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Read The NovelA History of the Millennium Dome after the Bombing
by Assorted Romiley Literary Circle authors

Something which bugged a lot of the RLC authors was the message from the government, the 'quality' newspapers and a whole lot of nose-in-the-trough usual suspects that the 2nd Millennium would end on December 31st, 1999. Another bug-worthy matter was the intention to close the white elephant Millennium Dome on December 31st, 2000 – i.e. on the day before the start of the 3rd Millennium.
   After being challenged, the government eventually came out with the limp excuse that they didn't think the people would be able to grasp the concept of something starting in 2001 instead of the round number 2000. Which means that Tony Blair & Co. must have done a tremendous job of dumbing down because the Victorians had no problems over celebrating the dawn of the 20th Century in 1901.
   So the RLC authors began to wonder what would happen if some public-spirited person were to sabotage the junket planned for the end of 1999 and force the government to get it right. From that small beginning, a novel-length story in the form of articles in the twin newspapers MD News and MDB News grew on the website as a serial.
   The story seemed to reach a natural conclusion in March 2001, but the ideas kept flowing and the story kept on growing. Will it ever end? Probably – but probably not in the near future.

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Science Fiction Short Stories Volume 1 by Assorted Romiley Literary Circle authors

Science fiction is a popular form for RLC authors, and they have been knocking them out stories in this genre since the Circle was founded in 1975. This first collection was compiled from what was on offer between 1975 and 1980.

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