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The Ups & Downs of Global Warming Swindling in 2009, Part 1


In 2008, the Met Office was predicting that 2009 would be one of the top 5 warmest years ever, and the year would start with a milder than average winter. That was just before Britain experienced the coldest autumn for decades and went into a similarly cold winter.
The Met Office, via its Hadley Centre, sees its purpose as proving that human generated carbon dioxide is causing a climate catastrophe but it has become an international laughing stock with its wildly inaccurate predictions.

Global sea levels have not risen at all in the last 2 years after years of truly tiny increases.
There has been no nett rise in global temperatures over the last decade.
If all the requirements of the Kyoto agreement were carried out, they would reduce the global temperature in 2100 by 0.0075 deg.C.
Britain's contribution to the above temperature drop would be too insignificant to measure but the financial consequences would be crippling to British industry and the economy, and a total waste of taxpayers' cash.

The British NHS is proposing a ban on using meat and dairy produce in hospital meals in the name of reducing the size of the health service's carbon footprint. Nutrition, evidently, takes second place to empty gestures.

The Alps are enjoying the best snow conditions for a generation while Australia is suffering the worst heatwave for 150 years – not a result which came out of any of the computer climate change models used by the Global Warming Swindlers at the United Nations.


The BBC trotted out a 'leading climate scientist' with a tale of global warming which "will be beyond anything predicted by the UN's IPCC". One small problem, Professor C. Field turned out to be an alarmist evolutionary biologist.

Al Gore sidekick Dr. J. Hansen of the notorious Goddard Institute for Space Studies labelled coal-fired power stations as "factories of death" and the trains carrying their fuel as "death trains". Hysteria as a substitute for science seems to be acceptable to the GWS.

Australia's catastrophic bush fires are being blamed on the efforts of local Greens as much as on arsonists. The Green lobby prevented tree felling and scrub clearance to create fire breaks, and ensured that anyone who did it was fined tens or hundreds of thousand dollars, and prevented management of flammable debris. So the Greens are directly responsible for building up the bonfires, which arsonists and the Almighty ignited.

Professor W. Schlesinger, who writes the IPCC's scripts, admitted that the UN's claim that the case for man-made global warming is supported by the world's top 2,600 climate scientists is hot air. Somewhere around 20% of them have some dealing with climate, the prof. admitted. [And the real climate scientists are split 50:50 on anthropogenic global warming, which reduces the UN's army to about 130 bodies.]

Figures released by the US National Snow & Ice Data Centre appeared to show that 500,000 square kilometres of Actic sea ice had vanished (presumably, due to global warming). But what had actually happened was that the NSIDC satellite had been sending faulty data for a couple of months and the NSIDC had been forced to scrap that data.

The reason why China is emitting so much carbon dioxide has been uncovered. Apparently, China is being forced by the demanding West to manufacture lots of consumer goods, which used to be made in the West before China undercut our labour costs and drove the manufacturers into bankruptcy. So the West is getting the blame for all that carbon dioxide and it's nothing at all to do with China's greed for our cash.


Anyone worried about glaciers melting and raising sea levels to the mountain tops can relax. China is running out of water and it plans to build a network of monstrous reservoirs the size of a decent inland sea to plug the gap. So the world's next problem is likely to be shrinking sea levels and ports finding themselves left high and dry rather than flooded.

An expedition heading for the North Pole with the object of measuring the thickness of the ice to find out how fast it is 'declining' ran into 'unusually heavy snowfall' and had to be resupplied from the air because of a lack of progress in the severely cold weather. Pen Hadow and his 2 buddies also had a near miss with one of the 'almost extinct' polar bears.
   Although the likes of the BBC and the WWF backed the expedition in the hope of getting 'proof' of catastrophic ice melting due to global warming, the US Army's ice monitoring buoys showed that the ice this year is half a metre thicker than it was in March last year.

What was billed as 'the largest ever demonstration for civil disobedience over climate change' flopped at the beginning of this month. It should have taken place in Washington but D.C. was covered by a foot of snow in the coldest winter for over a decade and just a couple of hundred well-lagged, hard-core warmists turned up.

Meteorologist Anthony Watts has crunched results from all 4 major global temperature tracking sources – The UK’s Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, the University of Alabama in Huntsville and Remote Sensing Systems – and found that the total amount of global cooling in the last year is 0.65 to 0.75 deg.C. Which is enough to erase nearly all the global warming recorded over the past century.

