To Archive List PageNew Labour's Global Warming Swindlers have even more bad news in store for us – a new Stealth Tax in the name of making homes 'green'.

Q. : What are government targets all about?

A. : Wasting OUR money

The head of New Labour's Department of Global Warming Swindles reckons that every household in the land will have to waste £15,000 on an energy efficiency makeover to meet the government's targets for cutting carbon dioxide emissions. But what the government is taking care to ignore is the fact that the most abundant greenhouse gas in the Earth's atmosphere is water vapour, which comes from purely natural sources and which is beyond the power of the Earth's governments to control.

Greenhouse gases in context
Pulling a Leg off the Ant Won't Save the Planet

Carbon dioxide from the entire scope of human activity amounts to about one-quarter of one percent of the total of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Which means that, in the context of the ant, New Labour's domestic global warming swindle tax amounts to even less than pulling a single hair off one of the ant's legs.

Cutting the UK's emissions of carbon dioxide by 100% would have ZERO impact on the Earth's climate – which means that New Labour's target is just political flim-flam and another way of separating the people of Britain from their cash by stealth.


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