NOT be publishing revealing details of MPs' expenses to protect Labour's suicidal adulterers and thieves.

Brown Grabber
Baroness Uddin (Labour) has claimed £100,000 for living expenses on a flat in Maidstone, which she describes as her main home, but which has remained empty since she bought it in 2005.

Plain Useless
The government promised to have a National Flu Line in operation by October 2008. Right now, there should be 7,500 call centres staffed by 20,000 people able to take 6 million calls per day. But it's yet another item which New Labour promised to deliver but didn't.
 • Not having the flu line operational lets scumbags get multiple doses of antivirals from multiple sources and then sell them on the health black market.

April 2009

The Brown Manoeuvre
Gordon, sinking fast, has shifted the blame for his shameful treatment of Gurkha soldiers who want to live in Britain onto Home Sec. J. Smith, who is sinking even faster.

Abuse of Our Bloody Money
The Home Office spent £2 million on taxis and hire cars in 2008/09. The bill for 1997/08 was £30,000.

Brown Bend
Gordon finished the month with his THIRD U-turn on MPs' expenses after his quick fixes were all rejected. He is now resigned to waiting for Sir C. Killy to complete his inquiry (sometime during the next decade).

It's Our Bloody Money
Gordon Brown's £200 million 'flagship' Mortgage Rescue Scam has helped just ONE household to avoid repossession since its inception in January 2009.

No Brown Slump in the Public Sector
The Private Sector is having a recession but the Public Sector is continuing to take on staff recklessly, knowing that finding their wages and pensions won't be a problem for an organization which can run up infinite reckless debts.

Home Sec. J. "expenses thief" Smiff has abandoned a plan to store details of all phone calls, texts & emails originating in Britain on a giant government databank. The people won't wear it and this useless government can't guarantee not to lose the data or let it be stolen.

It's Our Bloody Money
Public sector workers aren't paying for their gold-plated pensions. The taxpayer had to fill a £2.3 billion Brown Hole in 2007/08, and the bill for 2009/10 will be £4.18 billion.

The Chance would be a Fine Thing!
Lord Sleaze of Mandelson has vowed that New Labour's 'principles' will be abandoned only over his dead body – which is a price that the nation would pay willingly!

Brown Scrounger
Work & Pensions Sec. J. Purnell claimed £1,600 on his expenses for cleaning a rented flat. Then he left it in such a pig sty condition that the landlord kept his deposit. So that's another Labour collar which Scotland Yard would be feeling if we had honest policing and honest government in this country.

It's Our Bloody Money, Tessa!
Olympics Minister T. Jowell has tried to bribe the Labour party of the Erith & Thamesmead constituency. She xpromised to give the area cash from the Olympics budget if they let Labour's Mafia parachute a teenage Blair Baby into the safe seat.

The Car Scrappage Scam
  Replacing a car bought before 1999/08/01 has to involve a new car, so no canny buyer discounts are available.
  The vehicle industry has put up its prices by more than the £1,000, which is is expected to kick in to the scam.
  VAT will give the government back it's £1,000.
  The motorist will have to pay a lot more to insure a new car than a 10-year-old one.
  Foreign vehicle builders will benefit, not car plants in Britain.
  The energy cost/CO2 emissions involved in scrapping one car and building another are HUGE!

More Labour Lies
This government's policies are killing 40,000 people per year through drink related conditions. The official government lie is 8,000 people/year.

Another Brown bog-up
12 Pakistani infiltrators were busted after the Bob Quick 'look at me with important papers' exposure fiasco. Gordon Brown said they were involved in 'a very big terrorist plot'. They have all been released without charge.

Just Plain Shameful
Gurkha soldiers who served in the British army took this government to court and won the right of residence in this country. So Immigration Minister P. Woollyass has changed the rules to exclude them. New Labour is prepared to let terrorists and the scum of the world come here, but not men who were prepared to risk their lives for Britain.
   Britain's debt of honour to the Gurkhas means nothing to a government without honour.

Brown Economics
Gordon has squandered so many BILLIONS, it will take the next 2 decades to pay off his debt mountain.

Labour's Latest Liars
 • Ed "He's Talking" Balls and his deputy J. Knight, who lied to Parliament over what went wrong to cause last year's SATs marking fiasco, and lied to the inquiry into the fiasco.
 • D. Miliband, who lied to the High Court about the US breaking off exchanges of intelligence data to block the release of documents in a torture case involving an unreliable compensation-seeker.

Brown Scam
The arch protector of expenses abuse in Parliament (to keep his supporters sweet) is now proposing to fix things at a stroke. But if his plan is typical of Brown fixes; like the fix for the 10p tax rate scam; then the people will end up even worse off and Brown's scroungers will collect even more of our cash. It is fitting that the announcement of the fix came in the form of a quaint video released from the Downing Street Führerbunker, a.k.a. the Braun Haus.
UPDATE The Brown plan to hand more cash to MPs without requiring them to produce receipts, and to let them Sign In to Parliament and then Slope Off like EuroMPs, has been torpedoed, and it's as dead in the water as anything else to do with the Brown Zombie Government.

Brown Economics
Gordon said that Britain was better prepared than other countries to face a recession. The IFM says Britain is in the deepest hole of all the developed countries, thanks to Brown's reckless borrowing and spending.

Brown Economics
Chancellor Darling is offering £1.5 billion in efficiency savings in his final budget. But half a billion of this has already been announced, and the rest won't come into effect until 2011 or later, so don't expect to see much difference.

All play and no work?
The Westminster Wonders will be taking a 12-week summer holiday this year. On full pay, of course.

Brown Economics
4 million of the country's least wealthy people are still worse off after Gordon's boneheaded decision to abolish the 10p starting rate of income tax in his final budget. Brown, the headline junkie, failed to spot the consequences; mainly because he's just a politician, he's never been near the real world and he has no financial training.
 • The government promised compensation to vicims of this Brown Bog-Up, but Labour tends to promise much and deliver little.

Civil War
There's open warfare in the Erith & Thamesmead constituency, where the people would vote for a Mandelson were it wearing a Labour rosette and the Blairites are trying to parachute in a teenage Blair Baby, the Brownites are resisting. The latest dirty trick was a break-in to a sealed ballot box and the destruction of some postal votes to delay a selection meeting and provide more time for the smear campaigns.

