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The Great Global Warming Swindle – 21:00, Channel 4, 2007/03/08 – made a good start.
This is what the programme had to say; with a few added comments and opinions

What global warming is really all about

Global warming isn't science; it's just propaganda and it's really all about the money.

It's a matter of established fact that elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide levels occurred in cooler periods of the Earth's history. This is known from examining the gas content of samples of ice from cores drilled deep into ancient deposits.
   Climate is not driven by carbon dioxide and to say it is, is a lie. The Earth's climate is always changing, it gets warmer, it grows cooler. And the planet does this without any human help.
   The recent report from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is all about politics, not science, and it's packed with stuff written by non-scientist climate 'experts', who need to pretend that the planet has a major problem in order to get themselves major funding; the bigger the scare story, the more cash they can extort from gullible politicians.
   Climate change has become a huge industry staffed by people with no scientific credentials. The global warming industry has taken on the character of a religion. It's adherents think that all non-believers can be dismissed as heretics and persecuted for their disbelief.

In 2005, a House of Lords committee looked at the climate change 'evidence' and found the science weak and uncertain.

global temperature changes

Temperatures were much higher one thousand years ago, during the mediaeval period, which was a time of prosperity when there were vineyards in the north of England. There was a 3,000-year period during the Bronze Age when the Earth was much warmer than it is today; but the polar bears weren't wiped out.
   It is recorded fact that global temperatures rose to a recent maximum in 1940 then fell for 40 years during the post-World War Two boom. Temperatures then rose for 30 years but that trend STOPPED in 1997.

There is no correlation between human (industrial) carbon dioxide production and global temperatures.

Carbon dioxide is just a minor component of the Earth's atmosphere; some 0.054%; and it is a relatively minor greenhouse gas. 95% of the greenhouse effect, when it occurs, is caused by water vapour.
   If the greenhouse effect is trapping heat from the Sun in the atmosphere, then the warming effect should be greatest in the troposphere, 10 kilometres above the surface of the planet. But the greatest warming effect at present is taking place at the surface; which doesn't match the models. The only logical conclusion from the evidence is that the greenhouse effect is not operating. The evidence also rejects a human cause for climate change.
   The Ice Core record from Vostok in Russia shows that a rise atmospheric carbon dioxide lags a rise in surface temperature by an average 800 years. So carbon dioxide doesn't cause warming; a rise in the atmospheric carbon dioxide level follows a temperature rise.
   Human-produced carbon dioxide is a single digit, percentage-wise, in the amount of this gas which is going into the atmosphere. Most of the carbon dioxide transfer to the atmosphere is controlled by the oceans; heating them makes them release carbon dioxide and when they cool, they are able to absorb more carbon dioxide.
   But oceans take hundreds, if not thousands, of years to heat or cool because they are so vast – they cover 71% of the Earth's surface. So the oceans cannot be responsible for temperature changes over a period of a few decades.

If not carbon dioxide, then what controls the climate?

The Sun. There is a close correlation between solar activity (which can be monitored in terms of the number of sun spots formed) and global temperatures over the last 400 years. Graphs of both show matching peaks and troughs. In times of high solar activity, the blast of particles expelled from the Sun (a.ka. the solar wind) blows cosmic rays away from the Earth.
clouds   When fewer cosmic rays hit the Earth, cloud production is reduced, more solar heat reaches the Earth's surface instead of being reflected back into space, and the temperature rises. The Earth's climate is controlled by clouds, clouds are controlled by cosmic rays, and cosmic rays are controlled by the sun.
   Graphs of the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide and global temperatures don't match in terms of their peaks and troughs. Graphs of solar activity and global temperatures do. Carbon dioxide is irrelevant to climate change.

In the 1970s, the big climate scare story was that the world was getting cooler and the planet was heading for a new ice age.

Then a Swedish scientist suggested that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere might help to delay the big freeze.
   In the 1980s, Britain's prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, virtually paid scientists to 'prove' that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide would cause global warming. But she was doing so to promote nuclear power stations because she was reluctant to put Britain's energy supply at the mercy of foreign oil and the strike-prone domestic coal industry.
   Then the United Nations jumped on the bandwagon as there was lots of cash to be blagged for this new cause, even if it meant ignoring all the available evidence. The notion that atmospheric carbon dioxide was causing global warming also appealed to the anti-industrial, anti-science and anti-ecomonic-growth elements in the environmental movement.

The only way to get on at the extreme end of the environmental movement is to be more extreme than the next person.

