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Halloween just out of the way and the Xmas buy, buy, buy in full swing already. How will we ever survive?

"Brexit still means Brexit but sovereignty means sovereignty too, and bullshit will always remain bullshit."

"Democracy is fine if the stupid people do what they're told. And who better to tell them than the Establishment elite, who have only their own personal interests at heart?"


The latest beef

bullet4 Vegans are moaning their heads off because the new plastic £5 notes are made with a polymer mixture containing traces of beef tallow. So they're going to boycott the new notes. But so what? Alternatives exist and if people insist on adopting weird dietary practices, then they must expect a little inconvenience.
   Oh, dear. It seems that tallow is commonly used in lots of products, including banknotes, so £10 and £20 notes probably contain it. Okay, it looks like the over-vocal vegans will have to use virtual money via bankcards and phones. Oh, no! They probably also contain tallow in the plastics used to build them.
   Looks like the vegan community will just have to fill up its collective pockets up with pound coins and lump it.


John Major's MAD

bullet7The former Tory prime monster has united with former New Labour fraudster Tony B. Liar to create a Movement for the Abolition of Democracy (MAD). Major, who labelled colleagues "bastards" when they opposed his efforts to sell Britain down the EU river, is fed up with being subject to the "tyranny of democracy".
   He thinks direct rule by people like himself and Mr. Liar would be much better. He also believes in the Europeon policy of letting the people vote and vote again until they get the result right. Which is why Major and Liar are campaigning for a second referendum on Britain's membership of the EU. And maybe a third if the answer still doesn't come out right.

He asked for it!

bullet6Tony B. Liar is now a self-proclaimed insurgent? Oh, good! That means the bastard can be shot on sight as a danger to good people everywhere.

Worthless Words

bullet7If Fidel Castro 'outlasted ten US presidents', as luvvie looney lefties like Jeremy Corbyn and his pal Tommy Watson would have us believe, so did everyone else who lived through the same period of history. So Castro just did something which millions of old age pensioners all round the world managed with no effort at all. Not quite so impressive when it's put in context.

black squareThe Equality & Human Rights Commission has written to Bremoaner groups to tell them to stop committing hate crimes by calling people who voted for Brexit 'racist'. 'Racist' in this context, of course, is generally used as a means of censorship rather than having anything to do with racial partiality, legal or otherwise..


That's it for the summer, then

November snow in Romiley, 2016

The picture above was taken at about 11 a.m. on the third Friday of the month after an overnight dusting of snow had been topped up by some sleet then fine hail. At about 11:30, the sun dared to come out for a while, and by the early afternoon, the snow had gone, allowing those who had chickened out of a trip down to their local Aldi to go there anyway.


Go for it!

Bilko and Robinson

bullet5 Go on, what do you, our readers, think? Is it time for the BBC's Labour party correspondent Nick Robinson to apply for the lead role in a remake of the Sergeant Bilko television series?


But is it worth it?

Girls On The Bridge by Edvard Munch, 1902

bullet7 Someone paid the magnificent sum of £44 million for this work by Edvard Munch. It has the title "Girls On The Bridge" and it was painted in 1902, when the artist was in his late thirties. Okay, so it's a picture by someone most educated people have heard of, and it's an investment, but is it actually something you'd want to hang on your wall, given the wealth of much more interesting stuff, which is readily available.

Grainstack painting by Claude Monet, 1891

bullet7 Someone else, a telephone buyer, paid £65.4 million for this example from Claude Monet's 25-painting Grainstack series. M. Monet is credited as the father of Impressionism, a style of painting derived from the fact that he was too mean to buy himself a pair of spectacles. As a result, what appears on the canvas and what was actually before him at the time often bear little relation. That said, M. Monet does achieve a level of visual complexity and interest which evaded Edvard Munch when he did his painting above.

Romiley News

It pays to keep your eyes open!

Seen on Compstall Road on drizzly Mega Moon Monday: a delivery truck for, on which were the slogans:

Who needs Viagra?