More Labour Foot-Dragging
The Dept. of Business (prop. Lord Sleaze) has blown £15 million on its inquiry into the government's part in the collapse of MG Rover, and it is expected to blow another £8 million of taxpayers' cash as it drags the inquiry out until after the next general election.

In his own dream world
Gordon Brown promised tough new rules on pay & bonuses for the financial sector. But the Labour cronies running the nationalized banks are still getting massive salaries and pension pots, and the bonus culture is still flourishing.

More Labour Lies
Labour civil servants at the Home & Cabinet Offices used Alastair Campbell's sexing up ploy to have Tory MP D. Green arrested on bogus security grounds.
UPDATEDespite a new smear campaign by the Home Office dirty tricks dept., neither Mr. Green nor Mr. C. Galley, who leaked to him, is to be charged with a criminal offence.
UPDATEThe Labour party's coppers threatened Mr. Galley with life imprisonment if he didn't admit leaking documents of public concern to Mr. Green; documents about Home Office cover-ups on immigration, licensing illegal aliens as security guards, conspiring against Labour MPs opposed to detention of terror suspects for 42 days, lying about the likely crime rate in a recession, etc., etc.

Cabinet Sec. G. O'Donnel is taking the Labour party's word that Gordon Brown's dirty tricks department consisted only of the evicted Mr. McPoison. So it looks like he's going for the peerage for whitewash services to New Labour.

It's only taxpayers' cash
The government has endorsed a pay rise of 20% for Members of the European Parliament in June. So that's a basic salary of £76,356 which soars to £405,000 per year with expenses added on.

An Inconvenient Investigation
Gordon Brown doesn't want his part in starting the 2003 war in Iraq to come out. So he's delaying the inquiry into the Labour government's lies used to launch the war until after the next general election and after he's out of office.
   Tony Blair is also eager to delay full exposure of his illegalities until after he has been made President of Europe.

Brown's Britain : A reader comments:
"Gordon Brown calls for the rules on the conduct of special advisors to be tightened. Typical bloody politician. It was in his personal office that the dirty tricks department was run by his hooligan Mr. McPoison. Brown knew exactly what was going on, and there's no excuse for not getting on with setting some rules for his own office. He should get on with that instead of claiming he's not to blame and he had no idea what was going on. Who hired McPoison anyway?"

Fine words, big let-down
Tony Blair promised to end sleaze in Parliament; and drowned in it. Gordon Brown promised an end to spin and dirty tricks; but the Brown Burblings blow of invented sleaze about the Tories proves that he was lying, too.

Have a nice Easter?
Commons Speaker Gorbals Mick spent his on an £8,000 junket to the United Arab Emirates for no particular reason (other than getting a free holiday at the taxpayer's expense).

It's only taxpayers' cash
Labour has turned the NHS into a job creation scheme for bureaucrats at the expense of the people who actually treat patients. The bill for administering the NHS and its quangos had doubled in the last 5 years to £13 billion – which is more than double the £5.3 billion budget for NHS maternity, A&E and dental services.

Brown's Britain
Another consequence of the Brown Slump: the private investors who were expected to pay for a big chunk of the 2012 Olympics don't feel rich any more, so the taxpayer will have to find £400 million for the Olympic village.

Brown's Britain
Former Scotland Yard Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick, the Labour pal who resigned after showing off the details of an operation against Al Qaida terrorists to journalists in Downing Street, gets an index-linked pension of £110,000 per year and a lump sum of half a million quid as his personal reward for failure.

A safe haven for foreign killers
Under New Labour's 'Uman Rights Act, Rwandans responsible for genocide in their own country, and any other mass murderers who come here, can't be deported from Britain because the nation's judges won't allow it.

Poor Cow!
Home Sec. J. Smiff is now playing the "They're picking on me because I'm a poor, weak woman" card to trump complaints about her thievery from the taxpayer via her expenses claims.

Our money
All reasoning know that the IRA has always been a criminal conspiracy with the politics as a front. Its real business is extortion – as demonstrated by the expenses claims of the 5 IRA MPs. They refuse to take their seats in the Commons but that hasn't stopped them claiming £105,000 per year between them for the upkeep of a couple of flats in London.

Yet another Labour criminal exposed
Housing Minister Margaret "Three Homes" Buckett is the latest swindler exposed as working the Hoon scam.

Our money
G. Brown's stewardship of the economy has been so brilliant that the average family will have to cough up an extra £1,250/year in tax to prevent government borrowing from rising to 80% to 90% of national income over the next 5 years.

Another Brown Lie
Gordon Brown claimed that this month's G20 meeting produced a 'fiscal stimulus' for the global economy of $5 trillion. This is a scam. All Gordon and his buddy Mr. O'Bama did was get a minion to add up the extra government borrowing which they expect will take place in G20 countries between 2008 and 2010. The number has no basis in fact and the $5 trillion is just spin and hokum.

Yet another Labour criminal exposed
The Chancellor, who lives free of charge in Downing Street, is doing a Hoon and renting out his London flat and collecting a 2nd home allowance for his main home in Edinburgh. And he has a history of switching his main & 2nd homes according to which gives him the most money out of the taxpayer's pocket.

Another Labour criminal exposed
G. 'Buff' Hoon, while Defence Minister, lived rent-free at the taxpayer's expense at Admiralty House, rented out his flat in London (his main home) and claimed a 2nd home allowance on his real home in his constituency. Hoon thinks that he did nothing wrong by taking advantage of rules created by criminals for the benefit of criminals.

Reward for Failure
Who's the best person to head up the Care Quality Commission, the new NHS watchdog? The government thinks Cynthia Bower, who allowed hundreds of unnecessary deaths to occur at Stafford hospital when she was in charge of the West Midland strategic health authority, is the right person for the job.

Brown's Britain
Another consequence of New Labour's target culture – paedophiles are getting off with cautions because issuing a caution allows the police label the case closed and able to be counted towards the Ministry of Justice target without the hassle of a court case.

Brown Bail-Out Isn't Working
The £20 billion Working Capital Scheme, which was heralded by Lord Sleaze of Green Custard as the saviour of the universe at the start of the year, is doing nothing much because 95% of the money hasn't appeared.

Grabbing bastards
The taxpayer, rather than MPs, will have to plug the £51 million Brown Hole in the final salary pension scheme for MPs.

U-Turn of a sort
The Chancellor has scrapped this month's 5% rise in business rates hours before the rise was due to come into effect; well, sort of. The deal is 2% for 2009-10 and the remaining 3% spread over 2010-12.

