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You get a book-making system all organized and softback and hardback editions of their work start to appear on the authors' bookshelves. Then a trouble-maker like Doug Gramin comes along. Printed pages are obsolete, he says. His book is going to be purely electronic, he says. But does anyone believe him?
   When he started writing his story for the life.etl website, and designing all the fancy graphics to go with it, no one expected it to reach novel length [58,000 words at the last count]. Now that he's assembled a complete story, the smart money is going on when, not if, he will give in to the temptation to see it in print as a softback.
   For anyone who can't wait to read it, you'll have to go to the life.etl website and click on the link to The Gramin or use the link above. But we just bet Doug is sneakily working on a for-print version right now. [Yes, we were right, Ed.]

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