To Archive List Page"The thing that does the most damage to the case for Global Warming is that it now has the status of a religion and there are allegedly reputable scientists around who are prepared quite cynically to falsify data to 'prove' their case (and keep the funding flowing).
   The great tragedy of the Global Warming religion is that it is locked in the clutches of politicians, especially those at the United Nations, who don't care if the Earth goes to Hell in a handbasket as long as they stay on the gravy train."

If examined, Inconvenient Truths become Convenient Lies

The most notorious example of manufactured 'evidence' is the 'Hockey Stick' graph created in 2001 by Dr. Michael Mann of the University of Massachusetts for the UN's International Panel on Climate Change. It also featured in former US presidential candidate Al Gore's dodgy film on climate change.
   This graph is known as the 'hockey stick' because it creates the impression that global temperatures have suddenly shot up suddenly and at an alarming rate.

the IPCC's hockey stick

In fact, the equation which generates the graph was designed to eliminate inconvenient truths in the Earth's temperature record, such as the Medieval Warm Period of the 11th to 14th centuries and the subsequent Little Ice Age, which lasted into the 19th century, and create an upward spike at the end even when random data is entered into the equation.

As President O'Bama wonders how to fulfil his promise to 'roll back the spectre of a warming planet', more campaigns by the warmists include:

'Proof' that Antarctica, which has been getting colder for the last 30 years (according to observations by satellites), is really warming up. The only problem with this 'proof' is that it was created using yet another climate-change computer program which had been fed with made-up data for regions for which no information was available from ground-based weather stations.
   And even with his invented data, the team led by Prof. E. Steig (a team which includes Dr. M. Mann) was able to 'prove' only that the temperature of the Antarctic has 'risen' by 1 deg.F in the last 50 years. Which allowed the propagandists for the global warming religion to put the word "RISE" in headlines and ignore the falsified part of the message.

polar bears on summer ice by Amanda ByrdThe BBC's abandonment of impartiality in favour of embracing the new religion to the full extent of the licence-payers' pockets and stunts such as driving pictures of the discredited Hockey Stick graph around London; predicting that the Arctic ice is about disappear forever at a time when it was re-forming after the summer thaw; and pretending that the classic 2004 photograph of polar bears on wind-eroded ice is a comment on climate change rather than just a dramatic picture, which was the intent of the photographer, marine biologist Amanda Byrd.

In 2008, the British government said that cutting Britain's carbon dioxide emissions by 60% over the next 40 years would benefit the economy by 110 billion but cost us 205 billion.
   In 2009, however, E. Miliband of the Dept. of Climate Change has rewritten the script. He reckons that switching the target to a cut of 80% of CO2 emissions (which would involve shutting down most of the British economy) will cost the country 404 billion by 2050 but will give us a benefit of 1,024 billion.
   The trillion-pound benefit is such a breath-takingly blatant fairly tale that it has fooled all of Britain's MPs, none of whom has felt the need to ask where the boy Miliband's trillion pounds comes from (other than his fevered imagination).

The IPCC is predicting a sea level rise of 17 inches by 2100 based on computer models and using a fiddle factor because the IPCC scientists "needed to show a trend". Warmist Al Gore produced a rise of 20 FEET out of his fevered imagination. How strange, then, that the geologist & physicist Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner, past chairman of the International Commission on Sea Level Change, has found that sea levels are fluctuating but they haven't risen over the last 50 years. But his conclusions are based on direct observations of sea levels, not computer models. So what does he know!

To close, Some Inconvenient Facts:

(1.) Once you get to 100%, you can't go any higher
   Carbon dioxide can absorb only very limited amounts of the infrared heat radiated from the Earth and it is completely transparent to most of the radiated energy. Man-made carbon-dioxide can absorb a maximum of about two-thousandths of the Earth's radiated infrared.
   As current levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are now capturing ALL of the CO2-absorbable infrared emitted by the Earth, adding more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere will make no difference at all! Because the CO2 in the atmosphere can't absorb more than 100% of the infrared available for absorption by carbon dioxide.

(2.) Carbon Dioxide forms only a small part of the Earth's greenhouse gases
   The main greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is . . . water vapour, which is ignored by IPCC reports as an Inconvenient Truth. Dr. Roy W. Spencer, climatologist and former NASA scientist, offers the following comments on the subject:
   "Al Gore likes to say that mankind puts 70 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every day. What he probably doesn't know is that mother nature puts 24,000 times that amount of our main greenhouse gas – water vapor – into the atmosphere every day, and removes about the same amount every day.
   "While this does not 'prove' that global warming is not man-made, it shows that weather systems have by far the greatest control over the Earth's greenhouse effect, which is dominated by water vapor and clouds."

(3.) Temperatures can do down as well as up; and quickly
   The world's four main trackers of global temperatures are The Hadley Center for Climate Prediction and Research (in the UK), NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, The University of Alabama in Huntsville and remote sensing systems. All show that during 2008, global temperatures dropped like a stone.
   Meteorologist Anthony Watts compiled the results of all the sources. The total amount of cooling ranged from 0.65C up to 0.75C, which is enough to wipe out all of the global warming recorded over the past 100 years. This is the fastest single-year temperature change, up or down, ever observed.

(4.) 'Green' can be rubbish
The government, especially Gordon Brown, expects everyone to switch to electric cars. But there are several major snags:
 • Electric cars cost more than corresponding petrol/diesel cars
 • They can do 75 miles fairly slowly then they need to be recharged for several hours
 • The carbon dioxide emissions from generating the electricity to run these cars are twice those from the same number of diesel-powered cars – so much for a low-carbon economy!
UPDATE The government is planning to hand out a £5,000 grant on anyone willing to blow 15 grand on an electric car for short trips. The scheme will encourage people with somewhere to park it to buy a second car for going down the shops while keeping a proper car for serious journeys. The fingerprints of Lord Green Custard of Sleaze can be seen on this plan, which is aimed at creating bogus jobs in what appears to be a 'green' industry.

(5.) 'Green' can be just spin
Mr. Brown also imagines he's going to create new, green jobs in the power industry, mainly in the geothermal power industry [which is non-existent in Britain] and erecting wind turbines [an industry which is in decline because turbines are becoming increasingly uneconomical in the Brown Slump]. So the likely outcome is that Gordon will try to grab some headlines and move on, hoping he won't be found out.

Don't trust the carbon con-men;
they're only after your money

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