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To Archive List PageNew Labour tried to keep itself in power by creating vast numbers of non-jobs and paying theGrauniad a fortune to advertise them. The Coalition has promised to start cutting them. Here are some examples of what could go:

A Jobzilla List

4 chauffeur-butlers for the mayor (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Access to nature officer (Charnwood borough council, Leics.)
Artist in residence (Southwark council, home of the Tate Modern, the Hayward Gallery
    & the South Bank Centre)
Befriending co-ordinator
Bikeability Instructor (Gloucestershire county council)
Bouncy castle attendant (Angus, Scotland)
Carbon partnership officer (Calderdale council, W. Yorks.)
Chewing gum removal labourer (Glasgow council)
Climate change officer (Gloucesterlshire)
Communications director on £700/day (Suffolk country council)
Communications waste strategy officer (Hackney, London)
Community empowerment network programme manager (Thurrock Council, Essex)
Community engagement apprentice (Lewisham council)
Community well-being co-ordinator (East Ayrshire)
Composting supervisor (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Dedicated 'breastfeeding peer support co-ordinator' (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Falls prevention fitness adviser for the elderly (Tewkesbury)
Florist on £18K (Glasgow council)
Flower arrangers
Future shape programme co-ordinator (NE Lincs.)
Group equality & diversity manager (Torbay)
Infomation & needs analyst (London, Tower Hamlets)
Media manager (Manchester city council)
Part-time ceremonial sword bearer and mace bearer (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Part-time toothbrush adviser for infants
Roller disco coach (Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire)
Skate park attendants
Skate Supervisor (Welwyn Hatfield borough council)
Street football co-ordinator (Moray Council in the Highlands)
Street mediator to deal with teens hanging around on street corners 
    (Glasgow council)
Trampoline coach (Medway council, Kent)
Walking Co-ordinator (Islington council)
Weekend explainer (Bracknell Forest council, Berks.)
Wellbeing officer (Elmbridge council, Surrey)

The NHS still has lots of vacancies for 'change facilitators' and ' sustainability officers'. Not to mention performance support officers, staffing resource facilitators and website editors paid twice as much as a junior nurse.

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