Rained off
bullet0 Did you see a Moon which was 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal on the second Monday of the month? Not if you were living in Romiley, where the weather bureau maintained a solid overcast to prevent the residents in the village from being driven mad by excessive Moonshine.


Safety on the streets
bullet3People who walk along a street staring at a phone are in danger of becoming eligible for recruitment by the Ministry of Silly Walks. That's the conclusion of researchers at Delaware University, who found that people who aren't looking where they're going develop a gait which makes them look like they're perpetually stepping over invisible obstructions.
   It has been suggested that there should be special pavement lanes for phone obsessives. But if they're not watching where they're going, how are they to be confined to their lanes? Two solutions have been suggested: 1. deploy lane wardens, who will stick phone ramblers with an £80 fixed-penalty ticket if they stray out of their lane, and 2. councils can define the lanes with those knobble-tiles, which they set in pavements at road-crossing points to make life hell for anyone in a wheelchair.

Where's the hotel?

Tehran, Nov 2016

bullet4 Think of smog and you think of L.A. and China. But Tehran is another good place to experience it. Hundreds of people have been killed by it over the last month and schools in the Iranian capital are shut. And surprise!, the tourism industry has even apologized to foreign visitors, when it could find them, for the general evilness of the atmosphere. Things are about 10% worse than Tehran in the tourist "hotspot" Isfahan but, as seems to be typical of such major catastrophes, the regular autumn pollution is a political football and nothing is ever done about it.

Works both ways

bullet5 The head of the Europeon Parliament wants Britons to wish to enjoy the benefits of EU citizenship to pay an annual membership fee. Fine. Anyone who comes here can do the same. Fair's fair.


Another triumph for Nigel Farage!
bullet7The Man of the year for 2016 encouraged the British people to reject the corruption of the European Union's pillockracy and the vested interests in British political circles.
   He delivered Brexit.
   Then Mr. Farage travelled to the United States to advise the Trump campaign on running its "Brexit Plus Plus Plus" challenge to the corruption of the political establishment there. Thus America has been spared a presidency during which Hillary Clinton would have been eternally looking over her shoulder, wondering if her next stop after the White House would be a gaol cell.
   And let us not forget: Donald Trump is Britain's friend. Clinton never has been.

comment section
black square "The pollsters got it badly wrong again. What use are they? I so wish I'd put a bet on Clinton with Paddy Power and got it paid out before the result came through!"
black square "Hillary Clinton's sense of entitlement was so disgustingly huge that her rejection can only be proof that the bad guys do come last very occasionally and justice does prevail very, very occasionally."
black square "Predictably, the frustrated Whatevers hurled their toys out of the pram with anti-democracy marches and swastikas galore and ceremonial burnings as they saw their culture of political correctness and safe zones and suppression of all views they don't like come under threat. Typical DemoCRAPs."
black square "Putting the Clintons back into the White House would have been like putting the Blairs back into Downing Street. How much sleaze and corruption do you want?"

You can't beat forward planning
HC 4 Pres, sez Newsweekbullet8The magazine Newsweek was forced to recall and pulp an entire issue with a "Madam President" headline and a Clinton cover pic after the news of who had actually won the election reached the editorial offices. A few copies went on sale, even though they weren't supposed to, and they should be available at vastly inflated prices on auction sites in due course. And, of course, the magazine had not bothered to print an edition for a Trump victory.

The ABC Principle
bullet9America has spoken, and it said "Anyone But Clinton" and delivered a resounding "NO!" to their version of the Blairs. Hillary Clinton's fate is just a poke in the eye for the Establishment sneerocracy, who think that the world exists for their comfort and enrichment, irrespective of whichever political party or system of government prevails. First Britain, and now America has shown that the sneerocracy can be dented. Sometimes, the bad guys do come last.

Pointless posturing
bullet0The Whatever Tendency is having lots of fun in New York and other American cities. But what do they expect to achieve? A couple of minutes pretending to be Wolfie Smith on BBC news programmes which they will never see?
   Do they really expect Donald Trump to look out of his window, see the mob of Clinton's Deplorables outside and suddenly realize that his election to America's top political job was a big mistake and the people who voted for him got it badly wrong?
   Like that's going to happen.

