Back to Front PageWe've had a year or so of the "Clottish Cameron & Calamity Clegg Show", so Garbagegate is starting a new page of their adventures with the lives and wealth of the British public.
Will Page 2 be much different from Page 1? We'll see.

The Lib vulture in the Tory treeThe nation has had more than enough time to regret going for a hung parliament because this is happening:

Are we really in a double-dip recession? It can't be a terribly serious one if the Office of National Statistics had to do the equivalent of an archaeological dig, and do the same amount of guesswork that we get on a Time Team show, to "prove" their case. And after all the drama of the announcement, and the sound and fury from Labour, who caused the mess in the first place, the "recession" could be reversed by a recount because the ONS made a Really Big Guess about the state of the construction industry. Brilliant!

Is Culture Sec. J. Hunt guilty of a crime against humanity for cosying up to the Murdoch Empire when it was trying to take over BSkyB? Or was he just following the precedent for ministers set before and during 13 years of New Labour misrule?

The government is demanding that its component ministries save £16 BILLION whilst doling out £8 BILLION in overseas aid. Clearly, a balancing of the books won't happen as long as the millionaires running the country stay out of touch with what the people want and reality.

Three dozen coppers will spend 2 months guarding the Olympic torch as it is paraded round the country. Waste of taxpayers' money? It gets worse. They'll all get counselling to prepare them for being away from home for 2 months. (Aaaa!) AND, when it's all over, they'll get more counselling to help them reintegrate themselves back into their jobs with the Metropolitan Police. Dave's Nanny Society strikes again.

G. Osborne's case of Brown's Disease worsens. He now plans to give £10 BILLION, which we don't have because G. Broon spent all our dosh and we'll have to borrow it, to the IMF to prop up the failed euro.

The reason why the Budget was so bad for everyone; the people and the government both; is that the top bods in the Cabinet were so worried about Liberals leaking stuff (which used to be a sacking offence until New Labour invented sleaze and lack of ministerial responsibility) that only Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and Alexander were in on the final draft. And none of them is exactly in touch with the real world. As a result, no "real people" were called in to do the essential "mine-sweeping" and the whole thing blew up in Osborne's face.

The government is in full retreat over the Liberals' Green Steal Stealth Tax on consevatories, broken boilers and broken windows, and also on the plan to grab more tax from donations to charity. And it's getting very rocky on the Pasty Stealth Tax, too.

Charities are lining up to complain about donations lost to the mere threat of G. Osborne's Stealth Tax on them.

Dave the Leader is taking flak from the Church of England over the Budget plan to put a Stealth Tax on repairs and alterations to historic buildings.

The Health 'n' Safety Executive's shiny new Myth Busters Challenge Panel has been exposed as just another dithering bunch of jobsworths on the public payroll after insisting that it needed 5 days to think over the London Fire Brigade's "Seagull-in-a-pond-gate" incident.

D. Cameron and his cohorts keep promising to abolish red tape. So how does Dave explain his Boiler Stealth Tax, which is as ill-considered as Labour's HIP scam?

The government has been forced to admit that its promise to deport all foreign criminals was just hot air and spin, and not something doable by the present inept crews at the Justice Ministry, Home Office, UK Border Agency, etc.

The government is being forced into an untidy U-Turn on the planned Charity Stealth Tax after a storm of protest from its own supporters over multiple broken manifesto pledges.

Pensioners who reach 80 have been entitled to an increase of a whole 25p per week – until G. Osborne came along. From this year, those on Pension Credit will get only 15p more because Osborne has grabbed 10p off their P.C.

Yet another Osborne Stealth Tax: his next target will be cutting tax relief on charitable donations instead of fixing loopholes which let rich celebs and former politicians set up bogus charities to their own benefit.

Back in the mists of the 20th Century, the Callaghan government (Labour) lent Argentina £45 million, which the ruling military junta there used to buy the weapons which is used to attack the Falkland Islands 30 years ago. Now, the Liberals in the Coalition would like us to forget the debt. How very liberal with other people's money, they are.

The Coalition is underwriting loans of our money, i.e. from Broke Britain, made by the European Commission to China so that the world's 2nd largest economy can plant trees to compensate for the imaginary global warming that China is causing by getting mega-rich.

NHS Health Scotland, funded by English taxpayers, is spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on sending staff on diversity courses to teach them how to ask people if they are male or female. The course material includes a 40-minute DVD and a 60-page book. This is one of the worst examples of the National Diversity Agenda, which wastes £6 million/year in Scotland. The governments south of the border are keeping quiet on exactly how much they blow on this frivolity during a Brown Slump.

The government is brewing up another Green Stealth Tax, for which we have former Global Warming Minister C. Huhne, currently facing criminal charges, to thank. His idea is to force anyone who wants to replace a broken central heating boiler, or fit new windows or doors, or add a conservatory, to be forced BY LAW to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on compulsory loft and wall insulation, draught-proofing, and anything else the Global Warming Swindlers can think of.
 • Excessive loft insulation can cause condensation in the roof space and damp patches if ventilation and the installation of a vapour-proof barrier under the insulation are neglected.
 • Loose-fibre cavity wall insulation settles with time, with the result that its effectiveness can become negligible. Cavity wall insulation also provides 'bridges' to let damp travel from the outer to the inner wall, and it can cause problems with condensation and damp patches in rooms.
 • Anyone who encounters the above problems after being forced to insulate because of government threats is unlikely to get any help from the contractor who took their money in the first place.

The government is doing a U-Turns on secret court sessions and mass spying on telephone and Internet traffic. The main unanswered question remains why these things were nokay under New Labour but they suddenly became okay for Tories to do.

The Chancellor's Brownian strategy of giving with one hand (and bragging about it) while taking with the other (and keeping quiet about it) will leave 850,000 families over £500/year worse off in 2012/13, and the same will happen to pensioners when their personal allowance is attacked in April 2014.

The French government, subject to the same EU laws as Britain, expels terrorists and doesn't think twice about it. Which suggests that there must be a compelling reason – financial, sleazy or other – why successive British governments provide a safe haven here for the world's undesirables.

The wheels are coming off the government's plans for secret justice. MPs of all persuasions are refusing to go along with the plan for court cases and inquests being held with the public excluded.
   Worse, the Equalities & Human Rights Commission sez the plan to snoop on all phone calls and Internet use in Britain is probably illegal as it breaches the 'uman right to privacy.

New Labour spent the country into bankruptcy. So is the Coalition trying to spend less? Well, actually, no. Dave & Co. are going to blow £2,000,000,000 on letting GCHQ, the spy industry's electronics headquarters, have access to every British phone call, text, email, search and other use of the Internet, and use of any other electronic means of communication, especially anything involving GPS.

Quote of the last week of March: "If D. Cameron is a typical P.R. professional, no wonder he ended up as a gaffe-prone politician with no values and no identifiable beliefs, and as someone who it totally unable to 'get' what the British people expect of a Conservative prime minister."

The government is letting head teachers close down entire schools when just a handful of teachers takes a strike day. The reason given for the closure is that the heads don't want to bring in substitute teachers as that would tell everyone who the militants are. How very New Labour!

