by Douglas Gramin
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The novel follows the thoughts and adventures of 'The Writer' -- journalist Marin Petronas, a published author who is now working for a provincial multi-media organization on the print side. The newsroom is dominated by Pearson Day, who is universally known as The Feck after his most common expression of disgust. The Feck-Monster likes to be in charge and let everyone know it. He also has enemies in need of retribution.
   The Writer finds himself drawn into the plans of his workmates and the deviousness of The Feck. He is also beset by the harassment of the Sentinel & Advertiser's electronic messaging system. He attempts to maintain his sanity by working everyday events into his writing and his personal themes for the workplace.
   The novel grew on the life.etl website over a period of months as Mr. Gramin plundered his ideas book and fitted apparently isolated fragments into this creation. There is a for-print version -- as shown by the presence of the cover above -- but it was always intended to be an electronic novel and the 'read the novel' link above leads to the html version in all its graphic glory on the life.etl website.

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