To Archive List PageUS diplomatic telegrams leaked by an insider to theGuardian and other newspapers around the world – shock, horror on a grand scale? Nope. Nothing you wouldn't expect the Yanks to think about their neighbours and nothing the neighbours don't reciprocate.


Security for the network used to circulate US diplomatic telegrams was slackened after people using the net complained that all the anti-abuse and anti-theft protocols were getting in their way! So there was a major leak of masses of data. This is some of the stuff showered on the world courtesy of the leaker and WikiLeaks:

The Saudis want the US to bomb Iran to destroy its nuclear weapons. So do the US's other Arab allies and the Israelis

Saudis are the main sources of finance for the Al Kaida terrorists

Hillary Clinton has been spying on the scroungers at the United Nations; just like everyone else, and collecting their credit card details, which doesn't sound terribly legal but hey, she's in the US government

Prince Andrew has been rude to Yanks, who objected to him accepting Arab golfing hospitality, and the jobsworths who try to sabotage British deals by attempting to frustrate the essential process of bribery and corruption

The Yanks have been spying on British MPs, especially the homophiles, and they don't think much of D. Cameron

China is sponsoring cyber-terrorists to hack everyone in sight

The US thinks Turkey is an unreliable NATO ally because the divided leadership is full of Islamists

The Yanks are okay with the Yemeni government claiming US drone strikes against terrorist camps as its own work

The Yanks think Italian leader S. Berlusconi is a joke prime minister who does too much partying and not enough sleeping, Russian president D. Medvedyev is Robin to current P.M. V. Putin's Batman, Putin thinks he's a cross between Hitler, Stalin, Ghengis Khan and a gay pride cheerleader, Iran is a fascist state and Pres. Dinnerjacket behaves like he's Hitler, Pres. Sarko of France is a busted flush with superiority complex, Kanzler Merkel of Germany is boring and interested only in deals which give Germany a profit, Pres. Khazi of Afghanistan is weak and paranoid, and interested only in stories about conspiracies against him, Pres. Mugabe of Zimbabwe is a crazy old man, and Kim Jong-il, Blessed Leader of N. Korea, is an ailing nutter

The Yanks also thought Gordon Brown is a nutter, just like the rest of us

The Yanks are looking for a dumping ground for its terrorist suspects @ Guantanamo Bay, offering Brownie points to any country which will take them, e.g. Slovenia and Belgium

Terrorists are as likely to get nuclear materials for dirty bombs from Pakistan as from the former Soviet empire due to bad security in Pakistan.

The Afghan government is corrupt not only from top to bottom, but also from side to side

The KGB's successors in Russia are using the Russian Mafia gangs for their criminal operations and other dirty work

China thinks the North Koreans are a bunch of attention-seeking deadlegs, but as they're China's deadlegs, the waxworks are going to continue to give them pocket money unless it become politically profitable to ditch the deadlegs

Russia has bought Italy; at least PM Putin has bought PM Berlusconi with sweetheart deals and the Italian Mafosi are now blood brothers with their Russian counterparts

The end of the Cold War had made no difference to the level of Russian espionage attempts against the West

The Russians are arming Georgian separatists as part of a campaign to annex members of the former Soviet empire into the current Russia

Sometime KGB boss and current Russian PM V. Putin probably okayed the murder of former KGB agent A. Litvinchenko via a plot which left a radioactive trail right across Europe

Putin has "more cash than soft mick" stashed out of Russia in his secret bank accounts, just like any 3rd world dictator

The US put New Labour in its place when the Milipede got antsy over spy flights from the UK airbase on Cyprus

Romanians are a bunch of wild animals

Merv King, the governor of the Bank of England, masterminded the 2008 bail-out of the banks, not some lying git called Broon.

  etc., etc.  

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