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Theresa has lost the Tory majority and she's at the mercy of spivs like the DUP; but just how willing will they be to torpedo her regime and leave themselves at the mercy of the Corbynites? We'll see!

May Soldiers On

January 2018

The PM wishes to thank the unelected presidents of the European Council and the Europeon Commission for their invitation to forget Brexit; in other words, to keep on voting until we get it right; but our response remains 'No, thanks'.

Mrs. May has decided to appoint a Minister for Loneliness. T. Crouch will be given the job of jollying the 9 million adults who cannot cope with the sad reality of isolation. Sounds like she's going to have her hands full.

The new boss of DfID, P. Mordaunt, his planning to cut bungs to countries where the government makes no effort to help its citizens. Her new policy is all about helping countries to stand on their own feet rather than lounging about in bed all day.

The PM has promised to overturn the attempts by the House of Frauds to prevent newspapers from investigating corruption, especially in the public sector, by making newspapers liable for the costs of vexatious litigation, even when they win. This is a very left-wing concept of justice and something up with which a Tory government should not put.

Theresa May has pledged to spend the next 25 years picking up plastic waste. How noble of her!

We really need a new word to describe a reshuffle that doesn't change anything much. Mrs. May's latest effort has beefed up the Brexit team, however, whilst up-scaling the junior wimmin.

The National Insurance Fund is due to run out in 2033 unless the 12% rate is increased to 12.6%. Is this a nettle which the new, improved May Cabinet is prepared to grasp?

The PM is watching another red line crumbling. MPs are determined to remove students from immigration figures so that they can pretend that the total is some 500,000 bodies lower than it actually is. The PM is reported to be reduced to a minority of 1 in the Cabinet.
Sounds like she needs a new and better Cabinet . . .

December 2017

UK aid to the 20 most corrupt regimes in the world rose by 10% in 2016. So much for looking after the taxpayer's hard-earned cash.

Why does Britain have a Third World tax collection and administration system? Because HMRC is sending the competent staff abroad to collect taxes in Third World countries and it doesn't have the cash to train replacements. Yet another example of the foreign aid monster screwing things up for everyone at home, and the government letting it.

The MoD is still being allowed to waste time and resources on pointless political correctness and inclusivism. Which means that even if the armed forces were expanded back to an effective level, the troops wouldn't be capable of putting up much of a fight and they would be led by miserable incompetents.

Universities which fail to protect freedom of speech and which permit 'no platforming' by impaired snoflakes will be subject to fines when a new regulator has set up shop. The Office for Students will open in April 2018 and have the power to fine or even deregister institutions which pander to vexatious minorities.
   At the same time, freedom of speech will not be a licence for racialism, unreasonable discrimination and the anti-Semitism currently being fostered by the Labour party.

Education Sec. J. Greening's dotty idea to let people pick which gender they want to be legally, without consulting the medical trade, is heading off the back burner and towards the dustbin.

The Treasury, via HMRC, is imposing premature death duties on people who donated cash to the Leave cause before the EU membership referendum in an attempt to balance the £9 million plus spent by the government on its Remain campaign. More shabby politics by the Remoaners, Mr. Hammond?

The government has ruled that British passports will be blue again after we leave the EU. And, if we are no longer subject to EU tender laws, there is no excuse for not getting them made in Britain; but only if a genuinely competitive tender is on offer.
 Typically, Labour MPs started broadcasting the fake news that the switch will cost the taxpayer £500 million, knowing that we are due for a redesign of the UK passport with the addition of extra security features. Which means that the cost of the update remains the same whether the jacket it coloured blue, brown, green or another colour. But that's Labour for you: the fake news was too good to resist.

The PM has announced that the UK will be out of the Common Agriculture and Fisheries Polices when we leave the EU in March 2019, irrespective of transition.

Environment Sec. M. Gove has realized that local councils cannot be trusted to decide which plastics can be recycled. He is going to reduce the current shambles by making it a matter for central government.

The Chancellor is having a proper bad hair week as the second weekend of the month approaches with promises of freezing temperatures despite all the guff about global warming.
   P. Hammond thinks he can get away with an British Army cut to 50,000 bodies, and he would be happy to pay the EU as much as it demands for its bogus obligations, even if we don't get a decent trade deal.
   The sensible members of his party are now getting some exercise from slapping him down.

