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The Ups & Downs of Global Warming Swindling in 2009, Part 2


Fact: There was a warm period in the Earth's climate 55 million years ago.
Fact: Current climate models can't account for the amount of warming that occurred during the Palaeocene-Eocene thermal maximum by blaming carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Fact: The atmospheric carbon dioxide level rises after the Earth starts warming.
Fact: Carbon dioxide is a trace gas in the atmosphere and makes an insignificant contribution to global warming compared to water in the atmosphere.
Fact: Nature dumps vastly more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than humans.
Fact: Cutting human carbon dioxide emissions by 100% would have absolutely no effect on the Earth's climate.
Fact: Carbon taxes are a swindle.

Some people find it baffling that the German nation fell for the Nazi message so easily in the 1930s. 70 years on, the Global Warming Swindlers are pulling the same scare-story con-trick. Help to save the planet from the swindlers before it's too late!


Satellite data compiled at the University of Huntsville show that global temperatures have fallen back to the level they were at 30 years ago, when the measurements began. Which is not exactly the runaway global warming that the computer models cherry-picked by the Global Warming Swindlers at the United Nations predicted.

When one of President O'Bama's senior policy analysts suggested an independent review of the science behind the man-made global warming swindle involving carbon dioxide, he was told that it is now impossible to change what is no official policy, even if it's wrong and taking the country to catastrophe.

Senator S. Fielding, an independent in the Australian Senate, was invited to join the "consensus", so he asked the new Labour government 3 questions:
1. If temperatures have been falling in the 21st century, how can carbon dioxide be blamed for any rises in temperature?
2. If carbon dioxide caused warming at the end of the 20th century, what caused even greater warming in the past when CO2 levels were lower?
3. If official climate models have been proved wrong, why should we rely on future predictions from them?
The government's reply was so woolly and loaded with blunders that Senator Fielding issued his own list of corrections and turned down the offer to join the "consensus".

The accuracy of the models used to 'prove' that there is a global warming catastrophe in the offing is a constant source of embarrassment to the Global Warming Swindlers. The big problem is that climate conditions change chaotically, and the current models are unable to handle conditions of 'forcing' and 'feedback' which do not remain constant.
   In its latest Assessment Report (No. 4), the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change created an average of results from the available models, taking no account of the accuracy of the models and ignoring that fact that different models contain the same errors and there is no guarantee that the errors will be cancelled out.
   So when the IPCC publishes predictions for 20, 50 or 100 years ahead, it is offering guesses based on predictions from a group of climate models, many of which will be giving wrong results. And if the IPCC has no way of telling which results are wrong ones, its predictions become meaningless.

If global temperatures are dropping but the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere isn't, how can CO2 be blamed for rising temperatures? Clearly, other factors are involved.

If CO2 caused the late 20th century global temperature rise, what caused the much bigger rises in the past, such as the Mediaeval warming period (see graph above), and why did global temperatures DROP after World War II when use of fossil fuels boomed?

Official climate models don't work for very long (see the above item) or the results are deliberately rigged to produce a desired outcome (see the 'Hockey Stick' graph above). So why should we believe governments which demand carbon taxes and sustainable energy taxes because, the lying bastards claim, these taxes will save the planet?

The British government thinks that people who make home improvements, like installing double glazing, should pay more Council Tax because they're too rich. This government also thinks that people who don't make these improvements are energy-guzzlers, who ought to pay more Council Tax, stamp duty and inheritance tax because they're killing the planet.
The government has another swindle in the pipeline for the current "don'ts" offering them loans to pay for double glazing, insulation, etc. with a false promise that the money they save on their energy bills will more than cover the repayments.

The people of Cornwall have come up with an interesting slant on climate change. Their average temperature is more than 2 deg.C higher that the average in the north-east of England, which proves that Cornwall is already a victim of Global Warming. So the inmates of Cornwall reckon that they should be exempt from taxes which, the government claims, will prevent global warming.


The British government wants to reverse its scheme providing free concessionary bus travel for the over 60s because people are using buses instead of their cars. Which is rather strange after the millions of taxpayers' cash which the government has blown on trying to persuade motorists to use public transport on bogus environmental grounds.

Boffins at the Grant Institute, Edinburgh University and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have realized that the current focus on messing about with global temperatures is a recipe for disaster. There is a real danger that global warming swindlers going for an 'easy way out' will blow vast amounts of other people's money on measures which will end up reducing rainfall, causing extensive droughts and making life on Earth a whole lot worse.

The Met Office forecast a barbeque summer for 2009. Wrong! They predicted an 'average' summer for 2008, which had one of the wettest summers on record. They did no better in 2007. But hey, there's a Labour government, which rewards failure, and the Met Office staff are getting bonuses because their targets, set by that Labour government, don't include getting their forecasts right and they're plugged in to the megabucks available from the UN for all those who are creating the Global Warming myth.