Forget Green Shoots, Shoot BrownMarch 2009

Don't they ever put a hand in their OWN pocket?
Disgraced Home Sec. J. Smiff thinks the taxpayer should stump up for the porn films which her husband watches at her alleged 2nd home – the one she has claimed £140,000 for since 2001 by pretending that her main home is her sister's spare room.

The Governor Steps In
Mervyn King, boss of the Bank of England, has cancelled Gordon Brown's credit card after Brown announced that he was going on yet another reckless spending spree.

Grabbing bastards
Last year, the Dept. of Health ruled that senior NHS managers should get a pay rise of no more than 1.3%. So the managers gave themselves 7.5%. And nurses got 1.9%.

Anywhere that'll have him?
Gordon Brown finished the month on a tour of South America, looking for somewhere to go into hiding, like the Nazi war criminals at the end of World War 2. He got a good slagging in Brasil, where they blame white, blue-eyed bankers for causing the global Brown Slump, so Portuguese lessons are off the agenda.

Dolts in office
E. Balls, who's posing as the education minister, wants to remove any remaining academic content from the schools' curriculum. Instead, he would like kids to be taught how to look things up in Wikipedia and collections of trashy texts.
   p.s. Balls is also putting himself forward as a successor to Gordon Brown. So we have the prospect of the man who wrecked the economy being replaced by the turkey who finished off the education system. How very New Labour.

More reckless spending
Things are now so bad for Labour that the government is spending a record £400 million per year of taxpayers' cash on propaganda and party spin aimed at buying favourable opinion polls. That's 3,700,000 adverts per year.

Fiscal Idiot
The Brown plans for a spending spree with even more borrowed cash have hit problems. Mervyn King, the Gov. of the Bank of England, has broken ranks to announce that Britain can't afford any more reckless spending. Worse, the money markets have decided not to buy £120 billion of Government Gilts, which is just a fancy name for Brown Debt. Recession and a 30% devaluation of the pound at the hands of Gordon Brown have frightened the money men away from British government bonds for the first time ever.

Europe's champion? Yeah, right!
A year ago, G. Brown was a no-show at the signing ceremony for the Lisbon treaty. He eventually signed it on his own in a back office with no cameras present. Now, he's pretending that he's the world's most enthusiastic European. But given his relationship with the truth, no one is talking all that seriously, the man who backed Blair's illegal war in Iraq and who cause the Brown Slump in Britain with his reckless borrowing & spending.

Another New Labour Fantasy
The Secretary of State for Home Affairs & Expenses Scrounging, J. Smith, would have us believe that she has trained 60,000 people all over the country to 'prevent terrorism' and we're totally safe. What she really means is that they went to a 3-hour seminar, which included a decent coffee break, and we shouldn't look for too much help from "Smiffy's 60,000" when the trouble starts.

Brown's Britain
The country is in a Brown Slump but the government plans to continue to hand out pay & pension rises well above inflation to the public sector to keep the unions sweet.

Brown's Britain
This month, the government blew £527,000 on . . . guess what? A 2-day conference on global poverty.

Brown's Britain
Lord Myners, who is supposed to be closing down tax havens, once made a living out of using them in tax avoidance schemes. So he's not going to upset his mates unduly, is he?

The McNulty, Smith, Balls & Cooper Alibi:
Everyone else is corrupt, so why not me too?

Anyone still think Brown is a financial wizard?
The tax credit scheme launched by Gordon in 2003 has overpaid £7,300,000,000 of taxpayers' cash to date.

Grabbing Bastards!
New Labour and Gordon Brown have shoved the country into a recession, everyone's looking at a gloomy future so our dear MPs decided to cheer us up with a demand for a pay rise of £40,000 per year.

Labour non-criminal indiscretion: Is this a first?
A Labour MP is in trouble over a touch of the extra-maritals at the Palace of Westminster. But at least he didn't buy the lady train tickets and put them on his expenses, which is what got D. Blunkett fired. And he didn't claim her spare room as expenses-funded second home, like J. Smith, and swindle a small fortune out of the taxpayer.

The NHS in Labour's Grubby Hands
Stafford Hospital is the embodiment of the New Labour approach to the NHS. The managers were too focussed on meeting arbitrary government targets to provide enough staff for the emergency care services. They ignored warnings about staff shortages and dirty conditions. Hundreds of people died unnecessarily. The only checks made by the management were on target performance, not the state of patient care. But NO ONE is to blame and the people responsible for the mess continue to get bonuses and payoffs, and continue to lie about how they deliberately ignored the warnings.

Another Expenses Swindler Exposed
Employment Minister T. McNulty, who lives 3 miles from the Commons, has extracted £60,000 of Taxpayers' Cash in 2nd home expenses for his parents' home, which 11 miles from the Commons and in his Hackney constituency. He has now been shamed by the exposure into stopping this abuse, but he has no intention of repaying the cash. Well, he is a New Labour politician.

Brown's Britain
Lord Myners has been backed into a corner. He told the Commons Treasury Committee that he made a point of not asking how much pension Fred 'The Shred' Goodwin would get. But T. McKillop, the former chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland, has revealed that both Myners and Gordon Brown were told last October exactly how much Fred would get.
   So Lord Myners' options would appear to be either to admit lying to the Committee or to plead the onset of dementia and retire from public life.

Plain useless
Chancellor Gordon Brown and the Treasury knew since 2004 that the Northern Rock bank was lending money with criminal recklessness, including 125% mortgages to people who couldn't afford them. The bank continued to hand out 125% mortgages even after Labour had nationalized it and many of the people who took out those mortgages have seen their home repossessed.

The Daily Mail has shamed Gordon Brown into going to the 65th anniversay of D-Day celebrations and the Ministry of Defence into talking to the D-Day Veterans' leaders about paying their travel expenses.

Brown's Britain
Unemployment is over 2 million again, back to 1997 levels, and the wealth-creating private sector is shrinking. But the public sector continues to balloon with non-jobs and well above inflation pay rises.

No Green Shoots in a Brown World
Solicitor General V. Baird was put down from all sides when she tried to make the gloom go away with a prediction that the recession in Britain won't be as bad as in every other major country.
   Normally, Gordon Brown would have offered his approval but he's currently under pressure from his party to offer the merest hint of an apology for the mess he's dumped us in, so he can't afford optimism.

Justice Minister J. Straw has been obliged to scrap his plan to put everyone's personal data in a mega-databank and let all government departments, and foreign governments, have free access to it.

