To Archive List Page"Rules devised for men of honour have been perverted by scroungers, administered by stooges and exploited by criminals. And as usual where Parliament is concerned, the taxpayer has been ripped off."

Janet Anderson claimed £11,996 for travelling by car, which translates to 41,984 miles. Assuming this Labour MP managed an average speed of 50 mph and she drove for no more than 7 hours per day, she would like us to believe that she spent 120 DAYS or 4 WHOLE MONTHS of 2007/08 driving around in the service of her constituents

Who is the sleaziest MP of all @ Westminster?
Hazel Blears is the current front-runner, but she has a Hell of a lot of competion. Which is why Lord Tebbitt is recommending that voters give the main parties a miss when it comes to the June 2009 European Elections in favour of a minor party, like UKIP

25pAnne Snelgrove for a carrier bag
39pAndrew Smith for a Diska dishwashing brush
60pNick Clegg for a child's bowl
79pChris Huhne for a packet of chocolate Hob Nobs
83pDerek Conway for a Toilet Duck
88pJacqui Smith for a bath plug
£1David Blunkett for a Poundland diary
£1.50John Reid for an ice-cube tray
£1.50Nick Clegg for paper napkins
£2.99Phil Woolas for nappies
£3.49David Mundell for diet Coke
£3.49Phil Woolas for a bottle of Tesco red wine
£4.99Andrew George for a telescopic duster
£5Frank Cook, a donation at a Battle of Britain church service
£5.14Phil Woolas for comics
£5.75Phil Woolas for nail polish
£9.50John Reid for oven mitts
£10Jacqui Smith for TV porn movies for her husband
£15Andrew Smith for a pedal bin
£16.50Tom Levitt for a Remembrance Day wreath
£18Charles Kennedy for a Remembrance Day wreath
£23Phil Woolas for women's shoes
£28.95Natascha Engel for socialist history posters for her office
£33Ed Balls for 2 Remembrance Day wreaths
£35John Gummer for having moles removed from his lawn
£35.12Andrew Smith for light bulbs
£40Lembit Opic for a court summons for not paying his Council Tax
£44James Arbuthnot for 4 hours' lawn mowing
£44.70Patrick McLoughlin for a ladies' leather handbag
£50 (multiple claims)Glenda Jackson for subscriptions to "Computing for Labour", which is a service run by the Labour Party and funded with public money via MPs' expenses
£55Ian Davidson, a fine for not paying his Council Tax in 2005
£65Ian Davidson, a fine for not paying his Council Tax in 2007
£65Shahid Malik for a court summons for not paying his Council Tax
£82Nick Clegg for phone calls to his family
£99.99Angela Smith for her 1st digital camera
£100James Arbuthnot for a sign for his new home
£115Quentin Davies for servicing his Aga
£119Chris Huhne for a trouser press
£128.08Andrew Smith for a locksmith after he locked himself out
£150Keith Vaz for a lamp & lampshade
£153 x 2Gordon Brown's double claim for a plumber's bill
£160 / monthNick Clegg for gardening at his home
£160Adrian Bailey for tanning parlour sessions
£174.88Derek Conway for a low-radiation telephone
£180 / quarterD. Miliband for gardening
£194Patricial Hewitt for blinds so people can't see her counting her ill-gotten gains
£199D. Miliband for a pram (for himself?)
£200 / monthKitty Ussher for food
£210Michael Clapham for his wife's glasses
£213.50 x 2Malcolm Bruce for a pair of digital cameras
£223James Purnell for a digital camera
£225Yvette Cooper for a digital camera
£230Harridan Harperson for a digital camera
£230Douglas Alexander for a digital camera
£234.90Derek Conway for his 2nd digital camera
£247James Purnell for 3,000 fridge magnets
£304.10Stewart Jackson for his swimming pool
£323.29John Prescott for plumbing and fixing his toilet seat twice
£341James Arbuthnot for servicing his Aga
£352Gordon Brown for having mice exterminated
£380David Heathcoat-Amory for horse manure
£384Geoff Hoon for overclaimed household bills
£450Kevin Brennan for a wide-screen TV
£468David Mundell for Adobe Photoshop to edit his digital photographs
£470Douglas Alexander for 8,000 calendars
£480Keith Vaz for 22 silk cushions
£528David Mundell for 2 digital cameras
£536Angela Smith for her 2nd digital camera
£550Jacqui Smith for a kitchen sink
£600Margaret Beckett for hanging baskets & pot plants
£651Hazel Blears for a mattress
£669.96Derek Conway for his 3rd digital camera
£675Derek Conway for his 1st digital camera
£668Alastair Darling, overclaimed 2nd home service charges
£728James Arbuthnot for a new TV
£730Shahid Malik for a massage chair for his bad back
£750Keith Vaz for carpets
£795Tom Levitt for a sideboard
£800+Doug Henderson for phone calls from his THIRD home
£847 / monthAndrew George for mortgage interest on his daughter's flat
£850Hazel Blears for television set No. 1
£899Hazel Blears for a bed
£913Hazel Blears for television set No. 2
