Expulsion of Cllr Murphy from Conservative Group
Background Papers Attached
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  • 1. Copy of the Notice of the Meeting and the Reply.
          Note, the purpose of the meeting was not disclosed.

    In reply, Cllr Murphy indicated he could not attend on the 8th Dec but offered alternative dates. The meeting still went ahead knowing Cllr Murphy could not be in attendance despite the Rule that required the Group to give the member an opportunity to reply to charges.
       It should also be noted that the Group did not discuss (and still has not) next year's budget, the post-May changes in local government and what the Council should now do about "Danegate". Instead, Cllr Burns thought it more important to that the Group spend the morning discussing the expulsion of a Conservative Councillor.

  • 2. A summary of the 'charges' and a rebuttal of them.
    Note, the charges are rebutted because they are false, misleading and in some cases pure trivia.
  • 3. A Copy of an e-mail exchange about a "conciliation meeting".
  • 4. A Copy of an e-mail exchange concerning the involvement of Central Office.

    Cllr Burns has stated he will "brook no interference" from Central Office and has told the Chairman of the Tytherington branch that the Group decision is "irrevocable".

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