The Group of 8 gang of world leaders has decided, for no particular reason, that the average temperature of the Earth shouldn't rise more than 2 deg.F above the present level. The original plan for achieving this involved cutting carbon emissions. This is expensive, a total waste of time and money, but it has the advantage of doing nothing damaging to the planet.
   But the 'doing something about carbon emissions' has mainly been just talking about it, and some of the influential Global Warming Swindlers are getting restless. They want to start tinkering about with the climate. They want to pretend they're operating a volcano and shove micro particles into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight.
   The only problem with that is that the GWS's don't know what the Earth's climate will do next as proved by the fact that their much vaunted computer models don't work, and there's a 90% chance that if they actually do something, they'll screw it up.
   Which means that anyone under 30 should think twice before taking out a pension plan, because if the Global Warming Swindlers get their way, there probably won't be a future worth having!

Everyone is wondering how much the Chinese government paid T. 'Smug Bugger' Blair to say they appear to be committed to cutting their emissions of greenhouse gases and should be given lots of money by Western countries.

While their politicians posture with the Global Warming Swindlers, the German people have shown their true instincts via their wallets. They bought up vast numbers of incandescent light bulbs ahead of the EU's pointless ban because they prefer their light to that from fluorescent bulbs.


10:10 Launched This Month
What is it? A totally pointless campaign to persuade people, companies & organizations to try to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in 2010.
What will it do about Climate Chance? It will have absolutely no measurable effect on the Earth's climate, which cannot be affected by gestures.

The boy Milipede, D. is taking his festival fringe show on the road. Britain's teenage foreign secretary is hoping to wow audiences with his climate change predictions and tales of alligators in the swamps of Sweden and camel trekking across the deserts of southern Spain and France.
   The tour is being paid for by the British taxpayer and it's a scare/scam. The scare is that global temperatures will rise by 4 deg.C by the end of the century and the scam is that the Brown government can prevent it from happening if the taxpayer chips in enough cash.


This month, the cabinet of the Maldives government issued a photograph of a meeting held 20ft underwater to pretend that the islands are at risk from rising sea-levels.
   One small problem, however Dr Nils-Axel Morner, the former head of the International Commission on Sea Level Change, has carried out extensive research in the region. His team found that the average sea level from 1790 to 1970 was 20 centimetres higher than the current level, and the present lower level is stable and shows no sign of increasing.
   As President Mohammed Nasheed and his ministers are fully aware of Professor Morner' findings, and they are unwilling to put taxes on their own tourist industry to 'save the planet', they have been added to the roster of Climate Criminals, who are trying to extort taxpayers' cash from friendless, gullible and senseless foreign leaders such Gordon Brown.

Around 20% of the United States of America became covered by the greatest October snowfalls for ages. Records which were set as long ago as the 1920s have tumbled. This is the third year in succession that winter has started with unusually large amounts of snow across the world.
   The extent of the summer ice-melt in both the Arctic and the Antarctic continues to decrease. But the British government is still trying to swindle us with over-priced 'green' electricity in the name of reducing global warming.

"For the planet, there is no Plan B," G. Brown reckons in an official leak of a speech on climate change. Unfortunately, there is no Plan A, either. Just Global Warming Stealth Taxes applied by dishonest politicians, who know they can do nothing helpful for either the planet or its residents.

Pulling a Leg off the Ant Won't Save the Planet


What do you get when some genius starts mucking around with the weather? If the geniuses are Chinese, you get a bunch of 'experts' trying to end a drought by making rain but giving Beijing its earliest dose of snow for 10 years by mistake and clogging up the airport.

Melting ice at the Antarctic has created new areas of open sea the size of Wales around the continent over the last 50 years. But these areas have been colonized by carbon-absorbing blooms of phytoplankton, which sink to the sea bed when they die off and trap 3.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere every year. You don't hear that inconvenient truth from the GW Swindlers!
   And this process is only is the second largest way that carbon dioxide is being removed from the atmosphere by natural processes. The largest is growth of new forest in regions of the Arctic which have become unfrozen. But the GW Swindlers would prefer you to look at pictures of pathetic polar bears stranded on little chunks of ice rather than Arctic forests.

The European Union wants everyone to use Compact Fluorescent Lamps instead of incandescent bulbs on bogus environmental grounds.
   But the problem with CFLs is they cost a bomb, they never last the claimed lifetime of thousands of hours, the manufacturers lie about their light output and they get dimmer with time.
   Which explains why that 100W equivalent CFL gives out the same amount of light as a 60W incandescent bulb. "Overpriced, overhyped, doesn't get the job done" a lot like the EU, in fact.

