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by Alan L. Marshall
BITB Jacket Blurb:

Under a government committed to virtually full employment, Jeff Aspen's employer was the Bureau of Sponsorship, a unit of the Ministry of Arts and Heritage. He was being supported by the state at a minimum level while he tried to establish himself as a writer.
   Jeff's life was dominated by the actions of his elder sister, Hazel, and his case officers at the Bureau. As a person of little or no power, his life was out of his control. But as there was nothing that he could do about it, he ignored the inconvenience and enjoyed the occasional unexpected benefits.
   Success, when it arrived, came more or less by accident. Jeff found himself in demand - but for the wrong reasons. Suddenly, there were even more people trying to run his life and make him jump through new hoops.
   While trying to push on with other writing projects designed to generate income when his best-seller faded, he found himself having to juggle with the personalities created to go with his various pen names and struggle with the misconceptions of people who knew a little about him but assumed too much.

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