Far Queue List

Far Queue symbol The blessed D. Attenborough, who thinks the EU referendum should never have been held because the voters are far to thick to know if the EU is a good thing or a bad thing.

Far Queue symbol Bonk of England Gov. M. Carney, who's not going until June 2019, even though he's not up to the job and he can't hide his political BreMoaner credentials. If he's hoping to persuade the Canadian electorate to give him a public sector job in the elections at the end of 2019, he needs to hop off right away to get the schmoozing started.

Far Queue symbol FIFA is getting a well-deserved kicking for trying to prevents members of the England and Scotland football squads from wearing a poppy on their shirt during their Armistice Day match.

Far Queue symbol Andrew Lloyd Webber has just noticed that town planners did more damage to British cities than Herr Hitler's air force. Still, better 50 or 60 years late than not at all.

Far Queue symbol The 201 MPs who voted to install Jim Vaz on the Commons justice committee, and the Labour party stooges who nominated him.

Far Queue symbol FIFA for trying to ban British teams from wearing poppy armbands for matches near Remembrance Sunday.

Far Queue symbol S. Phillips, ex-MP, who quit Parliament in a fit of pique as it was getting in the way of his legal practice?

Far Queue symbol Baroness Scotland, who's doing her best to spend the Commonwealth's administration into bankruptcy with a mega-makeover of her official mansion and jobs for cronies with no relevant experience.

Far Queue symbol Glenda Two Sheds Jackson doing King Lear and the architect of the farce.

Far Queue symbol Walker's has joined the Brexit Bandit price inflaters by putting up the cost of a bag of crisps made with British-grown spuds.

Far Queue symbol Unilever is still being a Brexit Bandit.

Far Queue symbol Toblerone has sneaked a 12% price rise by making the gaps between its peaks wider than the shrunken peaks themselves. Thus customers get 150 gms for what was the price of 170 grms and what now looks like a Chinese knock-off of the original.

Far Queue symbol Boots & Vison Express, which are ripping off customers with lenses which, they claim, protect against the blue light of smart phones and tablets, even though there is no scientific evidence that this blue light is harmful.

Far Queue symbol The sexist C. Quentin, actress, who thinks men shouldn't play dames in pantomimes. [see above, 2-Sheds Jackson. Ed.]

Far Queue symbol T. Hunt, Labour MP, who thinks the first world war was, in part, against Fascism, which had not been invented then.

Far Queue symbol Wiltshire's police farce, which is wasting police time and taxpayers' cash on a fishing expedition against the late Sir Edward Heath. It's good to know there is no crime in the country needing the attention of the 21 coppers and staff involved.

Far Queue symbol The sacked Chancellor, that pillock G. Osborne, hasn't grasped the simple fact that the electorate doesn't vote for a prime minister. They elect MPs and the leader of the largest gang of them becomes PM. Such monumental ignorance reflects some of the reasons why no one wanted Mr. Project Fear as Tory party leader and PM.

Far Queue symbol Lord luvvie Kerr, who thinks we need more migrants because the native population is "so bloody stupid". [And we dared to vote against his cherished EU. Ed.]

Far Queue symbol Departing Metropolitan police farce boss Hulk Hogan Hyphen Howe, who wants to use the Leveson report as an excuse for keeping arrests secret from the Press and the public, mainly to help with the image of senior officers who have made foolish public statements and who are trying to cover up a lack of progress on costly investigations based on groundless accusations.

Far Queue symbol Nick Clegg, who wants to legalize drugs, probably because he hopes to be put in charge of it.

Far Queue symbol Princess Fergiana is claiming that falling for a Fake Sheikh scam cost her £500K/year. So her own greed and stupidity had nothing to do with trashing her own reputation? Like anyone's going to believe that. Or that she'll bet the £25 million she's going to sue for.

Far Queue symbol M. Porter, chairman of the BMA, who sees nothing wrong with idle NHS managers and clerks letting foreigners get away with £2 BILLION of unpaid treatments. [Talk about discardables. Ed.]