Global Warming is getting so bad . . . that icebergs warnings are in force for shipping around Australia & New Zealand. Some of the bits are 500 feet long and they are getting so far north thanks to a combination of cold weather and favourable ocean currents.

Emails hacked from the Climate Change Research unit at the University of East Anglia suggest that there has been a sustained campaign over more than the last decade to spin data to support the "man-made global warming" swindle and dodge requests for access to the unfiddled data under the Freedom of Information Act. Worse, the CRU has been cherry-picking the data for UN reports so that they include only figures which support their cause and exclude inconvenient truths.
   Which confirms that the mad-made global warming scam is nothing to do with science and all about reputation and money and maintaining the lifestyle of the swindlers and their influence over iggorant politicians.


The head of the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University will be standing down during an investigation of the decade of emails hacked from his department. Although the emails show a culture of suppression of data which disproves man-made global warming, systematic distortion of data to 'prove' this basic theological element of the global warning swindlers' religion and tricks to prevent the release of data to Freedom of Information requests, the outcome of the investigation is expected to be nothing more drastic than the application of a couple of pints of greenwash.
Professor P. Jones, the head of the CRU, has been paid more than 13 million for his work on the possible effects of climate change. The people who object to Global Warming swindles are usually accused of being in the pay of oil companies, etc. Looks like the vice is very versa.
A reason why the hacked emails were posted on a Russian site has emerged. The Hockey Team of global warming swindlers attempted to prop up their scam with cherry-picked tree ring data from the western United States. Prof. Jones and his allies cherry-picked one single set of tree ring data from Siberia in an attempt to 'prove' that the Mediaeval Warm Period never happened. It looks like someone in Russia objected to this attempt to drag their data into the swindle.
A check of actual temperature records for that part of Siberia has shown that there has been no rise in temperatures over the last 50 years. Which rather makes a nonsense of the Global Warming Swindlers' claim of runaway warming.

The Copenhagen conference will cost 130 million and generate as much carbon dioxide as the whole of Afghanistan generates over the same period.

Arguing over whether to limit the global warming temperature rise to 1.5 deg.C, or let it go on to 2 deg.C, has little point when the argifyers have ZERO control over the Earth's climate because they don't know how it works and they can't control how much energy the Sun puts out, El Nino and all the other variables.

The Ausssie prime monster and his local Greens are in an ass-kicking contest over global warming. One prime area of embarrassment for them is Australia's role as the world's biggest exporter of coal, which produces the dreaded carbon dioxide when burnt. But the Global Warming Swindlers are predicting that Australia will become too hot to be habitable in the next 50 years. So problem solved if it happens.

Who's unpopular right now and a soft target? Easy! Bankers. Okay, let's make them pay for our Global Warming Swindles, PM Broon and Pres Sarko have decided. Brilliant, or what?

Climate hooligans have replaced soccer hooligans as a major headache for police forces around the world. Danish police have made hundreds of arrests around the Global Warming Swindlers' conference in Copenhagen and damage to the city centre is being counted in millions of euros.
G. Broon and his entourage created carbon emissions equivalent to those of a medium-sized city through flying backwards and forwards between London & Copenhagen.

If you ever wanted proof that all these carbon emission permits and trades are a scam, here's the proof Tony Blair is setting up another of his secretive companies so that he can get involved in Global Warming Carbon Swindles.

Serial Global Warming Swindler Al Gore has been caught out in another lie at Copenhagen. He declared that the North Pole could be completely ice-free during summer in the next decade.
   "Won't happen," replied the professor whose research he had misrepresented.

British steelmaking jobs are going to India and the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere will stay the same. Why? Because Dr. R. Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is also the director general of the Tata Energy Research Institute, which is funded by the Indian steel company Tata, which owns the British steel industry and which is the beneficiary of the scam.

China is getting the blame for the failure at Copenhagen of the world's Global Warming Swindlers to ruin the West's economies. China is also getting a certain amount of praise for standing up to the swindlers.
   But the cheers should not be too loud, because if the Chinese government feels that it is being blamed too comprehensively, it will throw a hissy fit and and stomp out of the Global Warming Tax Swindle. Which can be only a good thing for the Western world.
   So one small cheer then lots of bogus disapproval of Chinese intransigence seems to be the planet-saving strategy.

The French president has been booted in the nuts by his country's constitutional council. His Global Warming Swindle carbon tax has been declared unfair and designed to punish little people and exempt big business. While the British establishment sees nothing wrong with letting that happen her, parts of the French establishment are clearly made of sterner stuff.

Shock Jock undone In October 2009, G. Brown told the nation that "we have 50 days to save the world". But the 50 days have come and gone, and the world is still here. So could it be that the Brown bungler was telling another Labour Weapons of Mass Destruction-style lie?

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