To Archive List PageA selection of the election posters which didn't quite get the national exposure that they deserved! ** Somewhat extended **

Labour still isn't working The Mandelsleaze? Just say NO BLOODY WAY! Never nad a proper job in his LIFE, now he wants to sponge on the taxpayer for 5 more years If you look like this in real life, no wonder some people need airbrushing Vote for OPENNESS in politics Government by clones? No, way! I've never voted Tory before . . . Did I lie about the dodgy leaflets? The Liberals can be in government only by selling out their values Don't let him take Britain back to the 1980s Debt, decline and the 70s + Brown bribery I doubled the national debt, vote for me Vote Tory or I'll kill this kitten 13 years' reckless spending killed the British economy, he now wants 5 more to bury it! Brown will run & hide when there's trouble Say NO! to Westminster sleaze Gordon Brown would sell his granny is he could lose taxpayers' cash in the deal Illegal wars, ruined pensons & savings, £1.78 TRILLION debt . . . Gordon brown will tax you to the grave . . . and beyond Gordon Broon going for the Yoof vote Nick Who? Fire up the Quattro, it's time for change! Sod The Lot! Vote UKIP! Trouble? Watch 'em RUN!
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