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The IPCC has issued another alarmist report on climate change (on 2007/04/06), eyes firmly shut to the facts.
"Their (the IPCC's) case for global warming in progress right now – never mind a human cause for it – is based on guesses not evidence. What we're seeing is Global Warming Mania – a religion in its phase of greatest intolerance."

The Earth's climate changes, and it's usually a lot colder than it is at present

About every 100,000 years, the climate warms up for 15,000 to 20,000 years before cooling into another ice age. We are currently 18,000 years into an 'interglacial period'.

Global temperatures

It is quite normal for global temperatures to rise and fall in cycles. The interglacial cycles of 20,000 years contain smaller scale, 400-year cycles of warming and cooling which, in turn, contain 40 year cycles of temperature change.

global temperature changes

Our present state of knowledge of climate science is such that we can chart what happened in the past but we can't explain why the temperature changed in a particular direction, up or down. And so the direction of future changes cannot be predicted.

Earth's geological record shows that temperatures rise and fall:
1. In response to changes in Earth's orbit;
2. In response to changes in the amount of energy radiated by the Sun;
3. For reasons which remain unknown at present.

The focus is on carbon dioxide, but . . .

What is known from studies of the polar ice caps is that the global temperature is not controlled by the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide levels rise hundreds of years after period of a warmer climate.

This means that reducing the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide right now won't reduce the global temperature in the near future.

Yet the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and the media, keep up a relentless stream of propaganda about the necessity for stopping climate change by reducing human-produced emissions of carbon dioxide.

A few facts about greenhouse gases & CO2

1. 99.72% of the gases in the atmosphere which can cause a greenhouse effect come from NATURAL sources
2. If the atmosphere were to be experiencing the greenhouse effect, 95% of the warming would be caused by water vapour and just 3.6% by carbon dioxide.
3. Just 3.3% of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere comes from HUMAN sources
4. Stopping the release of ALL greenhouse gases from ALL human sources will reduce the amount in the Earth's atmosphere by just 0.28%

The IPCC, established in 1988, has issued 3 previous major reports; in 1990, 1995 and 2001. The current Fourth Report, like its predecessors, offers political rather than scientific advice to the world's governments. For this reason, many distinguished scientists are refusing to have anything to do with the IPCC.

What is the IPCC saying?

1. That the global average temperature increased by 0.7 deg.C over the 20th century.

This is true but periods of warming occur entirely naturally after intensely cold periods such as the 'Little Ice Ages' experienced in the 14th, 17th and 19th centuries. The 'global warming' which the IPCC insists is due to human intervention is merely that part of the entirely natural temperature recovery cycle, which took place in the 20th century following the Little Ice Age in the previous century.

Measurements of atmospheric temperature made with satellites show that there has been no significant global warming since 1979. Similar temperatures were recorded in 1980 and 2006, even though carbon dioxide emissions increased greatly over this period. Which proves that there is no greenhouse effect in operation in the atmosphere right now.

2. The film made by former US vice-president An Inconvenient Truth embodies the IPCC's second claim; that greenhouse gases from human sources are causing the ice caps to melt, sea levels to rise, increasing the frequency of droughts and the severity of storms, and causing animal and plant species to go extinct.

Mr. Gore's Hollywood theatrics ignore some basic facts:
(A) Large changes in the climate are entirely normal for the Earth and there were lots of them in the millions of years before the human race came along.
(B) Climate change cannot be blamed on a single cause, such as human intervention, until all of the natural causes of climate change are understood – which they aren't. Which means that the IPCC's decision to blame climate change on human intervention is wrong and based on BAD SCIENCE.

Nothing about the climate is changing at a rate beyond the natural changes observed in the past, and the IPCC has failed to prove that human intervention is driving climate change.

In fact, the IPCC has made up its collective political mind that human intervention is responsible for climate change and it is interested only in spin which supports this false conclusion. And there is plenty available from scientists who rely on research grants for projects aimed at "proving" that climate change is caused by human intervention.

3. The IPCC is fond of issuing horror-story predictions of the effects of climate change derived from computer-based models of the climate.

Computer climate models are based on laws of physics and fluid dynamics, some of which are still poorly understood. As a result, the models include 'educated guesses', a.k.a. 'fiddle factors', and they are totally incapable of producing reliable predictions.

Honest meteorologists refer to the output of such models as a 'climate scenario' and they regard predictions set decades into the future derived from climate models as completely worthless.

Thus when the UN promotes horror stories about what could happen if the global temperature were to go up a couple of degrees, they are just that – horror stories. The IPCC and its tame scientists have no idea what the global temperature will do next. The next move could be as easily as up.

The IPCC has no idea what the global temperature will do over the rest of the century.

In its 3rd report, the IPCC predicted a global temperature rise of 1.6 to 5.8 deg.C by 2100. The prediction released in the 4th report is a rise of 1.1 to 6.4 deg.C. As Professor Bob Carter (James Cook University, Australia) points out, all this shows is an increase in the lack of certainty of the IPCC's predictions, which have no basis in science anyway.

As stated earlier, satellite data shows that there has been no warming of the atmosphere for the last 30 years. Ground-based observations show that the global temperature has been fairly constant since 1997 – it has not been going up!

Thus if there is no greenhouse effect happening in Earth's atmosphere, then there is no point in trying to cut greenhouse gas production, and certainly no point in spending vast amounts of money on cosmetic cuts to make politicians and other poseurs feel good.

The IPCC's assertion that we can be 90% certain that most of the global temperature increase since 1940 is due to human greenhouse gas emissions is garbage.

The presumption of innocence remains for both carbon dioxide and the human race. There is no proof that either is causing global temperatures to increase. Which is why the climate/carbon con-men have shifted their ground from a "global cooling" scare in the 1970s (allegedly caused by human-source atmospheric pollution) to the alleged "global warming" threat of the 1980s and 1990s.

They are now talking about "climate change" so that no matter in which the direction global temperatures go – up or down – they can blame still blame human intervention.

Carbon trading and talk of making systems 'carbon neutral' is all about politics and exploitation of taxpayers. It has nothing to do with climate science.

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