To Archive List PageThe Coalition is promising a cut of one-quarter in the size of New Labour's BIG GOVERNMENT. But what's on offer doesn't seem to be all that much . . .


Business£21 billion£4 billion
Communities &
Local Government
£34 billion90% for Social Housing,
50% for Regional development
Culture, Media & Sport£1.5 billion7%
Defence£37 billion7.5%
Education£58 billionSmall increase
Energy & Global
Warming Swindles
£3 billionStill Secret
Health£107 billionNuffink
Home Office£10 billion12%
International Development£8billion37% INCREASE over next 4 years
Justice£10 billionStill Secret
Transport£14 billionStill Secret
Work & Pensions£195 billion£9 billion


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