Far Queue symbol “Far queue, far queue very much!” – Frank Zappa.

The Far Queue: the traditional parking place for everything "not wanted on voyage".


HM seeks VFM for her Xmas hampers

HM's Xmas hamper


The consumer remains swindled
bullet0National power consumption at the end of October was provided mainly by gas & coal (70%) and nuclear (21%). Most of the rest was imported from France. Wind power contributed just 0.6%. And yet the government is carrying on with New Labour's crazy plan to 'decarbonize' Britain. Never mind Brexit, how does the PM think she's going to keep the lights on?

Captain Obvious wakes up
bullet1 The not-so-great global warming swindlers have prattled on about atmospheric carbon dioxide levels for years, even though global temperatures reached a plateau level in 1998. Now, they have found that increasing use of coal for generating power in China, India, etc., is not raising atmospheric carbon dioxide proportionately. Because more carbon dioxide in the air encourages plant to grow more and mop up carbon dioxide. Which is not exactly new knowledge or even unexpected. [Except by GWS, apparently. Ed.]

We're doomed (again)
bullet2 Mr. Trump has declared an end to his country's participation in the not-so-great global warming swindle and a return to the use of coal, oil and gas assets. According to the BBC World Service, this will pose a terrible new threat to the ozone layer!
   You don't have to look very far to find an idiot wherever you are.

Eternal Mounting Scorchio
bullet3 Guess what? This year is going to be the hottest year in recorded history. Which is becoming an annual event promoted by the not-so-great global warming swindlers. Of course, this latest hottest year thing is just an "assessment" intended to support the GWS at the UN, who are having another of their junket conferences in Morocco.

Data disaster
bullet4 Oh, dear. The Global Warming Swindlers have suffered another reverse. Data from the notebooks of polar explorers visiting the Antarctic up to a century ago has shown that the extent of the ice shelf there hasn't decreased due to global warming. In fact, it has grown slightly over the 30 years for which there have been satellite observations.
   So the GWS are now telling us that the South Pole is less sensitive to climate change than the North Pole. Which kind of takes the global out of global warming.
   BTW: still no word on why the North Pole isn't ice-free during the summer, as predicted by the GWS. Also, why are the GWS still being allowed to get away with their claim that if sea ice melts, world sea levels will rise? If a ton of seawater freezes, ice of lower density than water is produced, and the result is a one-ton iceberg, which floats on water with part of its bulk projecting above the surface of the water. But if the iceberg melts, it becomes a ton of water again, and there is no change to the sea level. But, of course, the laws of physics are inconvenient to GWS.

Crime News

Professor Brainstorm strikes again!
bullet9The prisons minister, S. Gylmah, has come up with the bright idea of posting trained eagles at prisons to intercept the drones bearing contraband flown in by criminal associates. But why an eagle would mistake a drone for something edible has yet to be explained.

Up in smoke
bullet8A man who was arrested in St. Albans has admitted six charges of possessing old firearms. The police announced that there could have been six more charges but they cannot be laid as the evidence was blown up. Any old excuse to avoid doing a spot of work?

Losers' Selective Justice
bullet7Frustrated Bremoaners are trying to get the CPS to bring criminal prosecutions for giving voters "misleading" information during the great EU referendum campaign. Of course, only Brexit advocates would face charges and everyone who had a hand in Project Fear and other Bremoan propaganda would not be banged up. The Bremoaners have had the cheek to send a letter of demands to the CPS. Sounds like the Bremoaners should be locked up for attempting to waste taxpayers' cash.

Situation Normal: total incompetence
bullet8The Metropolitan Police farce has received a well-deserved savaging by the judge who investigated its Operation Midland. Five senior officers, who accepted fantasies about VIP sex abuse as the truth without any investigation, have been referred to their professional standards organization. The current boss of the Met, Hulk Hogan Hypen Howe, has been declared blameless despite presiding over the shambles (!), so it looks like the Teflontm coating is still working. Only 15% of the judge's report has been published, however. The rest has been concealed or redacted.
black blob No police officers are expected to be sacked or lose pension privileges over wasting millions of pounds of taxpayers' cash.