The usual suspects are moaning at the government for giving motorists duff advice about panic-buying petrol. But given that ALL government advice is generally either totally worthless or dead wrong, people have only themselves to blame if they take any notice of it.

In 2001, subsidized eateries at the Houses of Parliament wasted food which cost the taxpayer £57,000.

The Independent (allegedly) Parliamentary Standards Authority has decided not to publish receipts submitted by MPs for expenses claims because it will cost a lot to do the job and also embarrass swindlers.

Dave the Leader tried to deploy a ban on cheap drink as a distraction from G. Osborne's upsetting the entire nation with the Granny Tax in his budget. One small snag, however. His proposed tax would breach EU competition law and drinks firms could take Dave and his gang to court, which would be v. embarrassing.

Thanks to G. Osborne's budget:
 • The taxpayer will have to cough up another £10 BILLION to fill in the deficit in the Royal Mail's pension fund, which has been made the taxpayer's responsibility so that the government can sell the concern at an artificially low price;
 • VAT is now to be charged on HOT pies, pasties and other takeaway foods sold at supermarkets and high street stores, but there will be no VAT on the same products if sold COLD;
 • Fuel taxes go up 4p/litre and, naturally, lots of other things will be going up, too;
 • There's a new Stealth Tax; historic listed buildings, including churches, will become liable to pay 20% VAT on alterations and repairs;
 • Higher personal tax allowances for pensioners have been abolished and the move dishonestly dismissed as "simplifying the system";
 • There will be NO reduction in government spending – how very New Labour!

The Coalition has even more egg on its face now the European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the Convention does not include giving same-sex couples the 'uman right to get married. Worse, the ruling exposes Dave the Leader's "consultation" as a hollow sham and a precursor to a minority by-passing the democratic process to impose its views on everyone else via interfering laws which have no popular support.

The Coalition plans to waste even more taxpayers' money on telling taxpayers exactly how much of their money is being wasted on foreign aid, the EU, etc., etc.

The government is still letting civil servants spend and spend with official credit cards whether or not they are authorized to do so. Proving that what the Coalition needs to be doing is spending less rather than looking for new ways to tax us. The spirit of Gordie "Wastrel" Broon lives on . . .

Justice Minister K. Clarke's department has failed to collect £2 BILLION in outstanding fines and assets which should have been grabbed from convicted criminals. So much for being tough on criminals and their assets.

The Coalition keeps banging on about a growing anti-business culture whilst doing its own bit to sabotage British business by planning to impose next year, totally unnecessary and stupid carbon taxes, which will make them far higher than those suffered by EU competitors.

It's all very well for Dave to plan to get the private sector to build new toll roads and water pipelines but the experience of Gordon Broon's disastrous Private Finance Initiative projects shows that the private sector can run rings around the dunces in charge of public sector government department, and the taxpayer ends up paying 10x the actual cost of the project.

The Coalition is going to stop giving aid to India to fund its space programme – but not until 2015. So that's another billion quid going down the aid drain at a time when the country's broke.

4 million households were officially in "fuel povery" in 2009 because they spent more than 10% of their income on energy. That figure is predicted to rise to 9.2 million households by 2016. So what's the government doing about it? All that's on offer is to change the definition of "fuel poverty" to reduce the percentage fraudulently. How very New Labour!

B. Clarke, who quit his job as the UK Border Agency chief before he could be sacked, is getting a £250,000 pay-off as his reward for failure.

The alleged Justice Minister, K. "The Crimina's Pal" Clarke, has got Dave the Leader so wound up that Dave has ordered Clarkie to put punishment into the community sentences which drug dealers and violent criminals get instead of gaol-time. So that's no TV, no boozing and no football matches for them. Which should get them volunteering to go to gaol where they will still be able to enjoy the soft life and complain about abuse of their human rights if their tea mug is the wrong colour.

The government is planning to waste MILLIONS & MILLIONS of pounds of taxpayers' cash by banning the use of the words "husband" and "wife" on all documents in both the public and private sectors. MILLIONS of documents will have to be redrafted, reprinted and reissued. MILLIONS of perfectly good documents bearing the banned words will have to be scrapped at a cost of MILLIONS of pounds at a time when the country is so deep in debt it's not true. It's enough to make you vote Labour; except, the Milibandits are also in favour of this shocking waste of MILLIONS of pounds of taxpayers' money.

A4e, the disgraced firm owned by the Prime Monster's disgraced former Back-To-Work Tsar, is under investigation on multiple counts of fraud but quangos are still giving it more and more new contracts and buckets of taxpayers' cash. Which suggests that the Holy Grail of "Joined-Up Government" is not going to with us any time soon.

Justice Minister K. Clarke has joined up with the Liberals to sabotage any government attempts to return control of Human Rights law to the British Parliament following hijacking by the ECHR at Strasbourg.

Gordon Broon (Labour) did his best to destroy private pensions. George Osborne (Tory with Liberals cheering him on) seems to be hell-bent on even more wrecking in his 2012 Budget. What do we have to do to get a government with at least 2 brain cells to rub together?

Further proof that Dave the Leader doesn't get it is to be found in the way he's busting a gut to give same-sex "marriage" the same legal status as the real thing. Only a totally out-of-touch politician would think there's an urgent need for it, given the nation's manifold problems with the economy, foreign wars, wasteful shambles in the public sector, "aid" going to countries which don't need it, etc., etc.

Britain is paying £125 MILLION per year to Iceland through the EU but Iceland is refusing to hand over £2.3 BILLION stolen from British customers by its reckless banking system. No wonder we're bloody broke!
 • Turkey, which has its own international aid programme, is getting £80 MILLION per year from British taxpayers to rebuild its sewer system, thanks to the dolts at the EU and the dolts in office at Westminster.

If anyone ever doubted that D. Cameron is another Tony B. Liar – i.e. all flash and no principles – Cameron has just outed himself. Mr. B. Liar had Saddam Hussein's imaginary Weapons of Mass Destruction. Cameron is now going along the same route by claiming that Iran is building ICBMs to nuke London. So that's another foreign war on the way.

Given the state of the country after 13 years of Labour misrule, you'd expect Dave the Leader to have something better in mind as a crowning achievement than letting same-sex couples pretend they are married. Get a grip, Dave and earn your pay!

The Coalition is supposed to be cutting red tape and the consequent unnecessary costs to the wealth-generating private sector. But in 2011, the various government departments ADDED £51 MILLION of new costs with new red-tape regulations.

Dave the Leader went along with renewing Mr. Rumpy-Pumpy's contract to play the President of Europe for another 2 years, and paying him a quarter of a million quid per year for being a figurehead. Nice work if you can get it.

The EU plans to force Britain to take an extra 12,000 Indian workers "to boost trade with India". That's 12,000 out of a total quota of 40,000 for the whole of Europe, which seems a tad disproportionate. Lord Mandelsleaze fathered the deal back in 2007 and the Coalition seems content to go along with it.