£920Patricia Hewitt for legal fees on moving out of a 2nd home
£979.31Kitty Ussher for a carpet
£1,000Keith Vaz for a dining table & leather chairs
£1,040Julie Kirkbride for PR photographs in clothing catalogue poses
£1,167.48John Reid for a year's newspapers
£1,200Yvette Cooper for 30,000 calendars
£1,275.50Andrew Smith for kitchen tops
£1,328John Reid for bathroom tiles
£1,350Peter Mandelson for decorating after announcing that he was giving up being an MP
£1,399.22John Reid for Council Tax
£1,457.33Kitty Ussher for a bathroom
£1,471James Arbuthnot for swimming pool maintenance
£1,490Speaker M. Martin for decorating a room
£1,500Peter Mandelson for gardening after announcing that he was giving up being an MP
£1,500 / yearGordon Brown for gardening
£1,531.59 / monthKevin Brennan's mortgage interest
£1,531.98Shallesh Varn, mortgage interest claimed for a period BEFORE he became an MP
£1,632Julie Kirkbride's increased mortgage interest for an extension to her 2nd home for her brother
£1,645Sir D. Viggers for a floating duck house for his duck pond
£1,700Jack Straw for Council Tax he hadn't paid
£1,730Denis MacShane's claim for items with a total value of £1,480
£1,843Speaker M. Martin for carpets
£2,000for clearing Douglas Hogg's moat
£2,148Greg Baker for curtains & light decorating
£2,157Jim Divine for rewiring a 2nd home, claimed with an invalid postcode & VAT number
£2,326Jim Devine for joinery, invoiced in the name of the landlord of a local pub
£2,600Amount of mortgage interest claimed twice by E. Balls & Y. Cooper in 2007 when they were entitled to £733
£2,600Nick Clegg for a new kitchen
£2,614Keith Vaz for 2 leather armchairs & a footstool
£2,749James Arbuthnot for work on his trees
£3,000Peter Mandelson for repairs just before he quit as an MP
£3,000Stewart Jackson for a replacement carpet
£3,000Paul Murphy for a new hot water system because his old hot water system made the water too hot.
£3,100Malcolm Bruce for heating, electricity & cleaning of his main home's office
£5,200Amount of mortgage interest double-claimed by E. Balls & Y. Cooper in a single month in 2006
£5,615Kitty Ussher for windows
£5,650Sir Michael Spicer for gardening & maintaining his helipad
£5,700David Davis for a portico for his home
£6,990Tony Blair for 2nd home roof repairs just before he quit as an MP
£7,000Nick Clegg for removations to his home
£7,300Charles Hendry for 2 home helps for 3 years at his 2nd home
£8,757Malcolm Bruce for rewiring his London flat after a light bulb exploded
£9,000Gordon Brown for a kitchen
£9,094 James Purnell for groceries
£9,500Alastair Darling for legal fees & furnishings for his London flat
£9,635Angela Browning for the running of her website
£10,000Sir Menzies Campbell for the interior designer who did up his London flat
£10,000Harridan Harperson for acting lessons from a media expert
£10,033.33Quentin Davies for repairing windows at his mansion
£10,200Kevin Brennan for stamp duty
£10,969Margaret Buckett for gardening at her constituency home
£11,000Stewart Jackson, professional fees from buying a house
Over £11,000Claimed by Cabinet ministers for acountants for their personal tax affairs
£12,000Sir Alan Haselhurst for gardening
£13,000David Chaytor for interest on a mortgage which he'd paid off
£14,553Caroline Flint for legal fees and stamp duty on her new flat
£15,000Ben Chapman for overclaimed mortgage interest
£15,875Greg Baker for stamp duty on a flat which he sold at a profit of £320,000
£16,000Elliot Morley for interest on a mortgage which he had already paid off
£18,000Nick Brown, the government chief whip, for food over 4 years
£20,000Kitty Ussher for renovating her home
£22,500Margaret Moran for treating dry rot at her home
£25,000Barbara Follett for private security patrols
£27,928Greg Baker for mortgage payments on a flat which he sold at a profit of £320,000
£31,000Ruth Kelly for redecorating and furnishing her second home
£41,709Phil Hope for furniture for a 2-bedroom flat
£45,000Hazel Blears' untaxed profit from the sale of a flat supported by the taxpayer
£60,000Tony McNulty for claiming a 2nd home allowance on his parents' home
£100,000Baroness Uddin for claiming a flat she never uses is her main home
£116,000Jacqui Smith for claiming her sister's spare room as her main home.
£125,000Stephen Byers for his girlfriend's London flat
£140,000Andrew McKay's allowance claims for a non-existent 2nd home
£300,000Geoff Hoon's untaxed profit on the sale of a flipped London house
£500,000The 5 IRA MPs for London properties rented to them at three times the going rate

  Least sleazy MP : Vince Cable, the Liberal Treasury spokesman  

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