Easily solved problem
bullet9'Uman Rightists are up in arms over the use of spit-hoods to prevent criminals from spitting at police officers. Fine. Their use can be abolished if the rules are changed to allow coppers to smack the spitter around the back of the head, in the manner of Special Agent Gibbs of TV's NCIS, every time the criminal is disgusting.


Government is bad for your health
bullet0New Labour bribed motorists to pick diesel-fuelled vehicles on spurious global warming grounds. Now, we're being told that particulates emitted by diesel engines are the cause of lethal air pollution in cities, and owners of diesel-engined vehicles are going to have to pay a pollution tax to drive into 16 cities. Which won't do anything about air pollution but will put cash into the government's coffers to fund the next assault on the nation's health.

Liberals are bad for your health
bullet1Nick Clegg is busting a gut to legalize cannabis but what is the experience in Colorado, where it has been legal for a while? Deaths on the roads due to drugged-up drivers have risen, the murder rate is up, the crime rate in Denver is up 48%, and the untaxed black market in pot is doing a roaring trade. But hey, what has Clegg to do with reality?


A bit of positive news for the pound for a change
bullet1 The value of the pound against foreign currencies took a modest hop upwards in response to the news that the current deadleg BoE governor will not be hanging on for his full term; he'll be going a couple of years early, which will save the taxpayer the best part of a couple of million quid in salary and undeserved perks.

Everything's coded messages, these days
bullet2 Take the FIFI ban on England and Scotland wearing poppies on their shirts for an international football match. Decoded, the message reads: "Where's the effin' bung?"

Other people's money, natch
bullet3 The millions of migrants imported into Germany by the Merkle regime are hoovering up a total of £13 BILLION of taxpayers' money per year. And the German government expects to be throwing an extra £70 BILLION at them over the next 4 years.

More rewards for failure
bullet4 The EU is giving its useless gang of civil servants a pay rise of 3.8%, so that's a Xmas bonus of €5K for Juncker the Cluncker, the president of the Europeon Commission, and a total wave of around €400K for a failed Luxemburger politician, who specialized in helping to facilitate international tax dodging.

Public Service Announcement

He's been called the Blogger of the Decade

His intellect is matched only by the size of his luck and the size of his bank balance. And yet he manages to keep his Feet On The Ground with the greatest of ease. Do yourself a favour and find out what Xavier has had to say about what's going on Right Now!

world news

Not the whole story
bullet6 President O'bummer took office with the slogan ‘Yes, we can!' Eight years in the job, and nothing of any great value achieved, have shown that the slogan should have been ‘Yes, we can! But we can't be arsed!'

Posturing by the Clyde
bullet7 Glasgow is to provide the country's first official shooting gallery for drug addicts. Research elsewhere has found that providing addicts with somewhere to shoot up on the taxpayer conveys no benefits in terms of health and persuading the addicts to stop taking drugs. But Scotland under Wee Burney Sturgeon is now the land of "look at me" gestures.

The Right Direction
bullet8 One of our correspondents writes:
The raucous H. Clinton has just been ranting on the TV news about not going back, she's going forward. But if going back means returning to a government system which is a corrupt mess, and going forward with the same people means more of the same, wouldn't it be a good idea to go sideways with different people in charge? After all, they could hardly make things worse.
black square The Russians have denied launching hacking cyber attacks on Britain. So it must be true that they're doing it.

M. Le Pits
bullet9 The French president, F. Hollande, has found a place in the Guinness Book of Records. His approval rating of 4% is the lowest since records began in 1846. Even Charles de Gaulle [the greatest cross I have to bear is the Cross of Lorraine; W. Churchill], whose subjects took to the streets in open revolt in their millions in 1968, never dropped that low.

black square That's very noble and European of Prince Harry: taking up with Chancellor Merkle's daughter, Megan.

A year of achievement
bullet0 Brexit. President Trump. What next? Tony B. Liar in gaol?

