To Archive List PageThe government has promised all sorts of schemes to boost the economy and relieve the effects of the Brown Slump. Strangely, the cash seems to be flowing only into the government's coffers (and those of its mates) and
not out to the people who are supposed to receive help.

Where The Money Should Be Going But Isn't:

The Homeowner Mortgage Support Scheme was announced in December 2008. It is supposed to let householders who have been made redundant defer mortgage payments for 2 years.
STATUS : Not Yet In Operation

Internships, a plan for major companies to train jobless graduates, was announced in January 2009.
STATUS : Not Yet In Operation

Recruitment Subsidies were announced in January 2009. They are payments of up to £1,500, which will be made to firms to help them train recruits.
STATUS : Not Yet In Operation

The Guarantee Scheme for Asset-Backed Securities is a government for banks holding corporate debt, etc. It was announced in January 2009
STATUS : Not Yet In Operation

The Asset Protection Scheme was announced in January 2009. It is a Treasury scheme to insure part-nationalized banks against 'toxic debt'.
STATUS : Not Yet In Operation

The £20 billion Working Capital Scheme was heralded by Lord Mandelson of Green Custard as the saviour of the universe in January 2009.
STATUS : Nothing much happening because 95% of the cash promised by the government hasn't been forthcoming

What The Money's Going On:

 • MPs' salaries - up 9%
 • MPs' expenses - up 8%
 • The 2012 Olympics
 • More non-jobs in central & local government
 • Foreign aid to India, China (!!!) and every other country with
    a space programme to buy friends for Gordon Brown
 • Consultants – the Brown regime hands out £7 BILLION of
    taxpayers' money per year (the equivalent of 3p on the basic rate of income tax),
    especially to the consultants who deliver failed IT projects, like the NHS

Where the money's coming from (2009/04/01 onward)

 • Petrol tax up 2p/litre
 • Water bills up 4.1%
 • BT line rental up 8.7%
 • BT daytime call charge up 15%
 • BT connection charge for calls up 16.8%
 • BT discounts abolished
 • 1st class post up 8.3% to 39p
 • 2nd class post up 20% to 30p
 • Prescriptions in England up 10p to £7.20
 • NHS dentistry charges up 30p to 16.50 for a checkup, up £1 to 45.60 for a filling
 • Colour TV licence fee up 2.1%

When the government produces statistics to 'prove' that it's making a difference, prices are going down and everything in the garden is rosy again, it's all just spin and lies.

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