Our government must know that in all negotiations with the EU, there is always some small bunch of spivs; the Irish, in the present case; holding everything up until they get undeserved special treatment. Which makes it all the more strange that the government is bothering to hold talks with the EU at all, and waste lots of time and taxpayers' money, which would be better spent at home.
No deal with the EU is ever worth the effort wasted on it.

November 2017

The PM is going even softer on Brexit; €50 BILLION is the latest offer. Meanwhile, the Centre for Economic Policy Research has calculated that if Ireland blocks the trade deal with the EU, it will cost them 50,000 jobs (2.5% of the workforce), us 530,000 jobs and the Europeons 1.2 MILLION jobs. The authors of the report are based in Belgium, which has a steel industry which would be hard-hit by EU intransigence.

The Budget contains a Brownian Stealth Tax on endowment, with-profits and whole-of-life savings policies offered by insurance companies, confirming that Chancellor Hammond is just as dishonest as any of his predecessors.

The Chancellor put some jokes into his Budget performance; he even got the PM to play his lady assistant; in an attempt to create a less Vulcan impression. If he can manage to lose the standard political wibble, people might even start to suspect that he's a human bean!
   What a wonderful idea, making online sales platforms liable for VAT dodged by Chinese and other traders. How come no one came up with such a brilliant idea sooner? [Or did that happen and there was lobbying?] Extending the scope of the Gooble tax on artificially exported profits is another idea.

Oh, dear. The PM is going soft on the EU. She's talking about upping her ante from £20 BILLION to £40 BILLION. Which will only encourage the EU monster. How long will it be before she is offering £60 BILLION and they think they can get away with upping their demand for £100 BILLION to £120 BILLION?

Abolishing the paper vehicle tax disc (thanks, G. Osborne) has resulted in a 300% rise in the number of unlicensed vehicles. Which means that the saving of £10 million/year by the DVLA has resulted in a loss to the Exchequer in excess of £107 million/year.

Something else Mrs. May is going soggy on is writing a leave date from the EU into law.

The Foreign Sec. B. Johnson, is leading the defence against Mrs. May going wobbly and offering more than £20 billion to the EU, even though everyone knows the Eurograbbers will never by satisfied, no matter how much they get, especially if they are planning to DOUBLE the EU budget.

S. Javid, the Communities Sec. thinks he can buy popularity by blaming 'older people' who have bought a home and don't have a mortgage for the lack of housing caused by governments encouraging and failing to control immigration.

The Brexit boss, D. Davis, has given Parliament a vote on the Brexit deal agreed with the EU (if one ever is agreed). He has also underlined the fact that everyone knows that we are leaving, and if the deal is rejected by our Parliament, then it's a no-deal Brexit.

The PM has taken the unusual step of telling the Russian government directly that she knows it is spreading fake news by giving a soapbox to Britain's enemies, like J. Corbyn and his gang; a role traditionally reserved for luvvie left newspapers and the BBC, who are reported to be deeply unhappy about the intrusion. The Putinocracy is also performing cyber-attacks on our institutions. The Russians are happy to be cast in the role of villain/victims as Putin is up for another cosmetic re-election in a few months. The Russians are also annoyed about a tightening of financial rules to hinder their attempts to launder stolen cash through London.

According to Health Sec. J. Hunt, the NHS could save £1 BILLION/year by shopping around and not paying out tens of pounds for items costing just pence. [But the only way to achieve this would be to start sacking procurement department staff who fail to give the taxpayer value-for-money.]

The decision to scrap Class 2 NI contributions for the self-employed can hardly be described as a slap in the face [the hysterical reaction of Libertine-Democrap leader V. Cable] given that the stamp are charged at only £2.85 per week, and not paying them deprives the self-employed of official contributions to a state pension.
   The abolition was the idea of sacked Chancellor G. Osborne, who thought that saving a few people £2.85 per week would put rocket boosters on the back of enterprise. If he really thought that, it's no wonder he was sacked!
   P. Hammond choosing to sneak out his announcement a week or two before the autumn budget [on the day when the BoE doubled the official interest rate] is typical of the current Chancellor, who has failed to get a grip on the job and also needs to be sacked.

MPs are 'considering' legal action against antisocial meeja sites which platform libels (rather than publishing them). Bunch of effin' wimps! They need to grasp the nettle and refuse to the the antisocials hide behind semantics.

The Prime Minister is furious about a 'sex scandal' which has a fairly non-existent sex content and isn't a scandal. Just the usual political cosmetics, then? Yawn.

The Home Sec. A. Ruddigore, has ordered top coppers to devote the time they waste bitching about "The Cuts" and dreaming up silly stunts to cleaning up their own act and doing the job they are paid to do: fighting crime.

