To Archive List Page"Alastair Darling seems to have gone in for chemical abuse to a breathtaking extent, judging from the dark brown thread of groundless optimism which ran throughout his Budget speech."
   – The I.M.F.

Read 'em & weep: this is what New Labour has in store for us for the forseeable future

Higher taxes on beer, fags, petrol & diesel; the first resort of the scoundrel

A cosmetic 50% tax rate on the very rich, which will reduce tax revenue when their accountants find the right loophole

A MONUMENTAL rise in borrowing to £175 BILLION but NO CUTS in public spending

DOUBLING the National Debt to £1,400 BILLION

An expected SHRINKING of the economy of 3.5%, the worst since 1945, and unemployment at 3 million

The National Debt at 79% of National Income in 2013, which is TWICE Gordon Brown's limit of 40% – the goalposts on this piece of fiction have been moved so often that they have now dropped to bits.

£43 BILLION wasted ever year on interest payments on the government's borrowings, which is more than the entire Law & Order or Defence budget

More tax on private sector pensions, nothing done to redress the unfair amounts paid out as public sector pensions compared to private pensions

A mountain of debt, from which it will take one or two decades to recover

Bogus 'green' taxes will cost every family £600 per year and the cost of power will soar as a result of the government's new 'green' tax scams aimed at the pretence of a low-carbon economy

Deliberate Lies:

There's a £45 BILLION Black Hole in public finances, which wasn't mentioned in the budget

The Chancellor gave the cost for bailing out the banks as £50 BILLION, which falls far short of the £130 BILLION calculated by the International Monetary Fund

Motorists expecting to get £2,000 when they trade in an old banger will get only half of the cash from the taxpayer. The rest has to come from the motor industry – and the scam will benefit German & Italian vehicle manufacturers rather than British ones


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