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  The Douglas Angestun Gramin Interview

  Q: That middle name of yours. What's that all about?
  A: It's one I use when writing. A tribute to the great SF author Eric Frank Russell.
  Q: How did you get involved in the life.etl concept?
  A: I read the short story. Someone had a copy and he let me borrow it.
  Q: What did the story do for you?
  A: I guess you could say it captured my imagination, and opened my eyes.
  Q: And it inspired your contribution to the website?
  A: I certainly had a lot of encouragement to join in when I showed an interest.
  Q: What attracts you to the concept?
  A: I think it's the immediacy that's so seductive. Bang, it's there, it's done.
  Q: Do you see yourself taking the concept further? Say, into your personal life?
  A: Possibly. But I'm not sure how I'd go about it. It's an idea, though.

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