Our Money
The government ministries in Whitehall are blowing £200,000 per year of taxpayers' cash on cut flowers and potted plants.

Corrupt, but who cares?
In September 2008, K. Vaz, chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, tried to intervene in the trial of a crooked laywer in his official capacity. S. Mireskandari, a convicted fraudster, is a labour donor and Vaz has enjoyed a lot of hospitality from him. J. Lyon, the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, has already whitewashed Vaz, who was made chairman of the committee in 2007, despite being up to his neck, with Lord Mandelson of Green Custard, in the passports for the Hinduja brothers scam. Such is the way of New Labour.

Brown Bias
Gordon Brown keeps on trying to blame the rest of the world for his failure to regulate his mates in the British banking industry, but he's starting to make the merest hint of a grudging apology for pitching everyone in Britain, apart from the lucky people who got bonuses for failure and knighthoods, into a Brown Hole.

Our Money
The NHS has spent over £3 million since 2006 on sending fat people to private slimming classes for free.

Just plain bloody useless
Not only will the Navy's new destroyers go into service 2 years late and £1.5 billion over budget, the Ministry of Defence won't be giving them any air-defence missiles for a further 2 years after they start putting themselves about.

Reciprocal favours?
The advertising agency Abbott Mead Vickers worked for free on Gordon Brown's 2007 nem con leadership campaign. Surprise! They've now copped for a fat ID card contract.

But we knew they were lying
Newly released emails confirm that British intelligence officers kept trying to put the truth about Saddam Hussein's lack of Weapons of Mass Destruction into their reports but their boss, John Scarlett, gave the Blair government the endorsement which it wanted to start the illegal war against Iraq in 2003 (for which he was rewarded handsomely).

Back Door Diplomacy
The security firm G4S gave a job to former Defence Sec. J. Reid. Three months later, the firm copped for a 4-year contract to supply security guards for Ministry of Defence premises.

More Money Wasted
The government has blown £155 million on a failed computer system for the prison and probation services. "The litany of failings in this case are in a class of their own," said the chairman of the Commons Public Accounts Committee.

Failure Rewarded
Larry Fish, the American banker who helped Fred 'The Shred' Goodwin to sink the Royal Bank of Scotland with his expeditions into the American sub-prime market, collected a pension pot of £19 million.

Brown's Britain
The government plans to force councils to steal empty houses via Empty Dwelling Management Orders, a plan introducted in 2004 by J. 'Two Jags' Prescott, Labour's former pantomime horse deputy prime minister. The scheme allows the local council to confiscate any house left empty or unrented for more than 6 months, even if it is the former home of a deceased relative and the new owners don't want to sell because Gordon Brown's laxity over bank regulation has destroyed the housing market.
  • The government is forcing councils to use private detectives to hunt down the owners of empty properties and serve them with confiscation orders.

Scroungers' Scrounger
Don Touhig, a Labour MP who thinks MPs should get more perks and allowances, and a committed scrounger, is to get an extra £14K per year on top of his MP's salary to be chairman of a committee monitoring MPs' expenses.

Brown's Britain
The government has a plan for redundant workers in the banking sector – it wants to turn them into half-trained teachers, who will be churned out of training in 6 months instead of a year.

Abuse of Office
Late-night sittings at the Commons, along with sessions on a Friday, have gone DOWN over the last 4 years. But the taxi bill for Speaker Gorbals and his staff has gone UP from £215K to £446K.

Brown U-Turn
The government has abandoned its plan to let third parties have unrestricted access to what should be confidential NHS medical records.

Probity somewhat lacking
Lord Sleaze of Mandelson is keen to sell the Royal Mail to the Dutch firm TNT. So it will come as no surprise to hear that TNT has been busted for tax evasion and obliged to surrender tens of millions of pounds of defrauded tax to the taxman.

Hypocrisy, thy name is New Labour
The government has proved that it is in the pocket of the Jihadist tendency. Any foreigner who speaks out against the excesses of the Islamist is refused entry to the UK but Moslem 'Preachers of Hate' are welcome.

More lies
According to Harriet Harperson's spin, women are suffering more than men in the recession. The truth, from the Office of National Statistics, is that twice as many men as women are losing their jobs.

Brown's Britain
Eric Daniels, who took LloydsTSB into the disastrous merger with HBoS, will get a £3 million pension pot, charged to the taxpayer, as his reward for failure from Gordon Brown.

Even softer on crime
Justice Minister J. Straw wants to let teenage burglars, muggers and other criminals off with a caution, irrespective of how many crimes they commit, if they're a drug addict.

Brown's Britain
A set of emails has been published showing that Downing Street was determined to publish some false statistics on knife crime to make the government look good. Publishing the bogus figures in December 2007 was followed by a grovelling apology from the Home Office and a rap on the knuckles for Gordon Brown.

British Jobs for British Workers?
One million foreigner workers from outside the EU have filled one-hald of all the jobs created in Britain since 1997.

Anything BUT the truth
The Immigration Minister, P. Woolly Ass, is trying to intimidate the independent Office of National Statistics into not publishing immigration figures which are accurate and therefore damaging to this inept government.

The Brown Version
Finally, Gordon has coughed up his reason for failing to accept the blame for the collapse of the British banking system through his neglect of regulation and causing the present recession through his reckless borrowing & spending. He thinks it would damage Labour's standing in the opinion polls if he tells the truth.

Hung out to dry
Harriet Harperson, Labour's next-leader wannabe, had a day of glory in front of the TV cameras, fulminating about Fred The Shred's pension, ranting on about the Court of Public Opinion and telling the man who wrecked the Royal Bank of Scotland that the prime monster was going to grab his pension like he's grabbed every other pension in the private sector.
   Her ravings were followed by an ominous silence from the Brown & Balls encampments. They seem to have realized that Labour will end up firing blanks in the Court of Human Rights if they challenge Fred the Shred's pension, and if a Court of Public Opinion were to be established, then Brown, Balls, Blair, Mandelson, Campbell & the rest of Labour's liars, incompetents and war-mongers would end up in the same cell-block as Fred the Shred.

Putting the blame where it belongs
The head of the government's toothless financial watchdog has admitted that the regulators were 'under political pressure' for the last decade or so to sit on their hands and do nothing about the insane business practices of Britain's banks. Now, the Chancellor, A. Darling, has admitted that the government (i.e. G. Brown, the Chancellor at the time), made a bog of 'regulating' the banks. Which looks very like a positioning strategy for the post-Brown era.