Cabinet Office minister F. Maude has proved how serious he is about cutting government spending by blowing £8,500,000 on doing up the headquarters of his own department.
 • Mr. Maude thinks he's cutting the payroll by moving staff from Whitehall ministries, where they're paid from the public purse, to quangos, where they're paid from the public purse.

Our government is giving MILLIONs of pounds of taxpayers' cash, via the EU and the IMF, to Argentina, which is banning British imports, denying port facilities to British ships and sabre-rattling over the Falkland Islands. Does Dave the Leader have any idea what's going on? Or does he not care that the British taxpayer's cash is being wasted like this?

If you thought New Labour's shenannegans with the justice system were pretty outrageous, if not totalitarian, then brace yourselves for what Dave the Leader has in mind. He wants the power to declare all cases which might embarrass the government as "sensitive", which means they have to be held behind closed doors with the public excluded and with the assistance only of carefully vetted lawyers. And the outcome, of course, will have to remain top secret. Joe Stalin would be proud of Dave if they were related (other than in spirit).

Will Dave the Leader tell us why he appointed E. Harrison as his "Back To Work Tsar" when he knew that her company, A4e, was under investigation and suspicion of defrauding the taxpayer? Probably not. Will the Labour party apologize for giving A4e contracts which facilitated fraud? Also probably not.

The current obsession in local councils for bin collections every two weeks has seen work for pest exterminators soar as rats, mice, squirrels and bed bugs flock to human space. Members of the government, e.g. Mr. Pickles, keep going on about weekly collections being a 'uman bloody right but nothing much ever seems to happen.

The government keeps going on about cuts but nothing much seems to be happening about the £163 MILLION per year, which the taxpayer is forking out to GPs who fail to update their records to remove from their list, people who have moved out of their area or died. Something to remember next time the National Union of General Practitioners is making noises about Tory cuts?

The government is doing the dirty on the poorest pensioners again. Pensions might be going up in April but the arbitrary "amount you need to live on" isn't going up in proportion and anyone on Pension Credit will be getting a cut.

HMRC seems to be deliberately dragging its feet over refunding overpaid corporation tax. The number of claims has dropped by 25% over the last 5 years but HMRC is taking months, or even years, to do its job — yet still paying out staff bonuses.

A. Mitchell, head of DfID Over the last 4 years, the Department for International Development [prop. A. Mitchell (right)] has wasted £1 BILLION of British taxpayers' cash on pointless carbon reduction and global warming schemes, wages for the department's staff and hospitality for the staff, foreign politicians and consultants. A lot of this money has been blown in countries like India, which don't need foreign aid, as job creation schemes for DfID staff.
 • DfID plans to waste a further £500 MILLION of British taxpayers' cash similarly over the next 2 years.

A measure of whether this government is really serious about stopping wasteful spending, and protecting British citizens, is what happens to Abu Katada, Al Kaida's ambassador at large. Will Dave & Co. have the courage to stick the SoB on the next flight to Jordan or will they keep on dithering and wasting more thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money on the European Court of 'Uman bloody Rights? Experience says the latter, unfortunately.

When a senior civil servant puts his/her hand into a pocket, it's usually the taxpayers' pocket. If they damage clothing through their own carelessness, the taxpayer replaces it. If they wear out a pair of shoes, the taxpayer buys a new pair. If they lose something, the taxpayer gets another bill. And these are the people going on strike because they've been asked to pay a small amount more for their gold-plated pensions. So much for Cabinet Office minister F. Maude's empty brag that he has Whitehall waste under control.

Electricity prices are 15% MORE than they should be because of the government's carbon emissions taxes, which will have no effect on the Earth's climate and which put this country at an unnecessary economic disadvantage to countries which don't have these bogus "green" taxes.
 • It will be 27% MORE by 2020.

Why is D. Cameron cosying up to the appalling French president Sarko? Because he's worried that some even more appalling Socialist tick will take Sarko's place after the upcoming presidential election in France.

Typical weasel words from a hack politician? That's the only sensible interpretation of F. Maude's attempt to pretend that he has single-handedly shrunk the civil service to its smallest size since 1945. Especially if he choses to ignore the couple of million bodies who are "off the books" on quangos but still dipping their grubby mitts into the taxpayer's pocket. Just how stupid and gullible do you think we are, Maude?

Dave the Leader didn't stand up to the Liberals' plan to impose a reject as head of university admissions but he did stand up on something which should never have been an issue — not penalizing students who pay back loans early (the Libs were in favour of mean-spirited) penalties. If Dave thinks that counts as a draw, then it's about 0.01% of a cheer, Dave, not good enuff.

Garbagegate has to report yet another Cameron Collapse. The Commons Business Select Committee found Prof. L. Ebdon entirely unfit for the top job at the Office of Fair Access. But Vince Cable wanted to give him the job. So D. Cameron huffed and puffed a bit, then caved in. Prof. Ebdon is a supporter of "Mickey Mouse" degrees and he is expected to lower university entry standards, and exclude most of those able to benefit from a university education, in pursuit of his personal social engineering agenda.

Civil servants are getting over £2 MILLION per month collectively in bonuses just for doing their jobs. Only in the public sector . . .

The official cost of the H2S high-speed train link between London & Birmingham "in this Parliament" was £200 MILLION in October 2011. By February 2012, it had grown to £750 MILLION. So goodness knows that it will be by the end of the year. And where all the money is coming from.

Another Cameron pre-election promise was no hugely wasteful reorganization of the NHS. Which makes it all the more peculiar that he's getting himself into a total tangle as he tries to force through Parliament, a shift from an NHS ruled by unaccountable, bone-headed, public sector managers to one run by private-sector companies, which will run rings round the bone-heads in the Department of Health when they negotiate contracts and screw the taxpayer over as much as New Labour let it happen.

Bailing out the Royal Bank of Scotland has cost the British taxpayer £83 BILLION thanks to Fred the Shred. This includes £38 BILLION written off as bad debts and spent on redundancy payments.

Dave the Leader has declared that he will continue to push the Huhne plan to cover the country with heavily subsidized windmills, do away with proper power stations, put British industry at a considerable commercial disadvantage and rip off the public with the subsidies to inefficient "green" power generators.
   Any chance of a real Tory coming forward to lead the Conservatives instead of a guy who has no principles and doesn't believe in anything, like Tony B. Liar?

The Commons has a creche which costs the taxpayer £34,000 per child for the 20 or so children who use it. No wonder the country is broke.

The Coalition is letting the European Court of 'Uman bloody Rights turn Britain back into New Labour's bunkhouse for terrorists. Apparently, locking up undesirables or sending them back where they came from breaches their 'uman bloody right to be allowed to plot and plan to murder British citizens and draw benefits like harmless parasites.

Lest we forget — Labour's Private Finance Initiative deals, which were devised by G. Broon as a means of hiding debt off the books, have left the taxpayer with a bill for £131,500,000,000 or FOUR TIMES the value of the hospitals, schools, etc. bought through the deals.