It's a new guise for anti-capitalist, former communists; the sort of people who were rampaging around Europe in the 1970s. And it's all about funding. Huge amounts of cash are being hurled at computer climate models. So if such a model assumes that carbon dioxide drives climate change, then its results will always be rubbish. But the more dramatic the scare story that comes out of the model, the greater the certainty that it will be published.

Ice breaking off glaciers in spring is as natural as leaves falling off trees in autumn, and the polar bear population is RISING!

Ice breaking off AntarcticaGreenland was much warmer 1,000 years ago but there was no dramatic melting of the ice; but that doesn't make the headlines. Big chunks of ice breaking off polar glaciers make dramatic pictures but this is the way things have always happened. The only difference between past times and today is that we have satellites which can show it happening.
   Selective reporting and alarmist TV programmes suggest that there will be huge rises in seal level; but this is an enormously long process, which is unrelated to atmospheric changes. The seas expand and contract as they warm or cool; a process which takes place over hundreds or thousands of years.
   Another scare story is that mosquitos will migrate north as temperatures rise and malaria will become a serious problem in Europe. But malaria is not a tropical disease; mosquitos can live in Russia and Greenland; and there is no scientific basis for the scare stories.

The IPCC report was censored of negative and inconvenient paragraphs.

Perhaps the worst element of the fraud is the censorship, which was performed for political reasons, and the UN's dishonest assertion that the IPCC report was backed by 2,500 of the world's top scientists. People who do not agree with the reports conclusions are listed, quite cynically, among its supporters.

George Bush the Younger has fallen for the con job.

The Precautionary Principle; cut carbon dioxide production just to be on the safe side; is his new religion, even though this policy impacts heavily and negatively on the poorest parts of the world's population by stunting development.
   The world's politicians, including Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, have preached about saving Africa. But they are among the ones denying Africa the use of its oil and coal reserves. They are quite happy to see undeveloped countries struggle along without lights, fridges, hot water, electric railways and all the other benefits of the modern world.
Behead those who deny global warming   The climate fascists are intent on foisting expensive, unreliable and inefficient solar- and wind-powered generating systems on everyone in the name of preventing a non-existent greenhouse effect. They have added a jihadista element to all the primitive lack of reason in their new religion.
   Will their next step be to burn heritics at the stake? This is what is happening, in effect, to the careers of academics who dare to question the proposition that human intervention is causing global warming.
   And perhaps the most disgraceful aspect of this state of affairs is the willing complicance of so many alleged climate scientists. Politicians are ignorant in the main. But the scientists, in a feeding frenzy for funds, have chosen a system of survival of the least principled, knowing that it acts to the disbenefit of the world's population.

What the programme left out is that the rest of the Solar System is also warming up.

If the Sun is causing the Earth to get warmer, and it's not due to the effect of man-made carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, the same effect should be evident on other planets. Surprise! This is exactly what NASA and ESA have found happening on Mars, the moons of Jupiter and Saturn and even on Triton, the moon of distant Neptune.

What the objectors said.

The programme's critics said that it should have included a 'new' graph on temperature changes, which was used in former US presidential candidate Al Gore's dodgy film on climate change. This graph was conjured up in 2001 by the UN's IPCC. It is known as the 'hockey stick' because it creates the impression that global temperatures have suddenly shot up at an alarming rate.

the IPCC's hockey stick

The graph somehow loses both the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age. Unfortunately, the red 'hockey stick' shape at the right-hand end is still obtained when random data is entered into the computer programme which created the thoroughly discredited graph.

The objectors said that the programme's graph showing a close correlation between solar variation and temperature change was inaccurate. Not so, the programme's director, Michael Durkin, replied. That data still stands. As does the data from ice cores, which shows that temperature changes always take place several hundred years before big changes in the atmosphere's carbon dioxide content.

What the objectors can't explain.

1. Why global temperatures went down and there was a global cooling scare in the 1970s at a time when carbon dioxide levels were going up. The Carbon con-men make noises about increased sulphur dioxide pollution in the atmosphere from industry causing a global cooling effect. But they can't explain why temperatures aren't plummeting today, when China and other expanding nations are shoving record amounts of it into the atmosphere.
   2. Where the 4x4 are, which are causing global warming on Mars and other planets (to quote Littlejohn of the Daily Mail).

If the Earth is damaged, it will be through the ignorant thrashings about of politicians while their client scientists look on and enjoy the benefits of funding allocated for spurious lines of research.

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