The wheels come off a Treasury scam
After the banks, PFI projects are going belly up. So that's another £4,000,000,000 which the taxpayer will have to find right away to keep bankrupt Private Finance Initiative projects going now that they've lost their private finance.

No sub until things turn around
Gordon Brown, who is bragging that he's pulling Pres. O'Bama's strings and giving him the recipe for recovery, is hoping for an American bail-out. But, financial dunce that he is, Gordon hasn't noticed that the United States is broke, too.

February 2009

Brown logic III
The Birmingham-based truck maker LDV is going bust and the government is sitting on its hands. LDV was part of a British group which tendered for a contract to build new trucks for the army. The MoD gave the contract to a German firm, which built trucks IN AUSTRIA which were unfit for use in Iraq & Afghanistan. The trucks needed hundreds of millions of pounds more spent on them for modifications. "British jobs for British workers", Gordon Brown said while moving British jobs from Birmingham to Austria.

Brown logic II
While railing against the banks like King Lear, Gordon Brown is handing out bonuses to civil servants like a politician trying to buy an election win – £107,000,000 in 2008.

Brown logic
The private sector banks are in trouble, so nationalize them.
The public sector Royal Mail is in trouble, so privatize it.

Sauce for the gander
In view of the fact that Gordon Brown was an equal partner in the bank wrecks caused by the likes of Sir Fred 'the shred' Goodwin, taxpayers are now agitating to have Brown's pension pot slashed for giving the British economy what amounts to a 230% mortgage thanks to his reckless borrowing and spending.

"Monopoly Banks" is the answer
Gordon Brown's solution to the current banking shambles is to set up a series of government controlled banks, each with its own business sector. Northern Rock would have a monopoly in the domestic mortgage sector, RBS-Natwest would service small businesses and other members of the cadre of nationalized banks would be assigned to identifiable sectors of industry and industrial concepts, such as a bank dedicated to funding inventions and innovations. Savings would become the exclusive property of the government via National Savings accessed from the post office network.

Our money
The Ministry of Defence has wasted £155,200,000 on a failed project to acquire a new generation of armoured troop carriers. Defence Minister J. Hutton is to blame. Also to blame is the Labour government which scrapped the competitive tendering introduced by Mrs. Thatcher in favour of handing defence contracts to Labour's friends, then scrapped that system and failed to come up with a plan to replace it.

Smoke Screen
The government knew all about Fred The Shred Goodwin's £693,000/year pension when he was booted out of the Royal Bank of Scotland last year for destroying the bank with his criminally reckless business methods. So why is Gordon Brown making a fuss now and vowing to claw back Fred's pension pot? As a distraction, cooked up with the help of Downing Street's favourite BBC stooge, from Alastair Darling's announcement that he's giving a further £13,000,000,000 of taxpayers' cash to the RBS as yet another bail-out.
   Need one mention that both the prime minister and the chancellor are Scottish and worried about job losses in their home territory? And that Gordon Brown's 12 years of profligacy have built up an eye-watering unsecured public sector pension liability of £650,000,000,000?

War Secrets
It's official. Gordon Brown was up to his neck in the dirty deals involved to start the illegal war in Iraq in 2003. The proof lies in the fact that Justice Minister Jack Straw, who was Foreign Sec. at the time, has blocked the release of the relevant Cabinet papers, using the Freedom of Information Act's small print, in a misguided attempt to prevent further damaged to Brown's already stained reputation.
  • Straw is hardly an honest and impartial judge of what should be done in the national interest.
  • Labour doesn't want it to be confirmed that Brown was Blair's main rabble rouser when the war was set in motion.
  • Labour also doesn't want it revealed that Tony Blair took the country to war without proper Cabinet scrutiny.

India's Space Race funded by British taxpayer
Gordon Brown tried to buy some friends in India last month by handing out £825 million as foreign aid. This month, the Indian government announced that it will follow up its successful Moon mission, Chandrayaan-1, with a £1.7 billion programme to put astronauts into Earth orbit by 2015. Which means that the British taxpayer is paying for a big chunk of India's space programme while Britain is stuck in the depths of a Brown Slump and the country is effectively bankrupt. Which amounts to another severe abuse of the British taxpayer's generosity by a man noted for his reckless spending of other people's cash.

Something Doesn't Add Up (Surprise!)
Lord Sleaze of Mandelson says he barely knows Oleg Deripaska, despite taking a ton of the Russian's hospitality before his elevation. So why did he have to excuse himself from the meeting to decide whether the British taxpayer should bail out Mr. Deripaska's van-making firm in Birmingham, which is having cash-flow problems? And is Mandy likely to wake up with a horse's head in his bed if he fails to deliver a return on all that entertainment?

Our Money
Gordon Brown, the bankers' friend, is handing a further £14 billion of taxpayers' cash to the Northern Rock, Labour's favourite bank, so that it can offer 90% mortgages to Labour supporters regardless of whether they can afford the replayments.

Brown Pointless Gesture
The government is to ban mortgages of 100% or more – which are now extinct.

Harperson Equality
Harriet Harperson, who is currently campaigning to be Gordon Brown's successor and a future leader of Her Majesty's Opposition, would like to make it illegal for bus companies to run services in areas where the middle class are in a majority so that the buses can be moved to poor, Labour areas. If she gets her way, having a bus service will be a mark of shame.

Brown Economics
Labour has learnt its lesson from Weimar Germany, Argentina & Zimbabwe. The government's next BIG IDEA is Qualitative Easing. In other works, the plan is to print lots of money with nothing to back it up, debase the currency, put the pound on a par with the Icelandic dong, and unleash runaway inflation. Gee, thanks, Gordon!

Our Money
The government has blown £882 million on getting rid of 15,000 civil servants over the last 3 years.
The government has recruited 15,000 further civil servants over the last 3 years.
Result : £882 million wasted and the number of civil servants remains the same.

The Home Office is going to make it more difficult for non-EU citizens to get enough points for a work permit. Which is expected to increase the number of illegals in Britain while having no effect on the number of foreigner workers here.

The police no longer have to discriminate against white recruits as the government diversity target for the police force is to be scrapped.