It has emerged that British stooges in India have been begging the government there to keep taking the aid to avoid embarrassment to Ministers in our government (and to keep the stooges in a job). Which suggests an obvious course of action: stop the aid and sack any Ministers who start blushing for misconduct in office.
   And another thing: 85% of the money thrown at vanity projects in India is STOLEN by fraudsters and corrupt officials.

The Indian government told Dave the Leader over a year ago that his donations of foreign aid from the British taxpayer's pocket are not needed because they are just "peanuts" to a country with its own space programme. So there's a chance to trim £280 MILLION PER YEAR from the Brown Deficit. BUT WILL DOPEY DAVE LISTEN AND DO THE RIGHT THING FOR HIS COUNTRY?

The Olympic games will bring great benefit to British business, create jobs and the souvenirs will showcase British workmanship, New Labour told us. In fact, just 9% of the souvenirs will be made in Britain. The rest are the products of foreign labour and made abroad, and the Coalition seems to be making no great effort to have them labelled as such to avoid misleading purchasers.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has found that the government's alleged reforms of public sector pensions will save the taxpayer nothing at all. Worse, figures from the Office of National Statistics show that the public sector is paid 20% more than the private sector in places, which torpedoes the myth of poorly paid public sector staff getting gold-plated pensions and early retirement as compensation for low pay.

The Boy Dave has done a U-Turn on his December veto of the use of EU institutions like the European Court of Justice for eurozone purposes only, e.g. enforcing budget rules. Dave wanted concessions in return for a new treaty in December, he deployed the veto when didn't get any, but now he has crumbled and done a U-ey. Such is democracy in the European Union.

Decent people who are injured at the low end of the scale by criminals will no longer get compensation because G. Broon has left the nation broke. But criminals who are injured by other criminals will still be able to claim huge sums from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme because Justice Minister K. Clarke and the Liberals still want to be the criminal's friend.

D. Cameron sounds off about rewards for failure, greed and blocking undeserved bonuses. Stephen Hester, chief executive of the failed, state-owned Royal Bank of Scotland, gets a £1 million bonus. Are we talking about "sound and fury, signifying nothing", Mr. Cameron?

Here's a thought for the Liberals: instead of a Mansion Tax, why not a tax on everyone who owns more than 2 homes, like Horrible Huhne, the temporary Energy Sec., who now has eight of them? At, say, £10K/year/excess home over a couple, that would be £60,000/year from Huhne to the benefit of the taxpayer; a mere trifle for a millionaire. And how many excess homes does Tony B. Liar have?

There's supposed to be a freeze on recruitment by government departments and quangos but they're still giving £10,000,000 per month to . . . recruitment agencies.

Vince Cable, Liberal Business Sec., would like to rewrite the contracts of all top bosses to include a "reverse bonus" clause, which will come into effect if their stewardship makes the company fail, as happened with Gordon Broon's mates Fred Goodwin of the Royal Bank of Scotland and Victor Blank of Lloyds TSB.

Vince Cable, who used to have a reputation as a bit of an economist before he took office and blew it, would like a Mansion Tax in the next budget, which will make him very popular with Tony B. Liar.

Wow! Nick Clegg (leader of the Trivial Democrats in case you're going, "Who?") reckons Fred the Shred should lose his Brown knighthood. That's bound to swing it.

The Coalition has really upset Labour by publishing the news that thousands of illegal immigrants, who were let in under Labour's shambles of an immigration system, are now claiming benefits to which they are not entitled.

The prime monster says he'll cap bonuses in failed, taxpayer-bailed banks at £2K for everyone and ya, boo, sucks! to anyone expecting £1.5 million.

The failed Royal Bank of Scotland (Fred the Shredded into the taxpayer's pocket) is giving millions of pounds away in bonuses and the Coalition, which represents the majority of the shareholders, seems to be sitting on its collective hands and letting the rewards for failure go ahead.

The government would like to offer its "help" in the cause of driving the elderly out of their homes and into smaller dwellings. Housing minister G. Shapps wants to see inconvenient senior citizens shipped off to old folks' farms so that their local council can rent the vacated house to a family with young children as part of a Blairite control-freak social engineering plan.

The Institute of Economic Affairs had concluded that Dave the Leader's policy of collecting statistics on national happiness is a complete waste of taxpayers –2 million blown so far. What will really make people happier is for the government to make them better off by fixing the economy (wrecked by G. Broon and New Labour) and cutting taxes.

The government is to order local councils to stop ripping their charge-payers off and reduce their fines for largely imaginary bin offences, and give a big discount for prompt payment. The Coalition will have taken only a couple of years to get here by the time the statutory instruments are in place.

Britain paid £18,500,000,000 to the European Union in 2010 and got back £8,200,000,000. That's a gap of £10,300,000,000 WASTED. The Coalition has no plans to do anything about this drain on our Brown-shattered finances.

The European Court of Human Rights' "judges" rule against Britain in three-quarters of the cases brought before the court, overturning the laws of this country, costing us MILLIONS of pounds in compensation paid to killers and terrorists, and forcing us to give benefits and shelter to the worst sorts of foreign and domestic criminals. Will Dave the Leader extract us from the ECHR's clutches, as he has promised? We'll see.

The government had decided to spend £33 BILLION (which we don't have so we'll have to borrow it, and the final cost is bound to top £100 BILLION) on a high-speed rail system which won't be ready for 20 years, which will be another Channel Tunnel, as far as recovering the building costs is return, and which will have ticket prices so high that only those on taxpayer-funded expenses, like MPs and civil will be able to afford them.
   Will the Coalition guarantee that ALL of the money is spent in this country? If not, it is the duty of every loyal British citizen to give Dave, Nick and the rest of the gang endless grief until they do the right thing.

The PM's Office has concluded that Labour MP Ed "He's Talking" Balls does not have Tourette's Syndrome. He just lacks self-discipline and he is unable to contain his inner yob. Dave the Leader has, accordingly, offered an apology to anyone who has TS and who was distressed by his remark, which put them in the same box as Eddie Balls.

The PM is to slay the 'elf & safety monster by capping the amount which ambulance-chasing lawyers can charge in fees and building on plans to change the liability laws, which make employers responsible by default (even if they are blameless) when something goes wrong.

Some failing schools have resorted to bribing their most disruptive inmates to stay away during Ofsted inspections, which is very New Labour. Will the Coalition to anything to frustrate this knavish trick? We'll see.

The Coalition is doing nothing to check HMRC's plan to harass 20,000 small businesses in the hope of raising £3,000 fines for missing paperwork while letting big firms off tax bills for BILLIONS.
 • Around TWO-THIRDS of fines imposed on small businesses by HMRC in 2011 were found to be WRONG on appeal. And that's only the results from swindled customers who had the resources to make an appeal.

The European Commission's latest Big Idea is to harmonize VAT rates by abolishing the reduced rates enjoyed in Britain on the likes of food, children's clothes, books and newspaper, and power. The EC is graciously prepared to let our government return some of the extra VAT by lowering other taxes, like income tax. So will the Coalition have the guts to stand up to a plan to waste British taxpayers' cash by collecting the extra VAT and then waste even more taxpayers' cash on paying back only SOME of it? We'll see.