The Global Warming Swindlers began stoking up the scare story list for the Copenhagen Conference in December. Among their gems were claims that average sea levels will have risen by more than 2 feet, global warming will kill off 85% of the Amazon jungle, ice caps in the Arctic & Greenland are melting much faster than predicted and the number of people dying in heat waves could be twice the predicted number.
   The Alarmists' allies in the meeja went to town on their claims while ignoring completely, a conference of real climate experts in New York organized by the Heartland Institute. Their confirmation that computer models of the climate can't be used for forecasts, that sea levels are continuing to rise at just 3 mm/year (and fluctuating as they have over the last 200 years) and the best correlation with temperature fluctuations is with the magnetic activity of the Sun, not atmospheric carbon dioxide, didn't get a look in.

The UN's IPCC predicts a sea level rise of 2 feet by the end of this century. Al Gore would have us believe the rise will be 20 feet. Global Warming Swindlers on small Pacific islands are demanding grants to build hotels to boost their tourist industries and compensation for the forecast flooding with the implication that the hotels will be drowned and the money spent on them wasted. But Dr. Nils-Axel Mörner released some real data.
   Sea levels fluctuate up and down, but there has been no nett rise over the last 50 years. And if there is a rise this century, it will be a maximum of 4 inches plus or minus 4 inches. Dr. Mörner's findings are based, not on computer models, but on actual measurements of sea levels made in the field (or, more accurately, out in the ocean).
The reason why the IPCC has been able to produce figures showing a sea level rise of 2.3 mm/year is that their 'experts' added a 2.3 mm fiddle factor to flat sea level figures "because they needed to show an upward trend".
As a result of the Brown Slump, wind farm companies are pulling out of the business because, even with a 100% subsidy, they can't make ends meet. Which leaves Gordon Brown's pledge to the EU that he will provide 35% of Britain's energy from 'renewable' sources in the dustbin of history with the rest of his spin and hot air.

A London employment tribunal has ruled that people who take a faith in global warming to the point of a mental disorder can't be sacked for disrupting their employer's business because their 'faith' is classed as a philosophical belief under the Equality (Religion and Belief) Regulations (2006).


The latest climate change fairy tale comes from e. miliband of the Dept. of Climate Change. Last year, the government thought that cutting Britain's carbon dioxide emissions by 60% over the next 40 years would benefit the economy by £110 billion but cost us £205 billion. This year, however, the boy miliband reckons that switching the target to a cut of 80% of CO2 emissions (which would involve shutting down most of the British economy) will cost the country £404 billion by 2050 but will give us a benefit of £1,024 billion.
   This trillion pound benefit is so blatantly bogus that miliband's lie becomes pathetic. But curiously, none of our MPs seems to be able to take this in. They are obviously too busy stealing from the taxpayer with bogus expenses claims to ask the boy miliband where he got his trillion pounds from (other than from a stooge's fevered imagination).

The Brown government would like to see electric cars replace vehicles using petrol and diesel fuels. But what the Brown Alarmists don't mention is that electric vehicles will have to be plugged in to the national grid to charge their batteries. The power will have to be generated by coal-fired power stations in the absence of a viable alternative.
   Transmission lossed from delivering the power to recharging stations will result in the amount of carbon dioxide generated through using electric vehicles being TWICE the amount produced by vehicles using fossil fuels.

Gordon Brown has promised to create 400,000 'green jobs' in geothermal energy, the manufacture of alternative fuels, generating solar power and constructing wind turbines, and other fields of renewable energy. But the Brown Slump has caused credit to vanish and the pound to collapse, and the nation just can't afford to subsidise more non-jobs.

The Global Warming Three, i.e. the members of the expedition to the North Pole led by P. Hadow to 'prove' that the Arctic ice is getting thinner, each carry a biotelemetry package to monitor their physical state. But that equipment has broken down due the the cold weather and the US Army's ice measurement buoys are still reporting that the ice is half a metre thicker than it was last April.

Green party MEP C. Lucas would have us believe that flying to Spain is as morally reprehensible as knifing someone in the street and air travel is causing people to die from climate change.
   Dr. R. Dixon of the Scottish WWF reckons that failing to make one's home energy efficient is on a par with drink driving. Energy Sec. E. Miliband thinks opposing the scam of wind farming equates to not wearing a seatbelt.

If there's no wind blowing, then wind turbines have to consume electricity instead of generating it because the blades have to be kept turning, using power from the National Grid, to prevent them, and their mechanism, from rusting and seizing up.


The Global Warming Swindlers in Parliament nodded through a Bill to reduce Britain's carbon emissions to 20% of the 1990 level by 2050 – which will entail shutting down most of the economy. The cost to the nation will be £404,000,000,000.
   Worse, China, India, the African nations and the South American nations are demanding £300,000,000,000/year each as reparations for the global warming caused by Europe & America. Is there that much money in the world?