Financial genius?
The British national debt was £400 Billion in 1997.
It was £500 Billion when Tony Blair was evicted from office in 2007.
The bank bail-outs make it £2,000 Billion in 2009 after 2 years of Gordon Brown as PM.
Reality Check The national debt is £3,693 Billion if public sector pensions, PFI deals and Network Rail's debt are included on top of the bank bail-outs

Brown Swindle Goes Wrong
In 2003, Chancellor Gordon Brown switched the government's inflation measure from the Retail Price Index to the Consumer Price Index (which excludes housing costs) in the name of European harmonization (which was a lie). Interest rates fell, house prices soared, banks lent money to people who couldn't afford the loan, and we ended up with the banks going bust and in a Brown Slump in 2008/09.

British Jobs For British Workers?
2 million foreigners accounted for 7.5% of the British workforce in 1977. There are now 3.8 million of them and they make up 13% of the workforce; and two-thirds of them are from outside the EU and needed a work permit to come here.

The Brown Plan Ain't Working
The government has set up a £1 billion loan scheme; the Enterprise Finance Guarantee; which is good for 75% of the value of loans made to small businesses until 2010. The banks took billions in bail-out cash but they aren't making loans to small businesses.

More Money Wasted
The VAT cut to 15% has had no effect what so ever on business confidence in Britain, which remains non-existent. It has turned out to be another Labour gimmick, aimed at collecting a headline instead of doing anything helpful.

Brown's Britain
Gordon has lost his Teflon coating. The Man Who Saved the World is now getting the blame for pushing LloydsTSB, via a cosy nudge to the boss at a cocktail party, into the disastrous merger with HBOS, which is now sinking the formerly solvent LloydsTSB. Apparently, the boss didn't bother to look too closely at HBOS's books because he was doing Gordon a favour.

Another Brown Grabber
No surprise – the Chancellor, A. Darling, has taken the taxpayer for £70,000 over the last five years via the main home/second home scam.

Anything goes
No action is going to be taken over the Labour peers caught in the act by the Sunday Times of offering to have legislation changed in return for cash.

Brown's Britain
The Financial Services Authority, which failed spectacularly to regulate banks with criminally reckless business strategies, is putting up pay and bonus rates for its staff under the provisions of Labour's "Rewards For Failure" culture.

Lord Mandelson's plan to sell off the Royal Mail has been sunk by Labour back-benchers, scores of whom have let the govenment know that they will vote against it in the Commons. So Gordon Brown has bottled out of the sell-off and he will now deny that it was ever contemplated.

Brown Spin
The government has been caught in the act of briefing against the Office of National Statistics, which released inconvenient figures on the number of foreign workers in Britain. The Brown tactics were: 1. bullying the ONS in an attempt to prevent the figures being released, coupled with 2. creating a row to divert attention from Gordon Brown's hollow promise of British Jobs for British Workers.

Brown's Britain
The New Labour corruption culture has engulfed the civil service. Most of the senior members of this organization never have to buy a meal and they are never short of invitations to sporting and other events thanks to the generosity of big businesses eager to swap a freebie for a favour.

British Jobs for British Workers
The government has awarded a contract for building new trains for the Great Western and East Coast lines to the Japanese firm Hitachi instead of a British firm.

Our money
Labour's Human Rights Act is handing £19 million per year to lawyers representing gaoled criminals, mainly for running up costs on cases which had no chance of succeeding.

The Right Man for the Job?
Gordon Brown appointed Sir James Crosby, his favourite financial advisor, to the job of deputy chairman of the Financial Services Authority. Crosby, the former chief executive of HBoS, has just been named and shamed at the Commons Treasury Select Committee as the man who fired an executive, who warned the board that Crosby's reckless risk-taking was driving the bank onto the rocks, and replaced him with someone who had no previous experience of the job and who wouldn't make waves. Paul Moore, the sacked executive, also warned the FSA about Crosby but the FSA did SFA.
UPDATE Crosby, who got his knighthood thanks to Brown, has been obliged to quit his job with the FSA, no doubt with the promise of another nice little earner in quangoland when the next scandal distracts attention from him. In the meantime, Gordon Brown has never heard of him.
UPDATE Another Brown financial appointment has gone wrong. Glen Moreno, who managed the taxpayer's stake in nationalized banks has been obliged to quit under a cloud. He stands accused ot helping wealthy Yanks to dodge taxes in Liechtenstein.

Gordon's year-long, "make it sub judice so it can't be mentioned", 'review' of British banking bonuses will be done by the boss of the Royal Bank of Scotland, who is in line for a pay-off of £4 million if he's sacked (but not if 'personal underperformance' is involved), and who has a track record for recommending 'no change' after previous BIG banking business 'inquiries'.

Brown's Hypocrisy
Gordon has been accusing the Tories of the crime of talking the economy down so why didn't he sack Education Minister E. Balls for saying this is the worst depression for 100 years and we're all doomed?
  • What about the Chancellor's autumn financial statement promise of a bit of a recession but nothing serious? If Balls stays for leaking the real state of the economy, does Mr. Eyebrows get the sack for being useless?

Brown's Britain
The Commons Speaker, Gorbals Mick, has blocked the release of details of junkets abroad taken by MPs to prevent Labour's serial scroungers from being named & shamed.

Just A Scam
A large majority of the BIG handouts by the Big Lottery Fund, and all the REALLY BIG handouts, go to Labour constituencies. Possibly because the board of the BLF is packed with Labour supporters rather than impartial and responsible people.

As grasping as any City spiv
Home Sec. J. Smith has scammed £140,000 in second-home expenses since 2001 by pretending that her main home is the spare room of her sister's house in London, which lets her claim a 2nd home allowance (currently 2 grand per month) for her family home at Redditch.

Really Soft On Crime
The law says that burglars convicted for a 3rd time should go to gaol for at least 3 years. But 80% of them don't go down for that long and a further 15% don't even go to gaol. And the ones that do go to gaol stand a good chance of being released early to relieve prison overcrowding.

Our Money
The cost of building venues for the 2012 Olympics has gone up by £100 million in the last year, mainly due to inadequate planning and failure to do the costing job honestly in the first place.

Our Money
The banks have dumped £287 BILLION in dodgy mortgages on the Bank of England and the taxpayer. This is over 5 times more than the amount in the Bank's budget when it set up its Special Liquidity Scheme in 2008.

Brown's Britain
25% of all Council Tax raised is being used to pay gold-plated pensions to council staff.

Brown's Britain
Further to "British jobs for British workers", 37% of the people working at the site of the 2012 Olympics are foreigners.