The New Year's Dishonours List is full of the usual suspects getting gongs, especially for donating cash to political parties. Is it too much to expect that the ingrained sleaze of 13 years of New Labour can be polished off the government establishment in a mere 18 months? Apparently so.

18,000 criminals, kept out of gaol by community sentences, commit violent or sexual crimes every year. So it looks like being nice to criminals doesn't turn them into nice people.

Dave the Leader has been told to get lost from all sides over his plans to whack a huge new level of tax on drink. It's all right for you millionaires, Dave, but what about the rest of us?

Brazil – No. 6 in the World Economic League – is still getting aid from British taxpayers even though we are No. 7 in the same league. China, No. 2, is also being subsidized by the British taxpayer, as is France, No. 5, thanks to the EU's Common Agricultural Policy.

Local authorities in England have stashed a total of £11 BILLION in cash in reserve funds, but the Coalition is still letting them cut essential services, like home helps for the elderly, and they're still demanding more and more cash from the taxpayer.

Clottish Clegg, the world's most unpopular politican, would like us to believe he's going to reform the House of Lords by making the membership 80% elected and excluding people who donate lots of cash to political parties. So will he be evicting as unworthy, the Liberal donors, activists and failed election general candidates whom he elevated after joining the Coalition?

5,000 staff released by the "Bonfire of Quangos" have been re-hired for Public Health England – a super-quango which isn't due to start doing anything until 2013.

It has been pointed out that the British Veto can't be applied until a treaty is finalized and ready to sign. So Dave the Leader didn't veto anything at the December euro-rescue shambles to get his hero's welcome on his return home, he just gave the Sarko-Merkel Axis an excuse to throw their toys out of the pram while the other dissenters played the chicken card and kept schtumm.

What does the Cleggster think he's up to? He's reported to be working with pals of Lord Mandelsleaze to undermine the Prime Monster's stance against more powers for the EU's Franco-German Axis, and more British taxpayers' cash to prop up the corruption-ridden institution and the euro. But if he does force Cameron to give up and call an election, the Cleggster and his chums face political annihilation. Perhaps it would be an idea to force all Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet personnel to have a current certificate of sanity as an operating requirement.

MPs are seeking to get back to the good old days of expenses abuse. They want to have a 2nd home allowance again, and they want to receive this allowance, and travel expenses, without having to produce receipts.

The Parliamentary Human Rights Joint Committee would like the government to believe that cutting the benefits for people who refuse to work violates their 'uman right to be supported by the nation if they choose to be idle. How very New Labour!

The Transport Dept. and Highways Agency have cut the road repair budget by around £1,200,000,000. Nice to see the Coalition getting rid of the really essential stuff while leaving untouched, frills like giving overseas aid to countries with their own space programme.

Millionaire politician N. Clegg is now being gummed by the dodgy wing of his own party after his U-turn on the euro stitch-up. They think he should never have come down on D. Cameron's side in the first place and he lacks leadership ability. Some people just can't win.

The Coalition has kicked into touch, the problem of tackling the shambles of care for the elderly. Apparently, it's just too complicated for our present generation of policial geniuses to handle so they're leaving it to the next-but-one Parliament to solve.

The Cleggster has been forced into a U-Turn on Dave the Leader's agreed veto of the EU's latest power grab with no guarantees for Britain's economic health. He was told to do it or lose his job. Clegg's attitude seems to be that it's okay for the EU to antagonize us but we shouldn't breathe a word of criticism of the sacred EU's excesses.

The scramble for an international stitch-up in South Africa resulted in Britain being signed up to a new wave of green taxes in the name of preventing climate change. So everyone will have to dig deeper into their pockets and still have nothing to show for it. Plus ça change . . .

Two cheers for Cameron 'n' Clegg for refusing to let the Germans and the French take control of the finances of the whole of the European Union states. But they won't get the third until they show that they really are prepared to put effective roadblocks in the way of the EU's steamroller.

Dave the Leader's Wellbeing Survey found that most people don't want taxes to go up, even if the money is spent by health & education departments, and they definitely don't want to pay bogus green taxes. Are you listening, Dave?

The Olympic Games were 100% safe with 10,000 security guards (at £23,000 a head for the fortnight) going into December. Suddenly, a week later, someone decided that the Games really needs 23,000 security guards. So that's one particular budget more than doubled at a stroke and even more taxpapers' money blown, and no heads rolling because the Coalition seems to have as much respect for taxpayers' cash as G. Broon.

In opposition, the Tories rightly mocked New Labour's target culture. So how strange that the Health Sec., A. Lansley, has invented 60 more performance targets for his fief.

New Labour did its best to kill off the private pension by letting G. Broon tax them towards extinction. Now, the EU is trying to kill off all private final-salary pension schemes with more pointless bureaucracy. Will the Coalition do anything about it? We'll see.

The Coalition let the Audit Commission, which is supposed to make local government efficient and effective, blow £10,000 of taxpayers' cash on its 25th anniversary celebrations. Given the wasteful state of some councils, it's not as if they have much to brag about.

The Coalition, doing some cynical vote-chasing, intends to lift the ban on HIV-positive surgeons and dentists having contact with NHS patients. The next step, of course, will be to deprive patients of the right to know if they are about to be treated with by someone who could give them a fatal and incurable disease.

The country is broke but International Development Sec. A. Mitchell is trying to ensure he stays in a job by passing a law to make us give 0.7% of GDP in overseas aid – even to countries with their own space programme like India, China and South Africa.

This government and New Labour have blown £650 MILLION on worthless international climate change agreements over the last 5 years, none of which will do anything to save the planet.

Calamity Clegg, that well-known millionaire, is winding himself up to snatch TV licences from the over-75s and bus passes from pensioners. This is him displaying his credentials as a "man of the people".

The Coalition's "Green" initiatives, we are told, will save households £100/year from their energy bills by 2020, even though the level of "green" taxes on gas and electricity will be 400% HIGHER than those in force in 2011. And those same households will have to SPEND £5,000 on insulation and new appliances like fridges, freezers and cookers. Brilliant deal, huh?

Dave the Leader has blown £2 million of taxpayers' cash on a wellbeing survey to find that most people are 7's – i.e. feeling fairly okay.

The Squeaker of the Commons has blown £15,000 of taxpayers' cash on a "tackily awful" personal coat of arms and another £44,000 on a large painting of him posturing.

We're broke but the government is still planning to give £1 BILLION (which we don't have so we'll have to borrow it) to South Africa – the strongest economy in Africa – to protect them from global warming. Most of the cash is expected to go to the South African government, rather than the people, to fund their space programme – much the same story as for the aid that goes to China and India.

Migration raised the British population by a quarter of a million bodies last year, despite Dave the Leader's promise to reduce the rise to "tens of thousands".

Previous convictions now count for nothing much in our "justice" system. Two-thirds of criminals with 15 or more convictions (burglars, violent criminals) escape gaol when they appear before the courts again.

