To Archive List Page"Billionaire retail magnate" Sir P. Green has looked at Whitehall spending and found that incompetent civil servants waste BILLIONS because it's only public money. Here are some examples . . .

CategoryAnnual SpendSavings Possible
Computers£61 million£6 million by buying direct in bulk
Credit Cards£1 billion£1 billion – civil servants are not to be trusted with credit cards
Hire Cars£29 million£3 million by getting proper commercial rates
Mobile Phones£21 million£2 million via bulk buying & bulk contract rates
Office Supplies£84 million£8 million by bulk buying at proper commercial rates
Printing£104 million£10 million by getting commercial printing rates instead of rates inflated by 400%
Property Rental£25 billionOver £2.5 billion with sensible contract drafting and pre-planning
Telephone Lines£2 billion£800 million by using bulk rates
Travel£551 million£50 million by eliminating unnecessary journeys and using more video-conferencing
Vending Machines£millions£millions by centralized purchases and competent contract negotiation

cash on fire

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