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The Easy Way

At one time, people would be locked up for their own safety if they admitted believing that anything good can come from putting a personal pyramid on your head and lining yourself up with magnetic north.
   And yet, there are those who will still tell you that pyramids can cure depression, sharpen razor blades and keep fruit and vegetables fresh.

They can also pep up dull tap water, make dreams more vivid and easier to remember and turn noisy kids into model citizens. Pyramids can make wilting flowers perk up and frozen foods, surprisingly, will have their full, natural flavours when defrosted under a pyramid.
    So who says you can't get something for nothing? Apart from the cost of the pyramid, of course. As P. T. Barnum once said, "There's a sucker born every minute".

Having problems with pyramids? Why not try Kirlian photography – invented by Semyon Kirlian in 1939, when he devised a method for making visible "a stream of sub-atomic particles moving in and out of living tissues".
   The images change from day to day and even from hour to hour. Researchers into the technique believed that they could use Kirlian hand-prints to forecast the onset of illnesses because the patterns formed around the hand would change or diminish.

Another way of getting to grips with the state of one's body and using it to best advantage against the rest of the world was once the study of biorhythms with Personal Biocalendars at first, and then calculator-like gadgets.
   Sorting out when the 3 basic rhythms of the human body were in coincidence and opposition helped to fill up time for people with nothing better to do. And it also put a few bob in the pockets of the self-styled "experts" – until their bubble burst.

Magic crystals – pet rocks with attitude – also waxed and waned in popularity. "Be the first to get one, be the first to move on to something else when the plebs start getting interested in the latest fad".
   And then there are the perennial favourites – astrology and tarot cards, both means for making a nice living out of the rich and gullible and also the poor and desperate.

Those with more sense, or those lacking free time and/or resources to waste, are waiting with bated breath for the next piece of nuttiness or the next incarnation of an old friend.
   The human race seems to have an infinite capacity for believing in the unlikely. And there will always be entrepreneurs out there, waiting to pounce. It's a law of the universe that a sucker and his cash are soon parted.

Does any of the above sound familiar? Does that phrase sound familiar? It will if you've been to other parts of this website. As with all of the related items, the above piece was trawled out of archives which date back almost a generation now.
   Some say that people are feeling increasingly helpless in a society in which their personal influence is shrinking to nothing. Others say that people have always dreamed of finding a slick way to cheat Fate and they will always be eager to try something new if they believe that they will get something for nothing.
   About the only certainty is that suckers will come and go but the con-merchants will always prosper – at least, the ones who can stay out of gaol will!

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