Our prime monster is presenting the probability of hanging on to our opt-out from the EU's 48-hour working week as a victory. But, Dave, you're supposed to be repatriating powers grabbed by Brussels, not just clinging on to the few scraps they've given us.

Dave the Leader was talking big about freezing the EU budget a while ago. But it turns out that he's cool with giving the scammers, fraudsters and wastrels another 2%, out of the British taxpayer's pocket, and equally cool with doing nothing to stop fraud and corruption in the EU.

Germany is drawing up plans to exclude non-eurozone countries from discussions about treaty changes and take away their voting powers. Which will make any British referendum on repatriation of powers grabbed by the EU completely irrelevant. Sadly, Dave the Leader doesn't seem minded to do anything about this.

The government will make it harder for "the people" to force debates via an online petition as the topics chosen thus far have been nothing but an embarrassment and shaming for politicians of all persuasions.

Justice Minister K. Clarke announced the abolition of the useless quango Youth Justice Board one day, then gave it a reprieve the next. Looks like the Bonfire of the Quangos was just hot air and we need to get rid of dead-wood government ministers before we can get someone in place to get rid of dead-wood quangos.
   Clarke also wanted to abolish the office of Chief Coroner, to the detriment of the inquest system – until his heads were banged together.

Only World War II halted the Tory party's annual spring gathering, where the prime minister can meet the "little people". But Dave the Leader has chickened out of holding a Central Council meeting in the spring of 2012 because he's worried about delegates telling him that he's doing a terrible job and losing even more Tory votes when their views are reported in the national press.

"Cameron breaks pre-election promise" is no longer news, but the latest cast-iron guarantee to go (just for the record) is a pledge to create a special commemorative medal for all those who served on the Arctic convoys to Russia during World War II.

The UK Border Agency has been leaving Dover wide open for illegal entry by criminals and terrorists since 2008. The Coalition didn't find out about it until late October of 2011.

111 of 326 local councils are ripping off their residents with fees for removing garden waste. So what's the Coalition doing to stop this abuse? Apart from bugger all.

The EU is demanding that its badge be added to the outfit of everyone playing a sport in the EU's territory and that the EU flag be flown at every sporting event. Will the Coalition have the guts to tell the eurocrats to get lost? Especially with Cabinet members who are former MEPs and on the payroll as long as they don't disagree with EU diktats.

Is it really The People's Olympics? If so, why has the government spent £750,000 of taxpayers' money on buying up tickets for junketeers?

The government could save the taxpayer at least £34,000,000,000 by locking energy sec. C. Huhne in a deep, dark pit and building nuclear and gas-fuelled power stations instead of windmills.

Dave the Leader is planning to add £10,000,000,000 to the debt run up by New Labour by giving money we don't have to the IMF to keep the euro bailed out. Thank very much, Dave.

Dozy civil servants have lost computers, mobile phones and other bits of kit to the value of £100,000 over the last 18 months. The Coalition has no answer to such serial carelessness.

The government is letting MPs buy iPads for themselves, so that they can watch U-Tube videos in the Chamber, and also for their staff so that they too can share the U-Tube experience at the taxpayer's expense.

B. Clark, head of the UK Border Force, is currently suspended for secretly abandoning passport checks designed to keep terrorists and criminals out of the country between July and the end of October in 2011. Clark is not being allowed to resign so that he can be sacked if an investigation proves misconduct in office. But will the Coalition have the guts to allow an honest investigation and a fair hanging? Its present record indicates the opposite.

Dave the Leader seems to be in need of slapping down. With Bonfire Night approaching, the anniversary of a (failed) attempt to blow up Parliament, he's ready to sign us up to a US attack on Iran and give away EVEN MORE money which we don't have to prop up the euro and Greece. He's clearly as out of touch with history as he is with the people.

Something else we have to thank Dave the Leader for is spending one billion pounds of OUR money on bombing Libya to bits and making it a safe haven for Islamic extremists and Al Kaida terrorists.

Another broken promise from D. Cameron. His pledge to lead the most family-friendly government in the whole history of the universe has foundered on the rock of the Family Justice Review, which denies access to children by fathers and grandparents at the whim of the mother when a relationship ends.

The government's Regional Growth Fund has paid out cash to just 7 of the 50 firms which were offered cash in its first six months. And most of the money has gone to firms based abroad, e.g. General Motors, Santander and Siemens. But a big chunks of money has gone to Sheffield Forgemasters to buy votes for D. Clegg, who happens to be the Liberal MP for Sheffield Hallam.

The "Dump Dave" movement is taking heart from Chancellor G. Osborne's belief that Britain should grab back the powers usurped by the Franco-German blok in the EU. If Dave is too chicken-hearted to do it, maybe we should give George a chance to put up.

The Franco-German alliance trying to rescue the euro has revealed its revised plan for screwing Europe up totally: to form a 17-nation state-within-a-state of the eurozone countries, and rule the whole EU by Qualified Majority Voting. Will Dave let them get away with it? Of course, he will on his present form.

"We are not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business," Chancellor G. Osborne said about the EU's obsession with slapping enormous taxes on businesses in a doomed attempt to tax carbon dioxide into extinction. So why are Dave the Leader and his Liberal chums Hell-bent on doing just that by going along with the EU instead of standing up for their country's interest?

The Cameron-Huhne obsession with slapping Green taxes on gas and electricity is expected to kill an extra 2,700 people in the winter of 2011/12 because their victims won't be able to afford to keep their homes warm.

Does Dave the Leader really think he can get away with rigging a vote in Parliament on a referendum on the EU? Or are the Eurosceptics getting their retaliation in first to make things tough for a leader who has no respect for the wishes of the British people and no integrity when it comes to keeping his promises?

The Big Six energy companies boosted their profit per customer from £15 in June to £125 in October by the usual tricks of raising consumer prices faster than wholesale prices and confusing tariffs. The government doesn't seem inclined to do anything about this swindle other than make hurt noises on the taxpayers' behalf.

'Orrible Huhne has finally realized that we need nuclear power stations if the lights are to stay on, so he's now all in favour of what he thought was "failed" technology a couple of years ago. And no doubt he'll be admitting that windmills are failed technology in a couple of years, if there's anything in it for him politically.

D. Cameron promised to put right the abused of the Human Rights Act, judges are still using it to keep foreign rapists and murderers in Britain. Anything likely to happen in our lifetime, Dave?

C. Huhne, millionaire Liberal minister, has been caught in the act of snidely making an anonymous attack on a fellow Cabinet member. But no one is too surprised as he has lots of form for it.

Air Passenger Duty, the Chancellor has admitted in a rare fit of political honesty, is just another Stealth Tax dressed up as a planet-saving (which it won't) Green tax. The Tories introduced it in 1994 to discourage poor people from flying and it was Labour who applied the bogus Green label when Wee Gordie Broon wanted to ramp it up to help fund his campaign of reckless spending.

The Coalition might have frozen Council Tax for another year but it is doing nothing about councils' Stealth Taxes, e.g. putting up parking fees by up to 400% and charging people a small fortune for parking their car outside their own house.