Global Warming Swindlers have started quoting a "carbon dioxide equivalent" instead of the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The scam involves inflating the carbon dioxide figure by an arbitrary amount to factor in other greenhouse gases, which lets them raise the size of the number they throw about from 389 parts per million (i.e. a vanishingly small 0.04%) to a guestimated 430 ppm of CO2 equivalent.
   Remembering that the human race contributes just 3% of the total amount of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere, some 0.001% of the gas mixture in the atmosphere, then all the plans to reduce that amount by 20%, 40% or whatever will have absolute no impact on the Earth's climate.

The Met Office predicts a "barbeque summer" for 2009, having predicted the same for 2008, which was one of the wettest summers on record. The Met Office also predicted that the summer of 2007 would be one of the hottest on record – just before the temperature showed one of the sharpest drops on record.

That ace climatologist, UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-Moon, announced that the ice at the Arctic and the Antarctic is vanishing at a record rate as satellites were reporting above average amounts of Arctic ice and was reporting that snow was still falling in the Alps and the skiing season in the southern hemisphere was starting 5 weeks early.

The Global Warming Three had to be rescued when less than half-way to the North Pole. Like Fridtjof Nansen, who tried to get to the North Pole in 1892, they found that they were slogging north at the same speed that the ice pack was drifting south and the conditions were just too cold for them. It is unlikely that their measurements, made with an old tape measure, will to add much to the data on ice distribution and thickness collected via satellites.

The Brutally website revealed that 3,000 Argos monitoring buoys the size of a large fence post were deployed in the world's oceans from 2003 on. They drift about over a mile down gathering data on temperature, water salinity and current speeds, and surface 30-40 times per year to unload their data on a handy satellite.
   The Argoses are now falling out of favour with "climate scientists" because they have failed to provide any evidence of global warming, which is putting the continuity of research grants in peril.


The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has set up a Polar Bear Specialised Group to create alarmist stories about melting ice threatening the bears' survival. Any experts in the field who dare to mention that polar bear numbers are rising, and who refuse to go along with the Great Global Warming Swindle, are not invited to meetings of the PBSG.

Former UN Secretary General K. Annan would have us believe that global warming is already killing 300,000 people per year, but he doesn't feel the need to go to the trouble of coming up with any actual evidence.

A report from MIT claims that global temperatures will rise by 7 deg.C by 2100, killing billions of people and leaving the world on the brink of collapse. Which doesn't explain why:
1. global temperatures have been going down at a rate of 0.25 deg.C/decade since 2002 (something which the Global Warming Swindlers' 25 computer models all failed to predict) even though carbon dioxide levels are going up; and
2. the Arctic ice is getting thicker after the summer melts.

The world's politicians keep banging on about global warming but they have nothing to say about a decline in global crop yields caused by – cold weather! There have been abnormal snow falls in Australia and New Zealand, frosts in Brazil, and snow in June in western Canada and the northern part of the American Midwest. There was even snow in Saudi Arabia. The food shortage is not helped by the European Union switching agricultural production to biofuels to meet its Global Warming Swindle targets, which will claim almost all of the agricultural land in Europe eventually.

The wheels are coming off the great rush to wind power in the American Midwest. Thousands of wind turbines were erected before someone bothered to do some research into the available wind – and find that peak and average wind speeds have been decreasing since 1973.
 Why are the wind speeds decreasing? Climate change gets the blame.

The government has published a series of guesses about how our climate could change during the next 70 years to justify robbery via Global Warming Stealth Taxes. The script is strong on 10%-chance horror stories but it doesn't have much to say about the 90% chance that nothing dramatic will happen.

Good news for polar bears. The average temperature in the Arctic is still below zero, something which hasn't been observed at the end of June in the 50 years during which records have been kept. And this year's summer ice melt will be at a record low.
   Given the distinct absence of global warming in the 21st century, something which the climate swindlers' computer models have all failed to predict, there should be a record-breaking freeze when winter comes. So even if polar bear numbers are rising, they are getting extra roaming territory.

The "Global Humanitarian Forum" (Give Us Cash) claims that global warming is already killing 300,000 people per year – a claim which the GHF's sponsor, ex-UN Gen. Sec. Kofi Annan, admits was made without a shred of hard evidence to back it up.
 A report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (which should know better) claims that global temperatures could rise by 7 deg.C over this century, which would kill BILLIONS of people.
 But global temperatures have been going DOWN since 2002 at a rate corresponding to a drop of 0.25 deg.C/decade. Something which NONE of the global warming swindlers' computer models predicted. So it looks like, yes, they are just running a scare campaign to put lots of lovely money in their pockets.

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