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the works of alan marshall

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bullet in the brian (1985)

governments are always chasing the holy grail of full employment - and hurling vast amounts of taxpayers' money into the pockets of people who run training schemes which never seem to deliver all that much.
    what it all comes down to is a failure of imagination - which mr. marshall has addressed in this book. behind all the fun and games is a serious suggestion for a way of taking a vast army of people out of the employment market and into an area which has both political and social value. the price for doing this is to create jobs for another army of bureaucrats and administrators but, hey, it's all employment in one form or another.
    the author wishes it to be known that he would love to earn his living from full- time writing but he likes the good things in life too much to attempt it.

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connecting thread (1984)

oh, no! not another book about twins getting mistaken for each other. yes, it is and the author has no apologies to offer. mainly because he's added a twist.
    there is a tendency for rlc authors to include an element of weirdness in their books. this one is right in there with calling cards and free flight by philip turner, and prey by jon gored, to name but three.

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saracens & crusaders (2004)

why did i call the book saracens & crusaders? well, mainly because both belligerents of the crusades; the home side and the visitors; thought that they were completely right and justified in everything that they did, and that their every act was the will of their god.
    and also because one lot was little different from the other.

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