To Archive List PageThe British government has its own dedicated Global Warming Swindle website. So Garbagegate is extending its own coverage with some counterblasts to Labour's propaganda.

Fact on CO2Climate change: the Top Ten facts
In compliance with the Labour party's reduction of decades to 9 years, we have reduced our list to just 9 facts

1. The human race can't change the Earth's climate

Global Warming Swindlers say that human-sourced emissions of greenhouse gases need to peak in the next decade and then decline to well below current levels to avoid dangerous climate change. In fact, even if the human race stopped emitting greenhouse gases entirely, this would reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by a paltry 0.3%, which would have absolutely no effect on the Earth's climate.

2. Individual sacrifices can’t possibly make a difference

Global Warming Swindlers quote the statistic that over 40% of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions come directly from what individuals do – using electricity and gas in the home, driving cars, etc. But they're talking about 40% of an insignificant amount of emissions, and even eliminating 100% of the UK's GHG emissions would have absolutely no effect on the Earth's climate.

3. "What is the point of going along with the Great Global Warming Swindle in the UK if other countries don’t?"

There is no point in going along with the swindle even if every other country in the world joins in. There are good economic reasons for reducing energy consumption but there are no sound economic reasons for replacing all-weather, always available coal-fired power stations with windmills, which are an unreliable source of power, require coal technology on standby all the time and which require massive subsidies from the taxpayer to create an illusion of sustainability and affordability.

4. Falling for the Global Warming Swindle will have a profound effect on your lifestyle

It makes sense to turn lights off in unoccupied rooms and switch gadgets off when they are not being used. But sense is not the realm of the Global Warming Swindler. They will insist that every household purchase gadgets to monitor their energy useage, and impose taxes on those who fail to buy such gadgets. They will set increasingly arbitrary standards and impose increasing taxes on those who refuse to jump through their hoops. It is the object of the GWS to suck up taxpayers' cash by any means and using any scare story they can come up with.

5. "I can't afford to make the changes the Global Warming Swindlers want, so what do I do?"

In that case, you will have to reduce your standard of living and reduce your expectations.

6. "I want to take advantage of energy-saving schemes but I don't want to compromise on quality?"

In that case, you will have to do put a great deal of work into research and making comparisons so that you can decide whether to get involved with the scheme. "Green" products, for instance, are generally of lower quality and reliability than the devices they are intended to replace.
   Take gas central heating boilers as an example. There are many people who have boilers which have been operating, with occasional repairs and maintenance, for 20 or 25 years. The government is now proposing that these boilers be replaced at a cost of £2,500 but with a £400 scrappage incentive.
   Consumers are also told that they will save £200/year off their gas bill. Which means that after 5 years, they will be only £1,100 out of pocket. Then comes the bad news.
   Current eco-friendly condensing boilers have a design life of only 5 years, and they are expensive to repair if anything goes wrong. Which means that the customer has to go through the hassle of replacing the central heating boiler all over again after 5 years. Which makes keeping the old boiler going for those 5 years an excellent idea.

7. "Going along with the Great Global Warming Swindle will cost billions and put millions out of work. Is it worth it?"

No. The government claims that it will create thousands of new "Green" jobs but only in the non-wealth-generating public sector and in industries which rely on massive subsidies from the taxpayer. The government also claims that the nation will benefit from huge savings in damage to the infrastructure via reduced coastal erosion, reduction in flood damage, etc.; as a consequence of reversing climate change.
   But as the government's measures will have no effect on the climate, all this is just political flim-flam.

8. "What about all the new technology on the way, like carbon-capture for coal-fired power station?"

Significant ‘fixes’, like carbon capture technology, are very unlikely to be available in the first half of the 21st century, if at all. Global Warming Swindlers will continue to spend billions of taxpayers' cash on pretending to develop them, but the main plank of the scam remains urging the world to reduce GHG emissions, even though doing so will inflict serious damage on the global economy and have absolutely no effect on the Earth's climate.

9. "What impact will warming have on Britain's health?"

The Global Warming Swindlers would have us believe that if the southern part of Britain becomes 3 deg.C warmer by 2050 (compared to 2009), then 2,000 more people will die in summer heat waves.
   What they don't mention is that the Department of Health thinks that 20,000 fewer people will die of cold in winter. Start here and work forward to greater prosperity and healthier populations if Global Warming Swinders are prevented from crippling electricity generation, greater agricultural yields in a warmer climate with higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, etc., etc.

Afterblast . . .

Global Warming swindlers always accuse people who embarrass them with real climate science of being in the pay of coal and oil producers while they conspire to put cash into the pockets of their supporters – firms making windmills and other devices, which lack the all day, all weather reliability of coal-fired power stations, and which are hopelessly uneconomic without huge subsidies from the taxpayer.

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