Back to Front PageSaracens & Crusaders
by Alan L. Marshall

Blurb: This novel contains a psychological study of the effects of arbitrary justice applied to a community with a high endemic crime rate. Instead of the lengthy process of the law, retribution comes on the same timetable as a crime at the convenience of the vigilantes. Just as the victim has little control over the seriousness of the crime, so the penalty imposed may be extreme compared to the normal demands of the conventional legal process.
   Local-born Gavin Murdoch and Lance Robbijohn, and their allies, are involved in a competition without contact to make life better in the city of Hambourne. Their common method is to providing improvements without reference to the conventional holders of power; the police and the officers and local councillors at the town hall, who are perceived to be tin-pot control-freaks who buy support from every minority in the area with other people's money and fail to improve the city's quality of life.
   There's a whole lot going on behind the scenes in Hambourne; some of it good, a lot of it bad. There are hunters trying to make a positive difference, knowing that they could find themselves among the ranks of the hunted at any moment. Saracens & Crusaders has been described as a chaotic blend of what could be and what ought to be. Be prepared for a lot of surprises along the way.

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