Science Fiction Stories #1
by Assorted RLC Authors
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RLC Science Fiction stories #1Contents:

Towards O.B.T.' Philip Turner
An exotic drug, reality twisted; the author's experiment distorted time and the warning of disaster ahead.
The Flasher Gordon Range
Not a sexual deviant, but a man with a self-defence mechanism of truly awesome power!
The Flasher Subdued Gordon Range
The Flasher investigates the secret of his talent and turns it to commercial advantage.
Ultimate Sacrifice Iain N. Banks
Visitors from an alien civilization find a novel use for terrestrial medical equipment.
It Makes You Think Merik Katuryan
An insight into an alien language makes a husband feel rather better about his wife's desertion.
Time, The Concealer Peter Lear
Technology and the past are combined to protect two scientists from the consequences of a failed experiment.
The Man On The Wire Merik Katuryan
Creative people can have a powerful streak of self-destruction. Keeping such people alive can be a real problem.
Lifetime Guarantee : Original Concept Merik Katuryan
Another twist to the small print of a lifetime guarantee.
The Coventry Box Philip Turner
A stolen piece of technological wizardry looked like an avenue to a perfect life of crime.
The Maze Game Merik Katuryan
A high-tech game show with a glitch. Was it just electronic or was it a real ghost?
Real Time [Dominoes] Roger Heth
A perfect memory allowed a courier to move in perfect safety; until it turned into a perfect trap.
Housebound Robert Dorning
The squatters thought that they had found a new home; until they met the upstairs tenant.
In Nightmare Slumber Locked (I-IV) Robert Dorning
The world had ended for most by an unexpected route, but some people insisted on lingering.
Futures Philip Turner
A hypertext story. Each action opens up possibilities for the future, some desirable, some deadly.

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