Our Money
The Common Fisheries Policy costs Britain £2,810,000,000 every year as part of the hidden costs of EU membership.

January 2009

Our Money
The government has blown over £1 billion since 2004 on paying 17- and 18-year-olds to stay at school. They get £30/week, plus 2 bonuses of £100 during the year, and the scheme costs the taxpayer £300 million per year. No surprise – a survey by the Association of Teachers & Lecturers has found endemic abuse backed by threats of violence in the system.

Political Irony
Labour used to be the workers' party so it's rather strange to see the party's grandees railing against workers who are striking against Labour's unchecked migration 'policy' and the unfair discrimination against British labour, which has been written into the EU laws, which Gordon Brown and his chums (including trade union leaders) have embraced without inspection over the last 11 years.

Really Soft On Crime
The government's claim that prison is a deterrent for violent and persistent criminals has been blown out of the water by a Civitas director. He pointed out that the number of cautions is soaring, judges aren't sending criminals to prison and the government keeps letting criminals out of prison early – and paying them compensation for the loss of bed & board.

Dark Brown History
What happenes after Gordon promises British jobs for British workers? After a year, there are 175,000 MORE foreign workers and 46,000 FEWER British workers.

Labour Democracy In Action
The government wants to do away with the need for local councillors to attend meetings. Instead, they'll get a call to their mobile when a vote is needed and a chance to press the 'Whatever' button to register their support for something their party has proposed or opposed.

The price of saving face
The Democratic Unionists have got something good from Gordon Brown – he needed to buy their support to avoid defeat in a vote on the much rejected 3rd runway for Heathrow scam.

Dark Brown History
Gordon is scrabbling frantically to keep Cabinet papers from early 2003 suppressed and out of the scope of the Freedom of Information Act. He's worried that the documents will show how he went from sceptic to enthusiastic supporter of the Bush/Blair illegal invasion of Iraq, and Gordon wouldn't like people to know this.

Brown's Britain
This year's budget will be delayed until the government can announce that the economy is showing signs of recovery, even if the 2009 budget has to be put back to 2010.

Cash For Legislation?
Four Labour placemen in the Lords are under investigation after falling for a Sunday Times sleaze sting operation. They are all alleged to have offered to help to change legislation in favour of a foreign business in exchange for bungs of £24,000 to £120,000, and several of them bragged that they had already used their behind the scenes influence successfully to favour other clients. Six other peers, including 3 Tories, did not get involved.
  • UPDATE 145 of the 743 peers are taking cash as 'consultants'; and there are no sanctions available for any who are breaking the rules.

Our Money
Gold-plated council pensions are adding £140 to every Council Tax bill, partly because councils stopped paying in to their pension schemes in good times.

NHS Cats Still Fat
Some lucky chief executives of NHS quangos have had pay rises of 40-77% over the last 5 years (nurses got 8%) despite a government promise in 2004 to cut back on quango spending. Half a dozen of these CEOs are now paid more than Gordon Brown.

Our Money
Eddie Balls of the DCS&F is blowing £72 million/year on consultants instead of spending the money on schools, so it's no wonder he comes out with one daft idea after another.

Not so brilliant after all
Gordon Brown, the self-proclaimed financial genius, has finally admitted that he failed to spot the worst recession for 30 years heading for Britain.

Totally useless
The government's checks on bogus asylum seekers are so non-existent that 100+ Albanian criminals are now British citizens and living here despite being wanted by Interpol and the Albanian police.

Brown's Britain
90% of failed asylum seekers are allowed to stay in Britain because the UK Border Agency doesn't keep track of them.

Labour Lies
The Home Office is in trouble again for covering up the true rate of violent crime and Home Sec. J. Smith has admitted that she has no idea what to do about the rise in burglary and robbery as the Brown Slump worsens.

Forget Education now
The government which tried to fill universities with unsuitable students (because it thought that would make Tony Blair & Co. look good) has done a U-turn under the leaden hand of Blair's successor. Gordon wants to cut down on spending on student grants.

Brown's Britain
There were 19,000 post office when Labour came to power in 1997. There are 7,500 fewer now.

Everything changes?
Rejoice! Britain may be past the U-bend and heading south with Gordon Brown at the helm but Mr. O'Bama is finally president and everything in the United States of America will be put right miraculously overnight. If he has nothing much to do after his first day in office, maybe President O'Bama could be persuaded to come here and sort out the Brown Slump.

Having marched his MPs up the hill to vote to conceal the details of MPs' expenses from the Freedom of Information Act, Gordon Brown has marched them down again after lying his head off at PMQs.

What have they been smoking?
Trade Minister Baroness S. Vadera, Housing Minister M. Bucket and Employment Minister T. McNulty have all claimed that they can see green shoots of recovery sprouting in the morass of the Brown Slump. No wonder people accuse this government of being out of touch with the real world.

Friends in high places
The staff of the Northern Rock, the Labour party's bank, will collect £9 million in bonuses this month for simply doing their jobs. And millions more will be disappearing into the pockets of the executives who ran the bank onto the rocks so that Gordon Brown & Co. would have to nationalize it.

Grab & Grab Again
The government is still assessing 'interest' on savings at a rate of 10% when calculating how much pension credit to award.

Brown' New Dictionary
The 'temporary' bail-out of the banks will last for at least 5 years and could drag on for 8-9 years, according to the Treasury Minister Lord Myners.

Brown Democracy
The man who promised to make government more accountable has ordered his MPs to vote for excluding the details of MPs' expenses from the Freedom of Information Act to allow them to carry on robbing the public purse without embarrassing exposure.

Brown fantasy
Gordon Brown says the second bail-out for the banks isn't a blank cheque.
Translation: It is a blank cheque.

There isn't that much money floating around
The cost of Gordon Brown's succession of bail-outs for the banks is reaching silly levels. The Guardian was flinging £200 billion around at the 3rd weekend of the month and the Daily Mail had the cost of the whole package up to a trillion pounds the following week. Brown hasn't got that much money, he has no hope of getting that much money, so the banks won't get it, either.

Scotland's lead has forced the English government (which is run by Scots who are making a career of handing English taxpayers' cash to Scottish banks) to do a U-turn on prescription charges for cancer patients. They will be exempt from April 1st. If they live that long and their drugs have been approved by NICE.

Brown rewrite of history
Gordon Brown is manoeuvring again. After inflicting on the nation a decade plus of reckless borrowing to fuel reckless spending, he is now sounding off against reckless lending. His next move will be to try to blame reckless lenders responsible for his reckless borrowing in an attempt to re-position himself as a victim and someone who wasn't responsible for his own reckless actions.

