Back to Front PageThe Global Warming Swindlers used to have an answer for EVERYTHING. But the wheels have come off their scam. Unfortunately, the British government hasn't noticed the lack of clothes on the emperor . . .

The June 2012 Climate Change festival junket in Rio produced a meaningless final document and marked a nadir in the hopes of the perpetrators of the Great Global Warming Swindle.

The Worldwide Fund for Nature, and others enjoying the hospitality of their nation's or the world's taxpayers, were appalled at the loss of a source of free lunches and holidays in exotic party.

But even the green guru James Lovelock, inventor of the "Gaia" hypothesis, has deserted them. He now acknowledges that the Great Global Warming Scare was "a tragic mistake" and that all the talk of sustainable development was just so much "meaningless drivel".

Meanwhile, Britain is left at the mercy of a government packed with Global Warming Swindlers (or GW Posturers), from the prime minister down. Britain is the only country in the world which has committed itself by law to cut its emissions of carbon dioxide by 80% in less than 40 years via The Climate Change Act (2008). Brought in by New Labour and adopted by the Tory/Liberal coalition, it will cost the nation £18,000,000,000 per year until 2050 on the Government’s own figures.

Given the ruined state of our economy, thanks to the reckless spending policies of Gordon Brown when Chancellor and prime minister, the electorate is entitled to know how our MPs, who supported the Act with only 3 opposed, plan to get the country to meet this obligation without closing down the entire economy to avoid producing the dreaded CO2.

In April 2012, the Sunday Telegraph columnist Christopher Booker invited his readers to put to their MP, the question: "Since we depend on carbon dioxide-emitting fossil fuels for 75% of our electricity production and almost all of our transport system, how in practical terms can we reduce those emissions by four-fifths?"

The MPs were reminded that it is no good pretending that we can rely on “renewables” – wind, solar power generation, etc. – to fill the gap as these power sources are intermittent and unreliable and they require up to 100% back-up from fossil fuels to keep our now largely computer-dependent economy functioning.

Replies from 47 MPs were forwarded to Mr. Booker. Not one of the 47 showed the faintest understanding of the question. Many simply returned to their constituent, a form letter supplied by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, starting with the sentence: “Decarbonisation does not mean de-industrialisation.” The more honest MPs sent the DECC letter. Some used cut-and-paste to pretend that their reply was all their own work.

The climate change minister Greg Barker, waffled on about “the Green Deal, Renewables Incentives and Smart Meters”. Fiona Bruce (Con, Congleton) was sure that “on-shore wind is by far the cheapest large-scale renewable energy source”. Roberta Blackman-Woods (Lab, Durham) claimed “nearly a million people now work in the low-carbon economy, with the potential to create 400,000 green jobs by 2020”.

Oliver Letwin (Conservative, West Dorset), the Cabinet Office minister responsible for co-ordinating government policy, claimed that costs quoted for the Climate Change Act have been greatly exaggerated. He clearly had no idea that the figures quoted to him came from the DECC’s own website. He expects that solar, wind and carbon capture (just a pipe-dream at present) will soon be so cheap that, in a few years, they “will be able to operate without subsidies”. Which shows how slender his grasp on reality is!

The replies showed that not one single MP had addressed the question, none of them had done any serious homework, and none knows how electricity is generated and how our transport system is powered. Mindlessly, the MPs merely regurgitated totally irrelevant, jargon-ridden, government propaganda.

As one reader put it: “What is infinitely depressing is that all these idiots believe the nonsense they are fed.”

Mr. Booker's research shows that, whilst the Climate Change Act needs to be tossed into the dustbin of history beside the Great Global Warming Swindle, this is unlikely to happen anytime soon, given the appalling state of ignorance of MPs of all parties and all levels of status.

Britain's fate appears to be to plunge even deeper into the financial dustbin if the government fails to recognize the damage which the 2008 Climate Change Act will wreak on the nation's competitiveness relative to the rest of the world and the economy.


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