The Chancellor has finally realized that Britain can't afford to lead Europe in cutting carbon emissions (and destroying the economy) to please the Global Warming Swindlers in the Coalition's ranks.

Foreign doctors will have to be able to speak good English before the NHS can employ them – but only after part of The Medical Act (1983) has been repealed.

Membership of the Conservative Party has plunged to an all-time low under Dave the Leader. His habit of breaking promises, e.g. on the referendum on the EU, doing nothing about the 'Uman Rights Act and the failure to deliver a bonfire of quangos and red tape (etc., etc.) are all at the back of it. Not to mention the fact that he doesn't seem to stand for anything or believe in anything, let alone traditional Tory values.

Council tax will be frozen for another year to stop thieving councils from dipping even deeper into their customers' pockets. As a result, the quality of the service will decline even more, but at least you won't end up paying more for it.

3,360 babies were in care last year but only 60 were adopted. So mujch for the bonfire of red tape and mindless, politically correct bureaucracy.

Dave the Leader, it appears, is good at understanding women, single people, people running a small business, ethnic minorities, Northerners, sexual deviants, pensioners, people employed by the public sector and poor people. Does that leave anyone out?

Dave the Leader promised a "Bonfire of Red Tape" when he took over the government of the country. So how come the Institute of Directors is complaining that British business is being strangled by EVEN MORE of it?

"Come The Hour, Come The Man!" The country's in a hell of a mess thanks to Broon reckless spending, the Civil Service is still blowing taxpayers' cash like a gang of drunken sailors, and the world monetary system is in distress due to the EU's fraudulent antics while pretending that the euro is a going concern. So Dave the Leader gets tough! He's declared war! On the plastic bags given out in supermarkets.

Has Dave the Leader found some backbone or was telling the United Nations to stop jawing and start attacking the rogue leaders of rogue states just empty tough talking?

Convicts are to get a phone in their cell "to undermine the black market in mobile phones". But as the cell-phones won't take in-coming calls, and all out-going ones will have to be logged, it looks like the black marketeers have nothing to worry about.

Calamity Clegg wants the power to regulate pay in the private sector; presumably because he has realized he has no chance of doing it in the public sector and he wants to be able to boss SOMEONE around.

The Liberals would like to remove the sex of the holder from the data stored in a British passport because they think it would buy the votes of the few people who aren't sure which sex they are.

Under the Coalition, Transport Sec. P. Hammond has admitted, train fares are so high that only the rich can afford them while the poor are paying for the railway system through their taxes.

The Coalition is pushing ahead with a plan to make same-sex "marriages" the only officially recognized form of this institution for reasons known only to D. Cameron and the Liberals.

Nine European countries, including the UK, have told the EU Commission to spend better instead of spending more in response to a demand for an 11% rise in the EU budget. This sum is about equal to the amount lost EVERY YEAR to criminals through lack of scrutiny and complicity in fraud.

The Liberals got their referendum on PR but they're going back on the deal on boundary changes. Oh, to have such elastic principles. No wonder they're been out of power for a century and likely to remain so for another century after the Coalition is over.

Over 50% of secondary schools and 25% of primary schools got an "outstanding" rating from Ofsted; but only thanks to New Labour's culture of distorting standards, Education Sec. M. Gove has discovered. A school with poor teaching still qualifies to be "outstanding" on Ofsted's books.

Let's whack a tax on pension pots said millionaire Lib. C. Huhne. What, like 12½% on all pension pots over £500K? Great idea, pity it'll never happen.

Bankers must pay with their bonuses for the mess they've cause, says Business Sec. V. Cable. Great idea, pity it won't happen.

Dave the Leader would like the courts to admit TV cameras after the accused has been convicted to pile a bit of public humiliation on the inadequate sentence.

The Coalition's "green" energy policies, and the stealth taxes which go with them, will add £300/year to power bills by 2020, according to one of the Downing Street "policy advisors". So double that, at least, as the real price of Dave the Leader's global warming delusions.

The Coalition plans to take away local councils' powers to impose fines for petty breaches of waste & recycling rules – like failing to close a bin lid and not putting it away fast enough. But not for quite some time.

The National Audit Office was supposed to ensure that government departments gave value for money. It failed. But that didn't stop the management paying out a total of £5,200,000 to 25 redundant officials, including one who got an amazing £750,000, as New Labour rewards for failure. The NAO is supposed to be abolished as a cost-cutting exercise. Clearly, the Coalition is using the Gordon Brown definition of cost-cutting.

The NHS is paying its spin doctors MORE than cancer specialists. How very New Labour and when will the Coalition do something about it?

After this year, GCSE exams will be tougher and New Labour's self-serving policy of grade inflation and "prizes for all" will be ditched.

The Coalition is on course to pay unwanted staff of dissolved quangos over £80 MILLION when most of the redundancies are voluntary and many of the people with pocket's full of taxpayers' cash walk into another public sector job, despite the alleged freeze on recruitment. The pay-offs can be 25 times or more greater than those available in the private sector. – Dave, you need to get a grip.

K. Clarke, currently Justice Minister, would like criminals who don't go to gaol to be obliged to do hard labour in the community, such as picking up litter and cleaning off graffiti, for 4 x 7-hour days per week, ending New Labour's soft touch policy, which left the criminals free to watch daytime TV. Criminals with a job will lose their weekend.

Figures published by some councils prove that many speed cameras are nothing to do with road safety and all to do with Gordon Brown Stealth taxation. The Coalition is "urging" all councils to publish their speed-cam records of revenue and accidents prevented. Ordering rather than urging would be more appropriate, Mr. Pickles.

The Ministry of Justice, prop. K. Clarke, is pleading poverty while using £6 million/year of taxpayers' money to pay the wages of trade union officials posing as civil servants.
 • The Ministry of Defence pays out £4 million/year in the same abuse of taxpayers' cash.
 • The total cost to the taxpayer from supporting trade unions (which fund the Labour party) across Whitehall was £23 million in 2010/11.

NHS Trusts blew £16 million on hiring new managers in 2010-2011 while cutting front-line staff. So the Coalition has yet to transplant a sense of priorities and financial responsibility into another New Labour disaster zone.

HM Revenue & Customs has caused financial chaos for half a million self-employed customers by failing to buy enough headed paper. The customers were required by law to pay an instalment of tax by 31st July. Which is rather difficult if you haven't had a statement from HMRC telling you how much to pay because they screwed up.

France & Germany are trying to stick their hands into British pockets again with a transaction tax on all foreign exchange and share trades to prop up the euro. Britain, of course, has most of this business but isn't in the euro, and the tax will cost us £15 to 50 BILLION per year. Will Dave have the nerve to tell the Huns and the Frogs to sod off? We'll see.

The taxpayer is being ripped off to the tune of £18 BILLION/year by excess "green taxes", which are just taxes and are not used to save the planet, improve public transport or do anything particularly useful for the people who had to stump up the cash.

How sadly predictable that the Liberals in the Coalition would come out on the side of the rioters and continue to embrace the discredited New Labour culture of rights without responsibilities and take liberties with the rights of the majority of British citizens.