October 2017

The Treasury is getting the blame for building an unnecessary 2-week delay into Universal Credit payments: G. Osborne for extending the month-in-arrears 4 weeks suggested by Iain Duncan Smith to 6 weeks and P. Hammond for perpetuating the extra fortnight.

A leak by the PM's office has told us that the EU has been informed that if there is no trade deal in place by this time next year, that's it. We will be out of the EU in March 2019 and no transitional period will be necessary if there is do deal to which we need to make a transition.
   The response from the EU's Goebbels Squad was a smear campaign aimed at painting our PM as helpless and powerless, and someone who was begging the Eurocraps to prop her up with a couple of sweeties for the British electorate.

Typical! The looney left are up in arms because the government is making hospitals check up on potential customers to find out if they have been resident here for the last 6 months as a fairly feeble swipe against health tourism. Sounds like another outbreak of magic-money-treeism among the looneys.

The Chancellor thinks he's on an election winner with plans to tax the "don't buy it unless you can afford it" generation to pay bribes to the "I want, I gotta have" generation, who believe in Corbyn's Magic Money Forest. Sounds like a plan. (icon of something sarcastic)

The PM told the EU to get real on Brexit at a jolly in Brussels, but does she really mean it? Or was that just a prelude to a big giveaway?

The government is making the universal credit helpline a freephone number following lobbying. As calls to the existing 0345 number are charged at local rates, or free to some landline customers, complaints that calls can cost 55p/minute should be redirected to exploiting mobile phone companies. Not that you'd get that level of fairness from non-Tories.
Labour party calls for a halt to rolling out the new, simplified benefits system have been ignored.

A shortage of imported nurses is creating problems for the NHS. The government plans to fix things by making the English language tests simpler. This is a response to the observation that Australian and Canadian nurses, who have English as their mother-tongue, can fail. Maybe they should have tried the test out on some British born nurses first. But 9.5 out of 10 for pragmatism.

Just over a couple of months after Peugeot took over Vauxhall with promises of no job cuts, 400 jobs are to go in Ellesmere Port. No sign of the Department of Trade (if we still have one) doing anything other than hand-wringing, however.

The Chancellor is making himself popular again by thinking that he can tax the pensions of older people, who are more likely to vote Tory, to buy votes from youngsters, who haven't been around for long enough to know what a fiscal disaster every Labour government turns out to be. Looks like he has been taken over by the malevolent spirit of Gordon F. Broon, the Man Who Stole Your Pension, who wrecked final-salary pensions in the private sector in the previous decade.

The Chancellor is as prone to loose lips as any politician and having revealed the government's real view of the EU; they're the enemy; he was unable to resist and urge to issue a slimy and unconvincing retraction. Then he followed it up with an even more unconvincing declaration that he is Brexit's best friend.

The PM is demanding an end to discrimination in everyday life. Fine. While she's at it, why doesn't she demand competence from everyone in the public sector, the government included, and at least 5 sunny days every week. She has as much chance of getting all three by just demanding.

The Tories have given up on their pledge to cap social care costs by 2020. This is part of a strategy for making people realize that they need to save for their old age instead of relying on others to give them a free ride. Labour's refusal to engage in cross-party talks is getting the blame.

The Chancellor is trying to sabotage Iain Duncan Smith's benefits reforms by refusing to provide cash for claimants in transition to the Universal Credit.

Despite a disastrous party conference speech and the best attempts of the Bremoaners and others who think that a new leader will give them a job, Theresa May is still the leader of the Conservative party.

The Prime Minister offered her party a formal apology at the annual Conservative party conference, which was held in Manchester this year. She is sorry for running a bogged general election campaign during the summer. And she's sorry Boris Johnson hasn't been run over by a bus; but she didn't dare say that.

September 2017

Mrs. May tells the EU in Florence: "I want you to walk all over us, like you usually do. And with my blessing. Brexit means Brexit, but not for two more years and you can keep your hand in the British taxpayer's pocket for even longer."

The PM is planning to offer the EU £20 Billion as a Danegeld divorce settlement to get trade talks started, even though the Germans are agitating for such talks and will agitate even more if they see nothing happening. There is no mention of the EU paying the UK for its share of EU assets bought with British taxpayers' money, however.
   It is unlikely that the greedy eurocrats who are making the ransom demands will settle for such a paltry sum. It is as unlikely that the Bremoaners in the Cabinet will be prepared to go for a "no talks = no cash and no deal" stance.

