Cast List

Belfry: 4-piece, comedy BMR band
Braht Lahts: UFO Rock, theatre group/band
Damaged Goods: Later Kiron Sounds signing
Dead Junkies: Conrad Bone, Ronny Bone, Eddy Edwards, Pete Astor
D'Iem Hadar: Dave Briggett, Andy Agary, Loko Moko, Freddy Smith, & Cassie Dewsberry & Marge Hackett
Drachensblut: German BMR theatre group/band, early KS signing
Feygore: Big name BMR band for Astoria's opening night
Free Fall: Jimmy Rail, Pete Astor, Grenville Exonard, Ashley Wendt
HellBridge: Danish BMR band, early KS signing
Intoxicant: Ryan Calvin [replacing Pete Astor], Dexie Jordan, Syd Melchior, Blood Axe Stoker
Lihmahl Support Group: Talmy Group split-off
Pandaemonium: 5-piece, student BMR band, early KS signing
Railhead Raiders: Jimmy Rail, Mick Arthur, Jed Ferman, Frankie Holmbury, Alan Ruffield
Talmy Group: Official [Norton] Faction & Hraldy Faction
Peter Maximillian Astor - guitarist/composer, parents Marina & Clive
Clive Astor - Pete Astor's father
Marina Jason [Astor] - Pete Astor's mother. Remarried to Eric Jason, daughter Alison with Eric Jason
Eric Jason - daughters Angela [mother of Astrid & Barry Sachs] and Grace by wife Susan [deceased], Alison with Marina
Sylvia Jordash - daughter Julie/Giulia [with Clive Astor]
Andy Agary - D'Iem Hadar, drums
Al - photographer, good for good dope
Mick Arthur - Railhead Raiders, vocals + Agatha
Reg Aspen - engineer, Melody Studios
Astoria Theatre - Croydon, Sydney Road
Carol Bannister - viola, TC apprentice
Gale Bannister - doctor, mother of Carol
Rachel Billington - solicitor, sister-in-law of Walter Merion
Conrad Bone - Dead Junkies, keyboards, saxophone & vocals
Ronny Bone - Dead Junkies, drums, backing vocals
Dave Briggett - D'Iem Hadar, guitar & vocals
Colin Brown - magistrate, friend of DI Farne
Ryan Calvin - Astor's replacement in Intoxicant, guitar & vocals
Cath - minibus driver for tour company
Andy Clark - Talmy Group, Norton mainstream
Jim Collier - Wendy Xanadu's father, Clive Astor's friend
Mandy Corner - assistant to Nick Pennington of KS
Darren Creel - Classical composer, lives in Warleigh
Hellen D'Amnation - Band: Bash, Einstein, Smokin'
Kevin David - live-out housekeeper for Astor & Wendy
Peter Delawny - Megan Glyndwr's assistant
Cassie Dewsberry - D'Iem Hadar, backing vocals
Reg Drew - journalist, Croydon local paper
Jo Eastern - Talmy Group, Norton mainstream
Eddy Edwards - Dead Junkies, bass guitar & vocals
Bob Emmery - bookshop owner, Manchester
Grenville [Gren] Exonard III - sometime bass guitarist with Free Fall, US music show/touring company executive
Monica Farley - sacked from first Intoxicant tour
James Faucumberg - runs the Astoria
Detective Inspector Farne - Whyteal CID
Jed Ferman - Railhead Raiders, bass guitar + Gloria
Detective Sergeant Flint - Whyteal CID
Belinda [Bee] Forbes - recruited to KS tour company
Jane Ford - James Faucumberg's PA
Adele Forrester - Australian, librarian at M'Cracken Archive
Gordon Forth - Nick Pennington's lieutenant
Megan Glyndwr - video maker.
Toyola [Toy] Graham - Astoria security.
Betty Green - administration assistant at M'Cracken Archive
Marge Hackett - D'Iem Hadar, backing vocals, percussion
Ozzie Hagar - Pete Astor's accountant
Henry Hall-Carter - retained to play Astor's eccentric boss
G. [Geoffrey] Hallan - author of A Registry
Philip Hallan - retired publisher, no relation to Geoffrey
Janice Hargood - ex-cop, investigator
D.I. Holland - Regional Drug Squad
Francis Frankie Holmbury - Railhead Raiders, keyboards + Suki
Jeff Hopper - Wendy's sometime 'serious friend'
Alice Hraldy - leader of Talmy Group split-off faction
Craig Jones - Caradoc, violin & vocals, brother of Mwrdn Smith
Derick Dexie Jordan - Intoxicant, bass guitar + Jenny
Nigel Jordan - Dexie Jordan's brother, PhD student
Julie Jordash - Pete Astor's half-sister
R.V. Reckin' Vehicle Johnson - Astoria security
Kiron - extra-dimensional being or Charm fantasy
Kiron Sounds - Astor's recording label
Harrison Knox - Lihmalh Support Group
Cherryl Lamar - pianist with The Croydon
Derick Lungg - sometime manager of Intoxicant
Tom Maddox - ex-cop, private eye, Maddox Investigations
Verity Marshall - Dominik Wekling's TV producer
Ellen Mayberry - US record company executive
Angela Melchior (Mitchell) - wife of Syd
Syd Melchior (Mitchell), Intoxicant, vocals
Liz Merial - Talmy Group, Norton mainstream
Meridan Hotel - opposite the Astoria in Croydon
Melody Studios - recording studio in Cheam
Walter Merion - Kiron Sounds' financial director
Loko Moko - D'Iem Hadar, keyboards
Padraig M'Cracken - serious authority on magic
Anne McMeally - receptionist/assistant for Nick Pennington
Bert Norton - leader Talmy Group mainstream
Caroline Palmer, née Richmore - Wendy's pal, Astor's driver
Nick Pennington - Promotions & Media Relations, Astoria.
Jane Polon - lieutenant to Alice Hraldy
Roddy Quayle - Astoria's assistant manager
Brian Radlett - solicitor in Milton Keynes
Jimmy Rail - Railhead Raiders, drums + Penny, his 'social secretary'
Alex Ruffield - Railhead Raiders, guitar hero + Fen [Fenella]
Astrid & Barry Sachs - Pete Astor's not-niece & nephew
Alice Smith - daughter of Mwrdn
Freddy Smith - D'Iem Hadar, bass guitar
Mwrdn Smith - Wendy's friend, brother of Craig Jones
Ed Stegley - recording manager for Hellen D'Amnation's label
Tony Stock - tour company on-the-road manager
Keith Blood Axe Stoker, Intoxicant, drums + Carol-An
Hobbert Vance - American TV evangelist
Jane & Peter Vance - brother & sister, Vukovar Foundation
Dominik Wekling - arts 'expert', cultural trouble-maker
Jim Welch - General Manager, Melody Studios
Hugo Wolfe - conductor Croydon Symphony Orchestra
Wendy Xanadu - Pete Astor's best friend

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