Brown Bloat
Lord Digby Jones, who came in from the real world of business to serve a stretch as a transport minister, reckons that half of the civil service could be sacked. The same amount of actual work could be done and the taxpayer would get better value for money.

Once they've got their noses in the trough . . .
MPs won't be required to publish details of their expenses to avoid embarrassing them by exposing their fiddles, abuses of the taxpayer's purse and outright acts of theft. The decision was sneaked out under cover of the rows over the 3rd runway and the Equitable Life compensation scam.

Brown Democracy
The government doesn't trust its MPs to vote the right way over a third runway for Heathrow, so no vote.

Sorry but no cash
The government has made a grudging apology to the people who were swindled out of a pension by Equitable Life while the regulators sat on their hands. But little or no cash will be forthcoming.

Another Brown conjuring trick
Gordon has offered £500 million to small businesses, which need to borrow money to expand. Just two snags – he doesn't have the money and the means test will be structured so that no one ever qualifies for a loan.

Brown's Britain
80% of local authorities are still recruiting people for the usual range of bizarre non-jobs while the Brown Slump is demolishing jobs in the wealth-creating private sector.

Brown's Britain
Justice Sec. J. Straw is hoping to revive his plan to hold inquests in secret when the case involves government negligence, double dealing, etc.

Brown's Britain
The trade gap in November reached a world record £8.3 billion, up from £7.6 billion in October.

Stealth Tax
By deliberately failing to build enough facilities for recycling, the government is on course to force councils to consign recyclables to landfill sites. The government will then impose massive fines on the councils, which will have to shove up the Council Tax. Result, everyone but the government ends up worse off.

Labour party values – an oxymoron?
H. Harperson, Labour's deputy leader and one of the party's leading hypocrites, has declared class war on the middle classes with a White Paper aimed at denying them access to most of the state's services and generally discriminating against anyone perceived to have two pennies to rub together. So that's more public cash to be wasted on another out-dated Labour cause.

What covenant with the armed forces?
The government is failing to give Army units their contracted two-year break between tours of duty in war zones, putting the troops at increased risk of stress-related illnesses.

Another waste of cash
The government agency Waste & Resources Action Plan has come up with a way to waste tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers' cash. WRAP wants to send Food Police to every household in the land to lecture people on how to recycle leftovers as new meals and use their freezer.

New Labour: All talk, no delivery
10 years ago, Ofsted told the then Education Sec. (D. Blunkett) that he was employing 15,000 incompetent teachers. Blunk set up a fast-track procedure for having useless teachers struck off. A decade later, we learn that just 10 heads have rolled and that the rest of the incompetents were recycled around the system.

Ah, right!
Not just cynics are saying that the real reason why Gordon Brown won't hold a general election is that he doesn't want to consign himself and a big chunk of the Labour party to the ranks of the unemployable.

Dream on, mate!
Another of Gordon Brown's fantasies is that he really, really believes that the rest of us are buying his story that he's taken up running and keeping fit in a serious way.

Just for the headlines
The cosmetic VAT cut looks like ending up in the dustbin of Brown gimmicks next to abolishing the 10p tax rate. After the flash of the headlines, reality bit and found no substance.

Our Money
The government is sending hundreds of civil servants to luxury hotels for 5-day "diversity courses" costing £2,000/head. The 'courses' involve role-playing and awareness workshops.

Any old excuse
A Pakistani woman has been given permission to live here on benefits as she's 7 feet 2" tall and she was being bullied in Pakistan because of her height.

Soft on Crime
Under Labour's 'be nice to criminals' justice programme, thousands of criminals are getting away with cautions, warnings and spot fines instead of court appearances so that the police can meet government targets for detection rates and the Home Office can lie with its crime statistics. In effect, Labour has divorced crime and appropriate punishment.

Our Money
Whenever Gordon Brown takes his Cabinet on an out-of-London junket (not listening to the people), it costs the poor old taxpayer £200,000.

What we suspected all along
Tony Blair has admitted that the boom during Labour's decade of reckless spending was down to luck rather than Gordon Brown's financial acumen.

"Nurse, he's out of bed again."
Gordon Brown's latest fantasy is that he saw the Brown Slump coming ages ago but foreign governments wouldn't listen to his pleas to tighten up their banking regulations. Which kind of fails to explain why Mr. Broon did nothing about Britain's cowboy bankers even though he knew a recession was on the way.

Our Money
The Charity Commission is investigating Catz Club, a charity which is recycling grants of taxpayers' cash as donations to the Labour party.

Our Money
The Brown bail-out has failed to persuade the banks to start lending again, so his next plan is to throw even more taxpayers' money at them.

Listening but not learning
Labour has finally realized that the indigenous population feels betrayed by this government's failure to listen to their concerns about unchecked immigration. The tragedy is that New Labour is more inclined to waste vast amounts of taxpayers' cash on trying to re-educate the population rather than put some policies on immigration in place.

Plain Useless
In 2005, then Trade Sec. A. Johnson ordered an inquiry into the insolvency of MG Rover and asked for a report as quickly as possible. It is now 2009, the inquirers have blown £14 million of taxpayers' cash, and there's still no sign of a report.

Tax resistance at last
Not one council in the country wants to get involved in a trial of Labour's pay-as-you-throw scheme, which is aimed at a nationwide Stealth Bin Tax. The effects of the Brown Slump have left councillors worried about their prospect of re-election if they pile even more charges into the Council Tax.

It's America's mess, Gordon
Another of Gordon Brown's crazy plans for wasting borrowed money is to offer free board & lodging and benefits to prisoners at Guantanamo Bay to help incoming Pres. O'Bama to close the place down. The cost of keeping these dangerous deadlegs under surveillance would be £300,000 per year each.

Stealth Tax into bankruptcy
Gordon Brown's Stealth Tax on half a million of Britain's smallest business – his decision to abolish the marginal starting rate relief from corporation tax – has extracted £2,500,000,000 from these firms over the last 2 years, which is a tactic calculated to finish a lot of them off during the Brown Slump in 2009.

Soft on Crime
Anyone who turns up at a British court carrying a knife has to hand it in and sign a receipt at the front door. A knife is returned when the owner leaves, even if the knife is one which would be illegal to carry on the streets of Britain. This is the New Labour way of being tough on knife crime.

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