The PM has warned the UN that it has to stop wasting aid money or the UK will withhold £30M of its contributions. Like the EU, the UN is notorious for negligent accounting, back-scratching, lack of cost controls and indifference to fraud.

Under pressure from the Big 9 supermarket chains, the Food Standards Agency has been persuaded to stop naming and shaming major retailers who sell chicken contaminated with the food-poisoning bug campylobacter. In futhre, the FSA will concentrate on softer targets like small butchers, independent stores and farmers' markets. The switch of focus has been described as ‘bizarre and unnecessary'. But hey, it's only public safety that's at stake.

August 2017

Letting local councils apply anti-social behaviour laws to infringements of bin codes was an act of pure insanity on the part of the government. It is well known that town halls are full of tossers who will abuse their powers without a second thought. And there can be no doubt that those in government do know that when it comes to sheer stupidity, you cannot match petty burrocrats in government; local and national alike. If ever a U-turn was needed, it's here.

The Chancellor has been forced to do a U-turn on the amounts that can be staked at fixed-odds betting terminals in bookmakers' shops. But only as far as a review in the autumn. He's not actually doing anything useful right now.

The Treasury has obtained its first July budget surplus since 2002, when Gordon 'Effin Broon was busy with his plan to spend the nation in to bankruptcy.

Mrs. May has dived in to the controversy over President Trump's condemnation of both sides that caused the riot in Charlottesville, Virginia. According to her, there is no equivalence between those who propound fascist views and those who oppose them. Something which the fascist left here, and grooming gangs, have been relying on for years.

The Prime minister has banged together the heads of the Commons squeaker, Berko, and told him that his plan to silence Big Ben for 4 years, or even longer (!) ain't gonna happen.

A-Level exam papers have been made tougher to combat years of dumbing down by The Blob, thanks to Michael Gove's efforts. But the exam regulator is going to reduce the number of marks required for a top grade to prevent a dip in the apparent success rate. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

The government's Equality & Human Right's Commission has declared that all jobs must be available on a part-time basis unless an employer can prove genuine business reason for exemption. We all know August is the Silly Season but this piece of the government has stepped over the border into insanity. There's now a clear case for giving everyone involved a zero hours contract and telling them zero means zero!

The government is planning to put before Parliament next year, a bill to allow learner drivers to gain motorway experience. They will have to be in a dual-control car under supervision from a properly qualified instructor.

The Chancellor has had his heads banged together and his infinite transition period post-Brexit is now off the table.

A Dave-the-Leader-buddy hedge fundamentalist has recommended that the government be nice to gaoled criminals. He wants crims to be let out for Xmas and kids' birthdays, play areas in prisons with comfy sofas for criminals and their children, Skype video calls and all sorts of other goodies. Clearly, this fatuous lordship has failed to grasp the point of sending someone to gaol. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that we have any sensible people in the justice system, who will tell Dave's pal to get lost.

The FO is giving £6 million of taxpayers' money to the oppressive regime in Venezuela; including cash to help train the police to be more oppressive. How very Corbyn of it, Boris.

The PM has delivered a slap to the back of the Chancellor's head to tell him to stop his fantasies about Brexit. We're definitely leaving.

British Gas would have us believe that it has to put up its electricity price by one-eighth because of the cost of the government's Green Crap. Ofgem, the toothless industry watchdog, says BG is lying. The government, which was promising to cap rip-off energy bills at one time, says legislation to ‘combat' the energy market is in no way off the table. Translation: don't hold your breath.

Re: the next item (below)— Chancellor Hammond is giving £80 MILLION to Brazil out of the pockets of British taxpayers. Brazil has the world's ninth biggest economy and it is one of the more corrupt places in the world. Hammond has the world's smallest brain. Hammond's next stop is Argentina. British taxpayers are advised to brace themselves for more largesse.

June/July 2017

The Foreign Office is handing £2 BILLION/year of British taxpayers' cash to the 30 worst regimes in the world. Do we really need to be the pals of tinpot dictators?

The French did it a couple of weeks earlier. At the end of July, our government has decreed that only new electric cars can be sold from 2040 on in the name of reducing air pollution. Existing diesel and petrol cars will be allowed to run until either they croak or the owner can no longer pay licence-to-kill pollution charges.

The government is to ban the sale of new houses with a leashold ground rent. There may also be help for householders who are stuck with a toxic deal with a bunch of grabbing extorters.