O'BummerM. Le Pits, part II
bullet1 President O'Bummer got a typical Greek welcome when he dropped in on their president in Athens: commies rioting and chucking fire bombs on the streets in an action replay of their reception for Bill Clinton when he did a stop-over in 1999, and dumb insolence and dirty looks from the guys in tutus and tights guarding the presidential palace. Clearly, no one told the outgoing US president that November is the official Bad Behaviour Month for Greece's communists.

Just a thought
bullet2 If President Trump every goes to Moscow to meet Vlad the Putin, he'd be well advised to take a pocket Geiger counter with him to make sure that the tea is polonium-free.


No big payday; how sad
bullet2The Home Sec. has ruled that there will be no public inquiry into the policing of the miners' violence at the Orgreave coking plant during the 1984 strike. No one was killed (there, at least, although there were deaths at the hands of strike supporters) and no one was wrongly convicted. Lefty luvvy lawyers are outraged at the denial of an opportunity to rewrite history at the expense of the taxpayer.

Quick, think of something crazy!
bullet3 The Democraps must be in real trouble if they think anyone will believe that The Donald's election campaign is being run from the Kremlin! But they have such an appalling and grabbing B. Liar of a candidate that every barrel must be scraped.

It's democracy. Suck it up.
bullet4 Who decided that judges are gods whose decisions are absolute? These pampered customers @ the public-sector trough deliver mere opinions, and in a democracy, newspapers and members of the public have an absolute right to disagree with those opinions, and do so forcefully, no matter how much it upsets vested interests and the luvvie lobby.

bullet5The EU must beef up its military capabilities to match the threat from NATO, says the German defence minister.

Home News
UK Flag

TV gets off the ground
bullet4 The BBC is celebrating the start of its television broadcasts in November 1936, when it offered 7 hours of viewing of dubious value to the three or four people in the London area, who had a television viewing apparatus.
   Of course, the Germans will tell you they got their first with their broadcasts of their Olympic Games to public viewing rooms in Berlin and Potsdam.

Mighty moot point
bullet5 Are there lots of complaints about noise from Heathrow airport? Given that 50% of the gripes have been found to come from just 10 individuals, it's difficult to know!

A Law Made By Asses
bullet6 The Hunting Act (2004) has turned out to be yet another piece of New Labour class hatred legislation which has achieved the exact opposite of its intentions. Membership of the registered hunts has never been higher and the demand for premium horses, which can jump obstacles and follow hounds, goes up and up.

This one deserves a biscuit
bullet7 The Students' Union @ Reading University has come up with a good excuse for not entering University Challenge, which it has no hope of winning. The young fogeys have decided that they've been upset by Paxo the Inquisitor's sexist remarks about their girls and they're too deep in a huff to be able to pick a team.

update Surprise! The remark that got the precious ones into a huff wasn't even sexist. It was about a Reading U mascot in the form of a knitted doll, which didn't look anything like Paxperson. But hey, when you need to make a silly gesture to get yourself noticed, any old excuse will do.

For once, some real magic from the England football team
bullet8 That Screw You, FIFA, We're Wearing Poppies international turned out to be a really strange affair. The Scots turned up disguised as Pink Panthers and England delivered a mirror-image of their normal performance. Instead of England thrashing about and getting nowhere near the goal, the Scots delivered a number of fruitless shocks and England kept sticking the ball in the net.
   Maybe this game can be preserved in aspic as a reminder of what England can do on their day.

Recalled to Life? Probably not.
bullet9The case of the 14-year-old girl, who was frozen after she died in the hope of being revived 200 years from no, has raised some predictable views. Such as:
   "The soul leaves the body at death so a reanimated body would be a soul-less zombie."
   And the evidence for this claim is . . . ? Entirely absent, it would appear. It's an opinion as lacking in proof as the notion that a frozen corpse can be reanimated.

Dear Correspondent . . .
bullet0Dear Mr. Major,
Thank you for offering your view that the tail should wag the dog and not vice versa. I am writing to let you know that your view has been noted and that it will be ignored.
Yours faithfully,

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