Letters: Cllr Freear and Cllr Burns
re: supposed Management Committee resolution
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First Letter from Cllr Freear.

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Mr P Burns
Chairman, Macclesfield Conservative Association
25 Heybridge Lane
Cheshire SK10 4ES

26 January 2002

Dear Peter

Following the Management and Executive meetings of 16 and 21 January 2002 respectively, and in view of the central part played by the supposed Management Committee resolution at the Executive meeting, I regret that it is necessary to set the record straight as to what actually happened at the Management meeting.

On the subject of Brendan Murphy, there was no resolution passed, proposed or even discussed at the Management Committee. Further, the particular theme of the supposed resolution, "...that his name is removed from the Association's List of Approved Candidates" was not discussed, and Paul Findlow has and will confirm this.

For the record, I would note that what was discussed at the Management meeting in respect of Brendan Murphy was an account of two Disley Branch meetings, the wish of some to exclude Brendan from attendance at the Executive, and a determination by some not to allow discussion at the Executive on the subject of the exclusion of Brendan Murphy from the Borough Council Conservative Group.

I therefore consider the motion put to the Executive meeting (as the attached sheet which was distributed) to have been defective for having been expressly based on fictional events. It was consequently invalid and not appropriate for implementation. At the very least, the wording of the motion can be assumed to have influenced the vote by the implication that the Management meeting had discussed and reached a conclusion on Brendan's exclusion from the Approved List when it had not. I look forward to your acknowledgement that the defective motion will not be implemented.

I have little doubt that my concern for proper procedure and accuracy will be shared by other Management Committee members.


Yours sincerely


David Freear


Copies to all other Mangmt Com members

Reply from Cllr Burns

Subj:   Your letter
Date:   29/01/02 22:33:21 GMT Standard Time
From:   BurnsPHM
To: Cclpro

For sheer effrontery your letter is in a class of its own. Stand by for suitable repercussions. I promise you they will be forthcoming.Burns.

The "supposed Management Committee resolution"

Resolution of the Management Committee to the Executive Council
"The Association Officers at their Management Meeting held on Wednesday, 16th January 2002 were asked to consider the position of Cllr Brendan Murphy in light of the decision taken by the Conservative Group of elected Members to expel him from the Group, and recommend that his name is removed from the Association's List of Approved Candidates."

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