If Dave the Leader is allowed to carry on with his crazy foreign aid plans, British taxpayers will be giving £70 million to the Taliban and thieving Afghan officials over the next 4 years.

Dave the Leader and top coppers are in an ass-kicking contest for the credit for intimidating the nation's rioters into packing it in for a while. The problem on the police side is that while some of them knew what had to be done, they were unable to act until the top guys had summoned up the nerve to do what was necessary.

Dave the Leader has appointed Bill Bratton, the copper who cleaned up New York with his zero-tolerance policing and did gang-busting in L.A., as a special advisor. But will he have the courage to act on Mr. Bratton's words of wisdom? We'll see.

The government's answer to riots and arson and looting everywhere was to recall Parliament for a day to allow Labour, which created the current "No Blame" culture, to blame it on Tory cuts which haven't happened yet, and to let Tories and Libs call mass criminality "unacceptable", which will do a fat lot of good.

Dave the Leader's commision on human rights law has proved to be a paper tiger. It intends to look only at ways to give the courts more power to rule in favour of the unworthy and it will ignore completely the abuses of the European Court of Human Rights, the source off Britain's problems after Tony Blair gave it a free hand.

The Top Tories want to cut the top rate of income tax from 50p in the £ to 45p to encourage rich people to stay here and pay taxes. [How about it, Lewis Hamilton?]

Dave the Leader's promise of a "Bonfire of Quangos" after he was elected was just hot air. In the first year or so of the Coalition, 1,600 civil servants were made redundant, with pay-offs, and many of them were among the 4,500 new civil servants recruited to build up empires.

Dave the Leader was forced to rule out abolishing free travel passes for pensioners but local councils are making them irrelevant by cutting subsidies to socially necessary bus routes. The councils blame "The Cuts". The Coalition points out that councils are cutting for political effect instead of getting rid of New Labour's non-jobs and bloated salaries for council staff.

The Coalition has cut Whitehall spending by £3.75 BILLION in the 10 months to July 2011 by undoing some of the lunatic procurement policies brought in by New Labour, under which the taxpayer was charged 10x the going rate (and more) for consumables.

Where does British overseas aid go. Well, it helped President Nguesso of Congo to buy 16 luxury homes in Paris.

Civil servants have so little to do that they spend vast amounts of time messing about on the InterWeb. Perhaps the Coalition could monitor inappropriate Web use as a means of finding out when the civil service has been pruned to a level which leaves the buggers too busy to goof off.

Last year, retail trade billionaire Sir P. Green produced a report showing that the New Labour trained civil service wastes £20 BILLION per year by paying 7-14 times the going rate for stationery, laptop computers, etc. The Public Administration Select Committee has done another report this year showing that the Coalition has done NOTHING to stop these New Labour abuses of the public purse.

The (soon to be abolished) Audit Commission, which is supposed to be a watchdog on government spending, got so crazy with New Labour spendlust that it created its own brand of fish 'n' chips for junkets. So why is the Coalition dragging its feet over getting rid of this pile of parasites?

There is nothing wrong with at least two-thirds of the people awarded Incapacity Benefit by New Labour in its reckless spending spree. Labour is trying frantically to hide behind the small number of people wrongly assessed by a new screening process while in denial about the whole mess. Will the Coalition be soft enough to let the Milibandits get away with it? Probably, if past form is any guide.

Despite promising a bonfire of red tape, the Coalition is continuing to follow Labour's policy of piling expensive, wasteful and unnecessary regulations on the business sector.

Dave the Leader has wasted £2,000,000 on a national happiness survey, which found that what's most important to the British people are decent health, family/relationships, work, their local environment and education. And what really makes people unhappy is the government blowing two million quid of their money on something so stupid.

Is the government (and opposition) serious about phone hacking by the Murdoch organization? Not very, in the light of the following:
1. They put Mr. Murdoch in front of a committee run by K. Vaz (Labour), who had a history of obstructing sleaze investigations when he was a minister in the Blair government;
2. They let an attention-seeking comic through the "security" at the House of Commons and into the committee room with intent to commit common assault;
3. N. Kinnock, the sometime EU anti-corruption minister who thought his job was to sack anyone who tried to stop EU corruption, wants to subject all news media to left-wing political control, as at the BBC, and his party leader is doing nothing to slap his down.

Dave the Leader is starting to wake up to how African dictators are exploiting his generosity with taxpayers' cash. The Chinese do billion-dollar trade deals with the dictators, who keep the cash and rely on gullible Western governments to feed their people – with what's left after they've taken their share of the aid money.

Dave the Leader has admitted that foreign aid money is being wasted but he doesn't see that as a reason for not pouring even more taxpayers' money into the pockets of dependent 3rd world regimes.

Greedy MPs are trying to wriggle out of paying more for their gold-plated pensions as they think they're a special case and entitled to special treatment. Ominously, the Coalition is doing nothing to slap them down.

The Coalition seems intent on raising the number of households in fuel poverty (spending more than 10% of income on gas + electricity) from 20% to 30% by 2015.

Dave the Leader has joined the gang of politicians who think that mugging the Murdoch organization will make them look less guilty of crawling up the Dirty Digger's bum in the past.

Unfit to judge "Journalists must never again be solely responsible for policing themselves" pontificates the prime minister. Substitute 'MPs' for 'journalists' and the level of agreement rises.

If Energy Sec. C. "Hypocrite" Huhne and his successors are allowed to keep banging on bogus "green" energy stealth taxes at the current rate, the price of electricity will double by 2030.

The Coalition promised to order the Competition Commission to investigate gas and electricity prices, which don't seem to be subject to competition. But no sign of it happening.

Oh, no! Dave the Leader thinks he's Gordon Broon. Why else would he be wandering around the world, handing our money to corrupt regimes and pretending it's good for Britain?

The Ministry of Defence can't account for kit worth £6 BILLION. The dozy buggers installed under New Labour don't know if it's still there, lost or stolen.

The government knows that increasing the foreign aid budget will put even more British taxpayers' cash into the pockets of dictators and corrupt officials, but it has no plans to check up on where the money goes to prevent fraud.

"Green" taxes now take over £40 BILLION from the taxpayer – which is more than the defence budget. So what do we have to show for all this? Would anyone who knows kindly email us (address on our front page).

The usual Global Warming Swindlers are moaning because the government did some PR for the nuclear industry after the Fukushima plant was wiped out by a tsunami. "It's a scandal", they huff. But it would be a scandal only if the government was planning to wish on us, like old-fashioned reactors built in a similar earthquake zone. Which isn't going to happen.
   No, the only scandal is the amount of taxpayers' cash which Dave & Co. are wasting on windmills and other "green" technologies which won't keep the lights on and which are commercially non-viable.

"Hypocrite" Huhne has seen the light. He now realizes that we need more nuclear power stations, not on/off windmills, to keep the lights on.

The unfunded public sector pensions liability wished on the country by New Labour is over £900 BILLION – which is more than the combined national debt of Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain. Which makes it imperative for the government to make people in the public sector pay for their pensions instead of getting a free ride on the backs of the mugs in the private sector.


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