The government is giving up on improving and electrifying railways in the Midlands, the North of England and Wales in order to pour cash into the £100 BILLION Brown Hole of H2S.

Fees for paying by credit card, typically 1-3%, will be banned from Jan 2018 in compliance with an EU Payment Services directive. Costs are never more than 0.6% of the amount processed, so companies charging more are ripping off their customers.

The PM is being invited to sack ministers who show disloyalty by briefing against colleagues or leaking to embarrass them**. Doing so could have the bonus of increasing her personal popularity. J. Corbyn has promoted to his shadow cabinet and then sacked most of the current Labour MPs and, according to the theGrauniad/CBC Axis, he is the most popular politician of all time.
   ** excluding leaks/briefings against the Chancellor

The government is in trouble (again) for letting the Cabinet Sec., Sir Cover-Up, sit on a report on the true mission status of the H2S rail white elephant. Opponents of this enormous waste of cash are sure that if the government has suppressed the report for over a year, then its conclusions on value-for-money, keeping to the budget and delivering on time must be extremely damaging at a time when there are all sorts of better alternatives for spending £100 BILLION.

The ambulance service is being allowed to slump back in to the New Labour era, with some hospital trusts sending out cars to tick target boxes, ignoring the needs of the patient concerned. Something for the government to jump upon bloody quickly.

BEWARE: The May regime has not given up on its Death Tax — the plan to raise probate fees from the cost of doing the work to a percentage of the estate.

The Chancellor's plan to dump on the self-employed by increasing their National Insurance has been binned.

The 1% pay-rise cap on teachers' pay will remain in place, the Ed. Sec. J. Greening has declared on the advice of the Independent School Teachers' Review Body, which suggested lifting the cap after September 2018, when the coming review period runs out.
Talking about the continued 1% cap on pay rises for teachers, one of their unions declared: "Everyone except the government appears to accept that there is a crisis in teacher supply". Which confirms that: "No one but the government appears to accept that there is a crisis in money supply".

The PM seems proud of the fact that she is giving £30 million of British taxpayers' cash to pay insurance premiums for people in third-world countries. Meanwhile, 4 million British families don't have home insurance; some because they spend the money on other things, others because their homes are uninsurable, either because defects in planning regulations allowed them to be built on flood plains or areas known to be prone to flooding, or as a direct result of EU/Environment Department meddling.

The PM knows that the country needs to live within its means. But does she have the courage to stick to her guns with some of the members of her inner circle going soft on doing the right thing?

The DUP is getting the blame for dumping on English taxpayers, the cost of abortions for residents of Ulster, where it is illegal. In fact, the blame belongs to the Tory Wimmin, who have a fairly New Labour attitude to other people's cash and who took advantage of the majority squeeze associated with the Queen's Speech.

The government has done a deal with the DUP. That's £1 billion more for Ulster over 2 years (a 5% pay rise) in exchange for backing on the Queen's Speech, the next budget, security and Brexit. The Labour party is railing against the deal as an apology for its own previous attempts to bargain with the DUP. Nothing like a sinner repentant . . .
"What's that red stuff? Blood?"
"Nah, mate, just sour Labour grape juice."
On the other hand, it can be argued that the people of Ulster have wrecked their own home with their mindless mob violence, and they're now demanding that English taxpayers pay to put it back in good order. Not exactly fair by any set of standards.

A rise in property values and a freeze of thresholds has put the government's take from that most pernicious of taxes Inheritance Tax up by 9% over the last year to £5.1 BILLION pounds. And in the present circumstances, there's no chance of that particular abuse being set right.

Given the clunker of an election manifesto, the Queen's Speech has been trimmed and extended to cover 2 years to make Brexit happen. This is what's left:

  8 Brexit bills to avoid a legislative cliff edge when we leave the EU
  H2S, the deeply flawed high-speed rail catastrophe, will be extended from Birmingham to Crewe
  (Some of) those wanting a right to be forgotten will be allowed to have their data erased completely.
  Britain is going to have space stations on the ground!!
  Whiplash fraudsters will be cracked down upon.
  The armed forces will get flexibile working (which should be a real advantage during a war) and extended maternity leave.
  Protection for holidaymakers who use internet booking sites
  The hope of extended prison sentences for domestic violence involving child abuse if the judge isn't working to some personal political agenda
  A ban on charging letting fees to tenants.

Out are capping energy bills, plans for funding future social care, more grammar schools, a vote on fox hunting, and plans to bin the pensions triple-lock and means-test the Winter Fuel Allowance.


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