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by Assorted RLC Authors
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“Promises of joined-up government rarely produce joined-up thinking.”
    Politics Today
“A shocking slander on a respected national monument.”
    Architecture As Art
“We will catch the Millennium Dome Bomber and his/her associates.”
    New Scotland Yard
“The antics of Angus McBlair and his cronies are nothing to do with us.”
    Real Labour News
“The McBlair government's contribution to the dumbing down of the millennium change celebrations was shameful in the extreme and we have nothing to apologize for.”
    The Official Millennium Dome Saboteurs' Organization
“The fate of the McBlair administration was sealed from the moment his associates persuaded him that the Millennium Dome would be an image-boosting project for his party and especially for McBlair personally.”
    A Brief History of the Arrival of the Third Millennium


Prime Minister Angus McBlair's government was almost defiant about celebrating the end of the 2nd Millennium on December 31st, 1999. He saw nothing wrong with reducing the 20th Century to 99 years. There were protests, of course. The Millennium Dome Saboteurs became the main focus of opposition. But it was the mysterious Millennium Dome Bomber who actually did something about McBlair's wilful refusal to do the right thing.
   The damage to the Dome was put right but the original Millennium Change celebrations had to be postponed. The government began to explore backdoor deals to sell the Dome as those responsible for its erection and its running were exposed to increasingly detailed scrutiny.
   Opening day came and went, and the government's embarrassment continued until the prime minister and his cronies were able to announce that the Dome had been sold. But was that the end of Prime Minister McBlair's troubles? Not by a long chalk!

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